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Patchouli 24 by Le Labo

Smoke. Just smoke. The sweetness faded, the patchouli was but a faint whisper in the very onset, then just smoke. On me that was the singular and defining note that brought along no other friends to the party. I will admit that I do alter fragrance in rather extreme ways, so this could rock on others but it was a one note disappointment for me. My quest for the perfect patchouli continues.
31st December, 2013

Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

This has been my favorite fragrance since I first wore it. It is a beautiful patchouli, soft and warm. Yes, I get the green notes but they are not sharp as too many are for my taste. On me, the initial sharpness fades quickly leaving a just dirty enough patchouli balanced with a warm sweetness.

The only complaint is the lack of longevity for the price. If my pockets were deeper, I would wear it daily and reapply. Sadly, it is a treat I reserve for the occasional wearing
23rd December, 2013

Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

This is my favorite summer scent. I have found it very hard to pin down but it is not too floral, not too sweet, not too green. Sometimes it is easier to say what this is not then what it is which is beautiful from start to finish.
10th December, 2012
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Estée Super by Estée Lauder

How did I wear this for so long? I was young and foolish and had no idea that I was probably knocking nice people on their keister - it is a bit scary actually. So glad we have better choices today. I also did something very strange to the fragrance - I actually had an Estee sales person not recognize it on me and it is a VERY unique scent. It is a fierce one.
18th July, 2010