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Shem-el-Nessim by Grossmith

I'm rubbish at detailed reviews, but this reminds me of L'Heure Bleue, minus a heavy play-doh note I didn't like in LB, and with amped up florals. Great stuff and full bottle worthy (oh if I could afford it all, I would!)
22nd November, 2011

Rose 31 by Le Labo

Le Labo Rose reminds me of Alexander McQueen's Kingdom (which I adore), but much, much quieter and more refined. On me, it has low-medium sillage, and I don't amplify scents very well. Somewhere in the drydown I get a burst of citrus, like bergamot or something. Which I know is not listed in the official notes!
19th June, 2011

Forever by Alfred Sung

I bought this right away when I sniffed it in a Macy's many moons ago, during my second ever visit to NYC. It is fresh, sparkling, effervescent, soapy, and romantic with a delicious soft, powdery musk drydown - definitely feminine but different from the Eau de Britneys and Escada limited editions saturating the market. I see it as primarily a summer scent, to be worn with a short flirty skirt or dress. Quite underrated, I think!
25th November, 2008
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