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Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

Ahhhh my first Bond No 9 fragrance and well...what a success! The intial blast of Violet, Cassis, and Thyme was dead on beautiful to me. Love at first sniff! This fragrance is amazing. The comparisons of Original Vetiver and Bvlgari Extreme have a very VERY, I'm talking miniscule the size of a molecule truth to it. Yea yea they have "GREEN" aspects to them but nothing other than that. Anyway, Longevity, this baby lasts and lasts on me I smell it a good 9 hours at the very least later and its still kicking butts and taking names. Sillage is damn right amazing. I remember walking to get my food in the mall and hearing 4 times just walking to get the food, " Oh wow he smells really good" or " Hey what are you wearing?" Its just plain sexxy. What can I say... my first Bond was a beauty!
11th May, 2008

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

The comparison to Rochas is quite true BUT I do believe this fragrance is way better in terms of quality than Rochas. At first it hits with its incredible RICHNESS. Incredible amount of body here but nonetheless still not over the top. As it dries down it still doesn't faltar. Thing is though it never goes away. It lasted a good 9 hours on me but I wanted to take it off during the last couple hours. I think this is incredibly well made and doesn't take the route of other "Gourmands" and ends up as just vanilla. It stays together, a little too well for a long time. Its not for me but nonetheless I can appreciate this gourmand.
11th May, 2008

Dunhill Signature by Dunhill

This will and always be my signature scent. No other fragrance has impacted me and my life the way this has. Yea Yea Impacted sounds a little extreme. I've recieved immense amount of compliments with this. The Lemon top note combined with geranium gives off a nice clean fresh feeling but with added depth. As the scent progresses I find the beautifully comprise basenotes kick in and well it just gets incredibly sexy. Definatley a lady killer.
03rd April, 2008 (last edited: 11th May, 2008)
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