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Victorian Posy by Penhaligon's

This is such a wonderful scent. I love it for its dryness - the drier the better - because i live in humid weather. Often, more than often, 'moisture, musky scent' does not perform well (for example, English Fern. Love it from paper, best just doesn't feel so good on skin).

This is definitely vintage, great blend of floral scent, multi-layered and i never get bored of it. I find it suitable for any occasion. Classy.

Sadly Penhaligon's has discontinued this, get a bottle before they all disappear!
11th March, 2012

Verbena Harvest by L'Occitane

My friend loves the limited summer edition (Verbena Sole) and she bought a bottle. On first sniff Nestlé Lemon Tea instantly came to my mind.

Not a bad smell, really, just, very lemon tea. The sweetness is much stronger than the original Verbena, and i wonder if I'll get tired of the scent when i smell too much of it.

20th November, 2011

Love & Peace 2 by Love & Peace

I have a gift pack with shower gel & lotion.

I tried the shower gel. It's your ordinary fruity floral, with quite a lot of peach sweetness thrown in. The scent itself is ok, not offensive to anybody, a crowd pleaser.

Two downsides are: A) the smell is quite artificial, I get headaque when i sniff too much of this. B) this gets boring almost instantly.
19th November, 2011
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Dirty by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

I have Gorilla re-issue for Lush.

It does exactly what it says. Very refreshing and a bit spicy. An interesting and clean smell that stands out on its own. Great price I think, 160g body spray but lasts surprisingly long.

A nice pick-me-up!
19th November, 2011

Diesel Green Feminine by Diesel

I really eanjoy this. A very simple fragarnce: lime soda first, sandalwood and then vanilla sweetness. Easy to wear, too.

It is discontinued, so now with unbelievably cheap price.
19th November, 2011

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

Colder days are here so I took out Kingdom and wore it today. Years later it still amazes me with its wild mixture of smells, I always find Kingdom a bit unruly and uncivilized (if a perfume can be described this way) and I enjoy it. A strange beauty .

A complete, well-done job from opening to drydown.

12th November, 2011

Kingdom Limited Edition by Alexander McQueen

Back when it was first launched, I was lucky to get one. Still remember that cold night wearing this at a Japanese restaurant eating Teriyaki Beef Bowl.

A wild and refreshing floral. Lots of citrus zest, warm ginger, and jasmine. Utterly beautiful. Lasts quite long, too.
12th November, 2011

Greenergy by Givenchy

I love the name and the green juice inside the bottle. The perfume itself, well, is green, yes, but not that green because I can still smell flowers and some kind of sweetness that I can't put my finger on.

At times this is a bit wet and cold, which I don't really enjoy, but overall Greenergy is still a nicely-done summer fragrance. It has a 'classic' feeling to it.
29th October, 2011

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I enjoy woody scents but this one is not appealing to me. I bought a bottle before. Initially I liked it but after a few wears i found out I could not stand its musty, stuffy nature. If perfume can be described as a 3D object then this one to me is just a plain flat piece of salted, orange-flavoured, sand paper.

Perhaps it's my body chemistry. The fragrance itself is quite inventive, though.
29th October, 2011

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

I have the re-formulated version.

This one smells very smooth, nearly 'buttery'. What I smell mostly is strong vetiver with a hint of peppery notes. The drydown shows leather, but just a bit. To me this scent brings up warm/nolstalgic feelings. Not exactly a hiper-masculine fragrance, I find this kinda sweet and old-style. Proper name for the juice. I enjoy it quite much.
21st October, 2011

Vent Vert (new) by Pierre Balmain

Adore the bottle and packaging. Love the old print ad (a girl in a sea of grass). Really like the whole presentation of this perfume (yeah I enjoy green fragrance). Sometimes buying a perfume is buying its image, and I think Vent Vert hit my spot.

The only thing that kinda bothers me is the fact that I find the opening and middle notes a bit too sweet... But the drydown is amazing though, so I'm still a fan.
21st September, 2011

English Fern by Bronnley

Reviewing EDT.

What I like this stuff! Soapy, smoky, and great for hot and humid weather. It is a pleasant green scent (with some medicine-like notes) that is strangely home-like and comforting. My mood calms down everytime I wear this.
18th September, 2011

Patchouli by Santa Maria Novella

Wonderful, wonderful brew. Love this from first sniff. Nearly perfect with its intense dark nature. The only thing that I am not used to is its slight 'wetness'. The scent has a 'wet atmosphere' when I'm wearing it. Not a bad thing, but I personally prefer dry smell.

Overall a Holy Grail perfume for Patchouli fans.
18th September, 2011
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Marescialla by Santa Maria Novella

This is by far the most suitable perfume for me. Not sweet, but strong herbal notes that blend smoothly with the skin. The best comes when it mixes with one's body odor -- it shows its soft warmth and interestingly, becomes a bit sweeter.

