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Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

I just tried this very much under-rated fragrance today (after all these years) and I cannot believe I didn't buy it so long ago!

I bought a bottle inexpensively online as a 'tester' as I don't usually get the full impact from a spritz at a department store nor pharmacy stand and although I'd tried it before, I just didn't feel pressed enough to buy it; but what a fool I've been!

This is an elegantly packaged fragrance, a beautiful and simple bottle design which I read was designed with the House of Lanvin and it's heritage in mind and based on the original 'Arpege' bottle legacy. I know that some reviewers dislike the design, but it really is quite unique.

The perfume is deliciously warm and sensual with a great lasting strength and sillage that completely impressed my olfactory senses .....

Very much an Oriental, it reminds me of the potency of JOOP! PH, A*MEN, BalMan and the original KOUROS, but without the high concentration of these sweetly masculine fragrances.

It's sophisticated, hyper sexy and a good fragrance to wear when you want to impress those around you and make an entrance. You'll be remembered for it!

Great to wear on a date, a formal occasion, an intimate encounter,lightly for the office, etc; but definitely not what I'd consider a casual scent.

I will definitely buy this fragrance again as I've worn it for more that 2 hours now and it still smells like I've just applied it.

A high thumbs up and don't hold the stops. Serious parfumistos, do yourself a favour and get a bottle as soon as you see it, you won't regret buying it for your collection!
17th November, 2009

YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I have been associated with this iconic fragrance since 1977, in my Disco days and even until now!

Back then, fashion androgyny ruled, so I had the EDT (it was bottled more stylishly by the famous designer, Pierre Dinand), parfum in a mini-manbag-refillable-spray (a beautiful deep red, silver and black -trimmed atomiser), soap, shampooing, after-shave balm; and anything else that was branded YSL.

Even my younger sister wore this scent then almost exclusively because she favoured more masculine-oriented perfumes, although she frequently wore Rive Gauche and Paris by YSL as well.

Yves Saint Laurent was the darling celebrity of the haute fashion and jet-set world; he was King! The fragrance was launched with a nude YSL sporting lion-mane hair, a full beard and moustache and his signature heavy-framed spectacles; very late-70's chic!

In those days, there weren't many notable male fragrances by fashion designers available, other than Paco Rabanne pour homme, Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior and Aramis to name only a few of the prestige and popular ones on the market which are still popular among their loyal, mature fans!

Even though I love this iconic and beautifully masculine fragrance because of what it represents to me of my nostalgia and, I can only say that in honesty, the fragrance either suits the wearer or not. There are no in-betweens.

I'm fortunate that it has always suited my skin and I have received many compliments wearing it; but I have smelt it on heavier-set men who tend to perspire a lot in the heat and on them, it is nothing short of nauseating! I think the chemical clash of perspiration and some of the ingredients in the composition may react negatively.

It's no different to any other popular, sweet, stronger, classic scents like KOUROS/Body KOUROS by YSL, Le Male/Fleur du Male by JPG and JOOP! pour homme, etc in the heat and dripping perspiration. They're better in cooler weather and are less animalic.

Don't be put off by the unusual reviews already posted - try it lavishly on your skin and then decide if you're a YSL/PH man/woman or not.

Reviewers have mentioned that this fragrance is versatile enough for jeanswear, casual, office and boardroom wear as well as formal occasions - they're absolutely correct!

The uniqueness of classic fragrances of the past is that they were built on less-advanced and more traditional methods and ingredients of perfumery; so that's why older fragrances tend not to have a youth-oriented market following. They have been brought up on the sharp and synthetic appeal of CK One by Calvin Klein - what else would the benchmark be?

The EDT and EDP (concentrate) are both fine to use depending on the occasion, and again, as others have mentioned, it does suit a wearer with a more 'classic' image and tastes; but definitely not for the younger wearer!
28th October, 2009

Trussardi Inside Man by Trussardi

I've just sprayed myself all over with this very elegant fragrance and so far, can definitely say that it's a subtle, elegant, mature, unobtrusive and very masculine scent that most men would be happy to wear without drawing too much attention.

