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    Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger

    received multiple samples of this from department stores this past weekend. Tried it in store, did really wow me, tried the sample tonight and its nothing special. it has something to it at first, pushing me to find out what it is, but it looses all its zang after about 20 mins at most and goes to a standard clean scent. up close, it smells like it has a nice "red" center but its surrounded by the norm. buy only at a bargain ~ $10- 20$. if the heart of it was all encompassing, i wouild pick up a bottle, but as of now, im not impressed.

    03rd December, 2008


    cK one Electric by Calvin Klein

    Starts out great with the bright lime and fairly sweet, but not sugary sweet. I prefer this over the somewhat similar scent dkny be delicious. Its a unisex scent, which starts out for men but ends as a womans fragrance. The bright lime green is lovely, and wearable by men or women. I bought this after my first test at a carsons, loving it. I wore it for about a month but had to stop. Once this fragrance drys down to its female 'perfume" base, its not for guys. I had Men stopping me asking me either 1. if i was wearing perfume, or 2. why I was wearing womens perfume.

    Great fragrance, 4 stars, but more for women than unisex. I gave it to my girlfriend and my only complaint now is that she tends to overdo it at times.

    try and get a sample of this, as I did not notice the perfume dry down at first. It may just be my skin chemistry after reading all these other reviews of people saying its a masculine scent.... but it still smells the same on my gf & i love that I can still smell this amazing scent (on her ;)

    03rd December, 2008


    Crave by Calvin Klein

    purchased this on vacation (I only brough polo on a cruise... which is not a great hot weather scent- especially for the younger crowd)

    I enjoyed it, it was nice but there are better orange scents out there. Boss in motion is bit more spicy, but is probably the better choice. I will probably pick up another bottle if i find it at a good price, but mainly for nostalgic reasons rather than really wanting it. The bottle was both the kick and flaw for me. I loved the bottle, but i brought it on another vacation and it broke in my suitcase. yes, my suitcase smelled great but the smell is long gone and so is my fragrance :/

    03rd December, 2008


    Blue Jeans by Versace

    i bought this fragrance randomly on vacation. I like it at first, but i grow tired of it everytime i wear it. its a very full consistent scent. at first it has a lemon zest to it, which wears away within the first hour leaving a dressed up scent to stay.

    The name fits it well, because i envision a man wearing it on a friday or saturday night wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt with stubble on his not cleanshaven = not the pretty boy i am~ its a very inbetween scent, where i feel like i should wear when i want to have fun on the town, yet something about it makes me wear it when its movie night at the homestead.

    it seems like something is off. this is more of the i dont care scent- the >im going to make something happen scent< yet it fails to be the arrogant scent i could wear everyday. i have purple label for that.

    its nice but at the same time its overpowering because of how consistent it is with its longevity.

    nice but not what im looking for- i suppose it could be a nice everyday office scent though- show your more than just work, yet not all about the play.

    14th December, 2007


    Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

    i had been looking for this one for a while after searching for more RL scents. it took me a while to find, but it's well worth it. RL scents are very common among the people i encounter, so i wanted one i loved that would set me apart from others.

    it first comes out with a citrus-musty scent. its great, but you definitely do not want to overdo it on this one. its the "purple" version of classic pine scents- ie: the citrus/fruity twist on pine/must.

    there is NO pine, although it has a tangy prominent off-citrus note which i love. its not an everyday scent, although it could be confused for someones natural scent if done so. Its very light once the top notes wear down (which happens rather quickly) but does continue to make reappearances throughout my day. occasionally, ill smell something wonderful and not realize its me because this scent really catches me off guard.

    once it reaches the basenotes~ the smell i love- i wish it could only be a bit more bold as it seems rather toned down.
    the top notes are crisp and strong, and the base notes are warm and sensual. i have not fully identified the middle notes, but there are times when I'm wondering why I'm wearing this bitter scent-> which sort of gives it an arrogant tone. it is a scent that changes on my skin throughout the day to say the least.

    overall, its a strong yet understated scent which i love (but my girlfriend does not)- so i wear it to work for the more formal days.

    08th December, 2007

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