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OP Juice for Women by Ocean Pacific

Very youthfu, like 16-21? Not for the 30, 40 crowd if you are trying to be sophisticated, with a fresh touch. But if you want to feel young again, reminiscent to your first over the counter cologne, this is it. The notes all run together giving it a powdery scent in the end.
31st October, 2007

By Woman by Dolce & Gabbana

This is one of my favorite perfumes that confounds the laws of nature and "the art of a scent of a woman", as on me it is absolutely delectable. I
find men sniffing around me and women frowning when they find out this gourmand, on me, is very sweet, yet sexy is BY. And I don't know how, as this is a very sultry perfume. Definitely Not for the shy-girl.
19th October, 2007

Velvet Tuberose by Bath and Body Works

The name says Velvety Tuberose, and I love Tuberose, but somewhere in the mixture of the orchids and amber the Tuberose gets lost. I'm a fan of Bath and Body Works because they usually do a great job with their scents. Sorry guys this time you missed the mark.
18th October, 2007
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Design by Paul Sebastian

One of the "aged" scents you find on older women, because it came out long ago, that seems to work very well on me. For some the mixture of all of these sweet florals with a woody base can leave one smeeling like old wood by the end of the day. Fortunately for me the citus balances out the woody notes and the florals just lightly linger on and on. I always keep a small bottle on hand, along with my Chanel No.5 and Youth Dew.
18th October, 2007

Talisman by Balenciaga

Love it. Definitely one of my Fall scents. It's soft patchouli is well hidden. The sandalwood balances out the Jasmine and there is a hint of spice that reminds me of a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. Surprisingly, at first it teases the nose in an alluring way but, the scent at the end of the day kisses your nose very softly-powdery?
17th October, 2007