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Burberry for Women by Burberry

On e of my favourites, since first getting a bottle around 4 years ago it is one of the only ones that I always replace... it's an essential now.

Warm, creamy, soft, intimate, peachy, and individual... it's also quite classy and yet sweet and endearing. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it and people always want to know what it is. I've also had a hard time finding it as it's been invariably listed or advertised as different names, subsequently I purchased a bottle of Burberry London, thinking that's what it was only to be disappointed as I don't really like London much...
12th July, 2011

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Sexy, Mysterious, Exotic without being cloying... and yet Fresh, Feminine and Fun....

It makes me feel sexy and yet social, a bit of a paradox really....

It's classy and sophisticated and yet really accessible and youthful...

12th July, 2011

Gucci Flora by Gucci

Obviously skin chemistry plays a vital role in the evolution of this fragrance but I must say it's beautiful on me. I was bewitched when I first encountered it on a friend and HAD TO HAVE IT... however, I have smelled it on another friend and I just didn't like it, couldn't believe it was the same fragrance. Someone above mentioned that it was not at all floral, whereas I would describe it as an incredibly floral perfume that remains floral well into the dry down and a little bit of a musky/powdery fragrance emerges and sits nicely with the floral... I can detect the rose and peony quite strongly but that's fine, because I love both of those :)
12th July, 2011
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GapBody Coconut Tuberose by Gap

Wow what a delight this fragrance is... It is Lush and tropical and fruity and feminine.... The tuberose is definitely more dominant than the coconut and it is simply gorgeous.... it has real lasting power too and doesn't fade, the dry down is just as delicious and not so very different from when you first spritz it on, only perhaps that the coconut is a little more evident a couple of hours after putting it on...
12th July, 2011

Tomato by Demeter Fragrance Library

It's absolutely gorgeous, I get a lot of comments when I wear it and yet it's not at all over powering. It's just so WEARABLE :)

The tomato leaves and vine are what you first notice, and it dries down to a gorgeous fruity undertone... not citrus like or at all acidic, more powdery or peach like but still very green...

Gorgeous day time fragrance!
12th July, 2011