I'll stock up on this.
08th February, 2011

Virgilio by Diptyque

I wore it wrong before - I wore it in cooler days: it was still nice but the scent wasn't heated up enough. This time i tried it in warmer days and it worked beautifully with my skin chemistry. It's like... a deep green cloud enveloping, moving with you, and at times I catch a snifff of this wonderful aroma.

It doesn't smell necessarily 'clean' or 'fresh'. Rather it is quite a thick herbal mix, very soothing. I adore green and basil and thyme and whatnot.... so i'm happy with Virgilio.
28th September, 2010

Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

One of my most trusted companions in summer. In Taiwan summer usually gets so very hot, nearly burning. People's skins are all sweaty and clammy, and i honestly don't appreaciate smelling Chanel Chance or Lancome Miracle on passers-by... I think the air quality is a main reason -- the air is not fresh and usually mixed with other smells like foods from street venders, dust, car pollution... so really, in summer here i can only wear scents that are straight-forward, herbal, and either very minty or very citrusy.

O de Lancome always lifts my spirit with it sharp citrus and stylish woody notes underneath. Very clean but not usual, having this wonderful unisex character, and how i just love the old ad poster... the girl smiling, standing on a grassy ground when wind blowing her skirt high. That's probably how i feel about this perfume as well. Free-spirited, elegant, and old style.

ps. it has some similar qualities with Clarins Eau Dynamisante. But Clarins is more herbal and is like a pick-me-up therapy spray (very natural ingredients but doesn't last), while Lancome is more perfumey. I love both.
28th August, 2009

Castile by Penhaligon's

Castile is a natural and graceful scent. What i love the most is its opening -- the neroli is so vivid and clear, it's gorgeous. And later on it changes into a soft blend of florals and musk. It is nice and wonderfully-done, however I feel it is too floral-sweet (I prefer bitter neroli) and tender for my taste. Was surprised to see Penhaligon's marketed it towards men rather than women.

Nevertheless, very classy and elegant. Like a soft dream. Suitable for graceful people... like how it is meant for those living inside old Spanish castles, i think.
07th May, 2009

Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon's

This fragrance is so easy to understand. Very straight forward with its tangy lemon and natural smell of pine needles. Sometimes at a particular moment on my skin it does smell like lemon-scented wood polish but... still, it is haughy. Such a proud character.

What to say... Blenheim Bouquet is exact with its precision. Some would love this kind of quality, and I'm one of them.

ps. One big drawback is the price ----- considering its longevity is very poor (said goodbye to me after 30 mins), I don't know if I'm willing to purchase.

07th May, 2009

LouLou by Cacharel

This perfume is rude. That's the first thing came to me when i tried for the first time. But however, a vulgar, but amazingly beautiful one. We all once in a while meet someone like Loulou in our real life. Does not pretend, so very honest and passionate.

A very unique fragrance, on me the smell of iris/lily and incense/vanilla is especially strong, creating a wonderfully strange "innocence vs. decadence" dichotomy.
28th April, 2009

Dolly Girl Ooh La Love by Anna Sui

I really like the poster for Ooh La Love. A ghostly girl wearing a small black foraml hat with netting.

As for the fragrance itself, it's a light, sweet and musky smell. The opening is peppery and quite synthetic, off-putting i think, but when one gets past that stage then it's fine. The sweetness is like starfruit from Asia, a kind of fruit that smells sourly sweet as grapefruit, but less fragrant with a slight salty-ness.

It's definitely girly, but she has a quirky side.
15th October, 2008

Charlie / Charlie Blue by Revlon

Gahh I really like Charlie.

It's so easy to wear and I think it lifts my spirit. The smell is a bit dry and spicy (thanks to carnation), sweet, but it doesn't feel heavy.

With such an affordable price and few wearers where I come from, it's a thumbs up for me.
15th October, 2008

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Nukapai said it all.

Because it's the house of Chanel, so I was hoping for more. To me Chance lacks a certain kind of kick. It smells like a mass of plum fluffy candy, the kind you can get in carnivals. A bit flat and boring.

But the botle is gorgeous. The campaign and slogan is fun.... >"< Just that as a Chanel perfume it's a bit of a let-down.
15th October, 2008

Eva by Santa Maria Novella

I love woods, pepper, and citrus. Eva has these three together and the blend is so smooth and natural it's just effortlessly elegant. Great unisex. Now only if it is easier to find and at a much MUCH lower price...
14th October, 2008

Earl Grey Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library

Sometimes the citrus seems too strong that covers up the scent of black tea, but i stomach citrus well. I wouldn't really say it's a truthful representation of what Earl Grey really smells like, but at least 1. it's a copy (for that I can't seem to find any other earl grey scent on the market), 2. surprisingly for Demeter it lasts well (2 hrs and up), and 3. it smells rather dark and bookish...

I like it.
14th October, 2008