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    Néonatura - Cocoon by Yves Rocher

    Gorgeous dry cocoa and patchouli. Quite reminiscent of Guerlain l'instant pour homme extreme. Beautifully blended Neonatura offers a warm cozy experience with a little bite in the opening. The patchouli is creamy rather than head shop earthy. It amazes me that Yves Rocher can produce such a stellar scent at the price. Freely available here in the UK. I've only just begun to explore this company and thus far am really impressed. Eryo for men is another great offering along with the womens Comme un evidence edp. Bravo!

    By the way there may be confusion in the translation of notes from the Yves Rocher webshops. There is no Coconut here, it is Cocoa.

    23rd December, 2012


    Yuzu Man by Caron

    What a shame. Yuzu man has potential and the hesperidic fig note is a lovely one but the longevity and projection are so poor. When compared to the other offerings in Carons roster of mens fragrances Yuzu Man is left wanting. I feel a litte miffed because I had expectations and they've just not been met. I refused to accept that Caron could come up with a dud believing all those naysayers were missing the point, but I have to concur this is a below par offering. With a little tweaking this could have been a lovely offering and though the likes of Philosykos don't fit Carons profile Fraysse could have taken a page from the diptyque book and produced a stunning Mens cologne to sit proudly next to pour un homme. Citrus, fig and woods, a great trio to explore but as it is Yuzu Man is a bit of a crappy haiku.

    23rd December, 2012


    City Love by Dueto Parfums

    City love seems appropriate here as a descriptive combining the fossil fuel smells of the city with the rose. City rose opens with a rubber/petrol note over a sweet rose. I don't get lemongrass not any freshness here. There is a humid heavy sweetness which in part reminds me of Mena by Al Haramain. City love seems to give a nod to the heavier more sensual middle eastern attars and showcases the rose in this way. The rubber/petrol note lifts after about 20 minutes allowing the rose to move centre stage and there it stays into the warm drydown of the Nagarmotha, patchouli and oud, none of which dominate but instead combine to present a well blended and comforting slightly spiced vanillic end. Lovely.

    09th June, 2012


    Milk of Flowers by Geo F Trumper

    A Beautiful rendition of English Stocks. Although lacking in longevity, a stunning scent. Stocks do smell of cloves and carnations however the milky quality of this scent softens the spiciness of the clove. To me this is redolent of an English country garden. A Beautifully realised floral cologne. Thumbs up all the way.

    26th May, 2012


    Art Collection #02 by Jacomo

    Art collection # 2 takes me back to primary school, a place were I was closer to the ground inhabiting the fertile landscape for all later life smell related pleasures. Memory and smell are well documented and probably close to the heart of any lover of scent and smell whether natural or created in the lab and bottled for the delectation of us all. Perfumes that move me are indeed the ones that have the abitiy to transport me back through time to a place where discovering the world involved the nose and everything was sniffed and touched and stored with a present moment awareness. These are the smells we respond to because in their sniffing the doors to lost memories are flung wide open and as if by magic we are presented with the details and minutae of our past. Art collection #2 does this by opening the doors to the school art room with the tactile pleasures of modelling clay, of playdoh, and a touch of parquet flooring. This is not the school of confusion, over stimulation, fear and reprimand but the affirmative school day memories of creativity, free play and comfort. Beautiful work and a unique pleasure from start to finish. Ignore the gender spec. This can be worn by anyone.

    10th January, 2012


    Roadster by Cartier

    A beautiful though fleeting mint opening sigues into a rather lovely and comforting earthy note which to my nose reminds me of hay. If you've ever had horses goats or cows then the heart of Roadster will be redolent of the scent that rises when you unbail the hay for the animals bedding. Rather than sing, roadsters earthy herbacious green tones rise like the dark mustiness of dried grasses in a sun dappled barn. There is a wonderful comforting sense here and as some have mentiond in earlier reviews a sombre note, reserved and contained and yet also very slightly sweet and honeyed. Glorious stuff!

