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    Vétiver by Creed

    What a gem! A refreshing yet refined maculine fragrance with a hint of ginger and an attractive wet-mineral note. Highly versatile, classy and unique; a delight to wear. I've owned or sampled most of the Creed line over the years, and in my opinion the 1948 Vetiver is quite possibly the best Creed ever made.

    29th March, 2006


    Hugh Parsons (Yellow) by Hugh Parsons

    A sporty dry herbal and citrus blend with a nice woody drydown, 99 Regent Street is reminiscent of Green Irish Tweed but less floral. A good scent for the office.

    28th December, 2005


    Hamptons by Bond No. 9

    Hamptons has quickly become one of my favorite scents ever. It takes everything I like about Creed's Silver Mountain Water, improves on it, and removes everything I always felt SMW could do without. In other words, a better SMW than SMW. Hamptons has a sharp yet light aquatic note that perfectly compliments the SMW opening. It has good longevity and projects well, yet is not overbearing in any way. A beautiful fragrance for a man.

    23rd October, 2005


    Hugh Parsons (Blue) by Hugh Parsons

    Made in the tradition of fine English gentlemen's cologne, Hugh Parsons is a delight to wear--a refined, clean yet masculine scent that lasts. A great all-around fragrance.

    24th September, 2005


    "Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

    The definitive, classic fragrance for a man unconcerned with following trends. There are no sweet, floral, or fresh notes here--just a smooth, dark, and confident aura that smells clean and musky all at once. A masterpiece that withstands the test of time.

    18th September, 2005


    Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

    A slightly deeper and longer-lasting version of the original D'Orange Verte. Instantly recognizable as the amazing and unique citrus classic. Unfailingly uplifting to wear!

    01st September, 2004


    Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

    This is a scent that grows on you.
    At first I wasn't that thrilled, but after wearing for a couple of days - and getting quite a lot compliments too! - I really liked the clean scent.
    Now I can't get enough of it...
    Hats off to Mr. Mugler!

    30th May, 2004


    Life Essence by Fendi

    Life Essense is a unique, woody scent that is both clean and sensuous (probably due to citrus and amber notes in the background). A stand-out masculine fragrance that projects elegance, and really lasts. A delight to wear!

    13th April, 2004


    Himalaya by Creed

    A unique a stunning fragrance, I'm finding it positively addictive! A truly sublime harmonization of sparkle (citrus), bite (pepper), and warmth (cedar, musk). A real triumph for the house of Creed!

    25th January, 2004


    Dunhill by Dunhill

    Opens very similarly to Dolce & Gabbana, but quicky develops into a very classy, masculine scent. Strong yet refined, this Dunhill is an excellent gentlemen's fragrance.

    24th January, 2004


    Clean Men by Clean

    Clean Men is a unique fragrance. It opens with a sparkling burst of grapefruit and raspberry, after which a delightful lime note appears and remains to mingle with the clean musk drydown. It's sweet but not in a floral or cloying vanilla way. For me, a definite feel-good scent.

    14th November, 2003


    Pour Un Homme by Caron

    One of the few fragrances I found to be vile and unbearable. The notes are discordant, the drydown weird. When I tried it, I couldn't help wondering what on earth were they thinking when they made this?

    15th July, 2003


    Essenza di Zegna by Ermenegildo Zegna

    Essenza de Zegna is a superbly dry, woody composition with a citrus undertone. Light yet distinctive and long-lasting, EdZ is a great anytime, anywhere men's fragrance. Highly recomemnded!

    06th July, 2003


    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    When I first sampled Green Irish Tweed a while ago, my immediate reaction was massive disappointment at its similarity to Curve (reviewed March 2003). I tried it again recently, after wearing other Creed scents for a couple of months. Perhaps because my nose has become attuned to the subtle quality of the Creed products, perhaps because this time I gave it time to fully develop on my skin--whatever the reason, I must revise my opinion of Greed Irish Tweed. I love it now! As other reviewers have noted, GIT posseses a complexity and depth that set it apart from the (superficially similar) Curve. I especially like the wonderfully fresh balance between the citrus and floral notes--which is saying something, as I don't go for floral notes in general. Overall, a really beautiful fragrance for a man.

    03rd March, 2003 (Last Edited: 03rd March, 2004)


    Vetiver by Guerlain

    The cleanest of the clean. I wasn't a vetiver fan, but this fragrance won me over. Its classic freshness never fails to uplift me. The harmonization of citrus, wood, vetiver and tobacco is magical. Guerlain Vetiver is at the top of my Can't Go Wrong list!

    25th February, 2003


    Silver Mountain Water by Creed

    I decided to give Silver Mountain Water another try, after a disappointing intial experience in February 2003. I'm glad I did! As with some other reviewers, I began to notice the scent more and more often with successive wearings. My advice: be patient if you don't "get" this fragrance at first--it's well worth the wait. A subtly sweet, elegant aura that can be worn anywhere with great pleasure

    25th February, 2003 (Last Edited: 23rd January, 2004)


    Gendarme V by Gendarme

    Although I prefer Gendarme V to the original Gendarme--it's a little less soapy, slightly sweeter--both fragrances are absolutely singular. There's nothing else like them. Very clean, quietly assertive. And they REALLY last. Gendarme V is another member on my "can't go wrong" list!

    25th February, 2003

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