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Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

it smells like...... honey tea to me. basically LOTS of honey, warm honey, only honey.

i like honey, i sure do, but i wouldn't pay for this.
01st October, 2009

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

i tried this today and the topnotes smell very much like Puredistance, that super expensive frag where 17.5ml alone cost over $200. since i'm not a fan of Puredistance, i'm not a fan of Covet either.
27th May, 2009

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

it's very cocoa on me, which i like (i'm really into gourmands), yet fresh and it's actually pretty strong. my only issue is the longevity, it just doesn't last more than like, 4-5 hours for me which means that sometime around lunchtime i need to reapply.

still, a good everyday gourmand.
02nd October, 2008
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Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

it's fruity and genericly fresh. i honestly expected much more of this....

at least the original Aqua had its' twist, its own take of fresh and aquatic.

i expected this to be like a summer version of other fragrances, a derivative of the original formula, watered down a bit, with fruity and zesty notes added. but no, instead it's a totally different fragrance, but unlike the Kouros->Body Kouros story, this didn't turn out to be great too.

it's inoffensive and light enough to be a seller. might even sell more than the original. that's what generic fragrances do. sell like hell.
13th June, 2008

Crystal Noir by Versace

It took me afternoon to figure out why I like Crystal Noir, and it just dawned on me.

It smells like Dior Addict 2. Which is light, fruity, girly. So yeah, the name really means nothing on this perfume.

But I like Addict 2 so I don't really have a choice but to like Noir too.
28th November, 2007

Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

I love how it starts of so fresh, sweet and even fruity, and then dries down to a sexy aura.

Problem though? It's an EDT, so compared to Black Orchid which is sold as an EDP, the longevity really sucks.
18th November, 2007

Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

Smells..... bland. It really doesn't smell like anything special. Like a fresh body spray, it's pleasant, but unremarkable, doesn't stay on my mind, it's really just bland.
18th October, 2007