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Satisfaction for Men by Jovan

This one is a great drugstore offering. Starts off feeling "clean" like so many fragrances do, and with the alcohol burst that most drugstore fragrances have, but dries down to a lovely amber and tonka cedar fragrance. Overall, nothing groundbreaking here, but a very pleasant and satisfying fragrance for an attractive price. Jovan made a winner with this one.
26th August, 2010

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Quorum is my all time favorite powerhouse. It's an olfactory bitch slap (in a good way). I hated Drakkar Noir when it came out, but I loved this stuff. I'm glad it can be had so inexpensively.

I agree with others; sillage can be frightening! One spray on the chest with this baby is more than sufficient for many hours of masculine pleasure.....a fragrance that will hold up to perspiring, tobacco smoke, and still shine through. When you take your shirt off end of day, you will get a (pleasurable) blast of this stuff.
20th August, 2010

Herbissimo Mejorana by Dana

Tried this one recently, and zenpiper's remarks are dead on. A truly wonderful inexpensive fragrance.
23rd September, 2008
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Pure Vetiver by Azzaro

It's not Pure Vetiver, but it's pleasant. I like the ginger and the sandalwood. Sure to disappoint if you're going for a true classic vetiver, but for $12 a bottle, I'm not complaining. I like it.
19th September, 2008

English Leather Black by Dana

Well blended combination of the above notes. It's actually quite pleasant, if cheap smelling on initial application. The middle and basenotes are quite nice, warm, and a little bit dark and sexy.

I would give this a thumbs up if only it had lasting power. Unfortunately, this stuff is gone in about an it's a neautral.
19th October, 2007

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

Knockoff of JPG Le Male, but lasts longer on my skin and has a bit of sweetness to offset the "in your face" qualities. Much more wearable than the original.

Great value for the dollar, and one that will probably be in my wardrobe for as long as they make it.
19th October, 2007

New Musk for Men by Prince Matchabelli

A typical clean modern fragrance and the musk is almost imperciptible to me. It smells like just about every new drug store fragrance out there.

Nothing offensive, and nothing outstanding. Fairly mild and very inexpensive.
17th October, 2007

Navy for Men by Dana

Well, I initially gave this one a thumbs down, but I have changed my mind. It can work for the right individual. Once the rancid garbage top notes settle down, the middle and base notes combine nicely with my skin. However, on my partner, it still smells like a horrible brown sugar, cat pee concoction that gets more abominable until it finally stops. I don't remember those top notes when Cover Girl made it; did Dana cheap out on the ingredients?
17th October, 2007 (last edited: 13th May, 2008)

Café-Café for Men by Cofinluxe

This one is a real bargain. It starts out with a crisp dry lime, and dries down to a sweet musky smell (exactly as the notes above say). It's very well crafted and a subtle delight to wear.

Longevity isn't great, but as inexpensive as this one is, it's easy to reapply.
17th October, 2007