It seems very well-balanced, harmonious and not overpowering which makes it suitable for the office/work or a sombre occasion.

The bottle is quite unique and elegantly designed with a generous spritzer as well.

I personally prefer louder fragrances like the original Trussardi Uomo, but this is an essential for those quieter moments.

I smell the coffee, leather, woods and the bergamot and yuzu dissipate quickly, so the sensual drydown is quite prominent although less sexual than Uomo.

It smells exactly like BalMan by Pierre Balmain.

This is a good male wardrobe must-have.
17th October, 2009
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Brit Red by Burberry

This is really a shared fragrance as most of the composition is featured in masculine fragrances.

I love this fragrance and wish it wasn't a 'limited edition' - anyway if more people buy it, it just may stay on.

25th April, 2006

Joop! Homme by Joop!

Pronounced 'Yope!', this has been one of my favourites for the last 19 years! It is a classic fragrance for the daring and dead-sexy-masculine if you're adventurous, bold and unique.

Not for the faint-hearted, my dears!
03rd October, 2005 (last edited: 13th April, 2008)

Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

I recently re-purchased this wonderfully classic '70s scent as a reminder of my youth and lo and behold; I was stunned to realise what a potent, sexy and masculine fragrance Lagerfeld Classic is all about.

I'm loving it all over again!
14th August, 2005

YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

Heady, sexy, daring,not for the faint-hearted, totally indulgent of the late 70's and so very, very Yves!
I was obsessed by YSL the Man, his work and influence in fashion and I adored this fragrance.
28th September, 2004

Ted Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I remember the late 70's when I used to wear this fragrance. The packaging, the bottle and the hauntingly retro scent remind me of a significant and wonderful era gone-by
I have recently been fortunate to find the successor to this fragrance with exactly the same name, but with a more sophisticated, bold and daring, sexy scent and futuristic, elegant bottle.
28th September, 2004

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

A stylish and daring Man's smell; delicious, masculine and very potent - sends me spinning when I wear it and I wish that more bolder men's fragrances like this one will come back in vogue on the commercial market again.
28th September, 2004

Jules by Christian Dior

I remember this to be an evocative and masculine scent, purchased from Paris by my then partner. I was thrilled to have owned it and I must really have a nose for the woody/leather/oriental/aromatic scents and this is one of my favourites since it's creation.
I wish it was re-released commercially, but glad that it's still in production!
28th September, 2004

Versailles pour Homme by Jean Desprez

My all time favourite - a most unusual and lasting fragrance, something so rare and precious, I with they'd bring it back!
I think is was not very popular on the commercial men's market because it was too genteel, sexy, refined and sophisticated for the younger man.
It is definitely a scent for high-flyers who understand what ot means to be on top and with a cutting-edge.
01st August, 2004 (last edited: 28th September, 2004)

Polo Crest by Ralph Lauren

This was one of my favourite fragrances not available in Australia, but I used to buy in in Asia & USA when travelling. I like it as a companion scent to Polo Original.
02nd July, 2004

Havana by Aramis

Dead Sexy!!!!!
If you want to improve your chances of being noticed by either sex; this is the one. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking of it!
15th February, 2004
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Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I initially avoided buying this fragrance because as a great fan of the original KOUROS, I felt that this was a 'bodied' version trading on the original's name and targeted to a young audience - I was greatly wronged! After smelling it on other men, I realised what i was missing out on, so I am now a dedicated fan of this smouldering, sexy fragrance. It's strong "in your face" scent matches my personality and I urge lovers of stronger fragrances to give it a go.
15th February, 2004

Bel Ami by Hermès

This was an all-time favourite of mine in the late 80's and still is - perfect fo rthe leather/spice/oriental fan like myself. I have seen this fragrance repeated in Commes de Garcons unisex fragrance as well.
15th February, 2004