    04th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 01st March, 2014)


    Ladyboy by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

    A confused and misguided foray into boundary pushing perfumery. The story begins with a perfume inspired by the warm weather of Copacabana - Brasil and yet we awkwardly find ourselfs in Bangkok celebrating the gender bluring talents of ladyboys. Banana managed to find a place in Dolce & Gabbana's Sicily where it added a fruity warmth. Here we reference overwrought Banana loaf flavoured with Banana Essence in extemis. I think history is really trying to tell us something here. Maybe Banana doesn't feature in perfume for a reason. I love the street smells of Asian Cities, the combination of the Fragrant and the foul. The idea of fresh sweat, tropical flowers, street food and makeup heavily applied is incredibly appealling to me. This is a 'Ladyboy' smell I would have embraced. But Banana essence with a peardrop chaser and parma thanks.

    18th November, 2011


    Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

    Iceberg Twice has a trick up it's sleeve. or rather a trick it wears on it's sleeve. It has a stellar opening that is bright and uplifiting. It fizzes with lemon zest and mint. A happy scent on the surface with a dirty underbelly. There are many comparisons to be made here and though not that original Iceberg Twice nestles rather comfortably into a family that has good heritage. On the surface there are similarities to YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentree and Rochas Moustache - both possessing a sweatiness up top, but the difference being with Iceberg twice is that first whiff! It is bright clean and mood enhancing. Iceberg Twice's nasent heart is reminiscent of Lapidus pour homme where thyme coupled with the Indolic jasmine make for a slightly scuzzy feel that is quite a contrast to it's opening. That said the transition from top to middle is quite natural and seamless. As it progresses the freshness fades and we are left with a warmth that is quite generic but not jarring or offensive. All the usual players are present and with the Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver combination the earthy quality remains to the last. The longevity of this scent is great and the sillage too.

    24th July, 2010


    Ungaro III by Ungaro

    To me this smells very similar to Lapidus pour homme. So similar in fact that it seems a little unnecessary to have both in my wardrobe. It is distinctive and the dirty rose is certainly unusual but Ted lapidus pour homme has the edge - dirtier and with more zing. Both fragrances share Lemon in the Top notes, Rose in the heart and Sandalwood and Patchouli in the base. I've not seen a comparison between the two here on basenotes but i'd be interested to see if anyone who has tried both scents gets the same similarities. A good scent nonetheless.

    06th June, 2010


    Déclaration by Cartier

    I get a strong - and I must say not unpleasant - smell of pork sausages. On first sniff it smells exactly like bangers frying nicely in a pan. Of course not your generic cheap as chips banger more your herby apple chipolata - think here waitrose best instead of asda's own basics range. The heart has a slight caramelised onion tinge or is it body odour? For me Declaration is an interesting olfactory journey - pungent and redolent of morning rituals from cooking the breakfast to soapy smells associated with ablutions before setting off into the day. Good stuff - all I need now is Eau de Bacon and i'll be a happy camper for sure:0)

    27th May, 2010


    Omnia by Bulgari

    Omnia opens with a lovely spiced chai note. If they somehow had dirtied the opening a little to give an earthy hint it would be a dead ringer for that great combination of Chai Tea in disposable pottery cups you find all over India. As it stands i'm ok with the warm light coconut note that follows. I love Omnia and of all the scents in my wardrobe this is one of the best at creating a cosy enveloped sense of wellbeing. When you wear Omnia everything seems ok with the world.

    04th May, 2010


    Eau de Réglisse by Caron

    Eau de Reglisse has such an inviting and moreish opening with its bright blast of lemon and coffee. After the initial hit it becomes rounded and soft like lemon shortbread and a cappucino. The anise is quite light and seems to highlight the other notes. This is a feel good scent and though not conventionally gourmand does appeal to the salivary glands. It's heart is beautiful yet somewhat subdued. The warmth of the ginger coupled with the licorice seem to sit lightly on a sweet woody vanilla base and unfortunately slip by a little too quickly - around and hour on my skin. Eau de Reglisse has good longevity but the transition from top to bottom is a little quick. It isn't created in the same mould as previous creations from Caron. It has a lightness of touch and really doesn't demand too much from it's wearer or those around. That said, it is a beautiful and unique scent and one to lift the mood, so a big thumbs up.

    02nd May, 2010


    Brit for Men by Burberry

    Let it be known I have terribly negative associations with Burberry as a brand. But the inner chav responded when in Boots the chemist the other day I picked up an 100ml bottle of Brit for a fiver. I didn't care how it smelled - it could be a christmas gift or a birthday present for an unsuspecting aquaintance/distant friend. Once home I couldn't resist opening it and having a sniff. It really wasn't what I expected. With the idea of Chav spit tickling my nostrils before the first sniff I expected something vulgar and cheap, a scent spitting expletives as it grabbed at its crotch spluttering diamond white and sucking on a Mayfair. What I got was a warm cosy spicy citrus opening with a lovely powdery tonka dry down. The spices letting themselves be known gently through the whole pyramid. There is a christmas feel to the scent in the opening which is possibly the Mandarin. I also get 'Cinema Popcorn' which stays from the top through to the heart. The Floral element is very light and gives a shimmering sweetness in thew middle. I don't know if i'd call it wild roses but it's good. For me this is a cosy warm oriental that while inoffensive isn't boring at all. A good well structured scent that can easily be worn by probably anyone. A.A Gill commenting that Brit is chav spit is hilarious and sharp - however the moniker really doesn't apply to this scent.

    29th April, 2010


    Azzaro Now Women by Azzaro

    With a dearth of reviews, and the few that are here being middling at best, I feel a little embarrassed to point out the virtues of this seemingly maligned fragrance. When pushing against the tide one tends to wonder if one got it wrong. Notice how I talk there in the third person. So away from the apologist stance and lets get down to brass tacks. Having given this scent a good couple of months of testing - from frenetic daytime activity to night time meditation I can say without hesitation that this is a good fragrance. Deeply enjoyable to wear with its bright alluring opening which after an initial blast of melon balls lasting only a few seconds, smells of those tiny bags of pastel coloured popped rice you used to get in sweet shop goody bags. Is that the smell of calone? I don't know...I do love it though.

    Azzaro Now woman is a pretty floral with something grumbling underneath. I wouldn't say it has testicles under that diaphanous floral shift, but I'd wager there were hairy ankles and on top a slight moustache in certain light. As a Masculine it works for me and I'm sure it works as a feminine too. Looking at the previous reviews I don't really understand the aquatic sports reference. Azzaro now woman is warm bright sunny and situated to my nose in the garden and not by the sea. If you like the idea of a good looking guy in a dress then go investigate, if you don't: go investigate anyway because at roughly £10 for 50ml you can't go wrong and it might just open your eyes (nose)!

    02nd February, 2010


    Carnal Flower by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Carrying the weight of a full green canopy, carnal flower shimmers near the forest floor, lit to perfection by a bright pollen rich shaft of light it is a steamy moist, warm and lucious soliflore. Far from overbearing it gently draws you in and seduces. Absolutely dizzying yet easily approachable. A bit of a siren to be sure but respond to its heavenly song and you will be rewarded. Life affiming and Joyous you can't help but smile at its Beauty and its generous invitation to the party. In these terms gender seems immaterial. This is for everyone. Genius.

    20th January, 2010


    B*Men by Thierry Mugler

    At it's heart B*Men is a burnt homemade bread and butter pudding with a rhubarb coulis. It's as though you've just taken out your prize winning pud from the oven to present it yet again at the annual summer fete - think Womens Institute - only to find you've left it in the oven a tad too long. In that hideous unbelieving Stepford wife moment you get the rising whiff of burnt sultanas and wipe your hands repeately on your gingham apron while you myopically fixate on the sure knowledge that Mrs Mcgillicuttys' Eve's pudding will swipe the big prize AND the heart of the Sergeant Major...again. OOh the shame of it!

    19th January, 2010 (Last Edited: 16th January, 2012)


    Yatagan by Caron

    A difficult scent to describe as it is so very unusual. Dirty comes to mind as does bitter in the top notes and herbal. There is an astringent amonia note that is also reminiscent of pepper. Think dirty underwear, fragrant wood chippings (pine) and a touch of lavender. There is no softness here or warmth - however there is heat and spice and edge. Yatagan is Magnificent in its approach, delivering a masculine that is unique and special. If you are a fan you'll be one for life. If you are not you may convert...given time. This is not an easy scent to like but it is a scent to love and love deeply.

    26th June, 2008

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