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Fille d'Eve by Nina Ricci

This is probably, without a doubt, one of the greatest fragrances ever created. It is such a perfectly balanced scent and has so many facets, well it is almost hard to categorize it.
It does fall into a chypre/floral family, but it seems to be so unlike the well known creations in both that it almost needs a new family created for it.
It has such sweetness, softness and femininity, yet it also is very strong willed and recognizable, with a fabulous tenacity. It has warmth, softness and an exotic quality yet it does not have anything in it, exactly, that would bring about this quality. It is just the masterful blending of ingredients, many of which will probably never be used again, that give it such a fabulous persona.

Definitely an unique scent that would not be liked, nor loved, by many. But a true work of art, and pretty close to perfection.
30th November, 2010

Guirlandes by Carven

A glorious spring/summer floral fantasy of exquisite taste and balance. A white floral bouquet, touched with a hint of green and sweet enough without becoming candy-like.
A wearable stroll through a beautiful garden.
14th June, 2010

Sweet Courrèges by Courrèges

Sweet white floral fragrance, absolutely perfect on a warm spring or summers day. A wonderfully delicious alternative to the overpopulated syrupy sweet category of scents. A grown-up confectionery delight for the senses.
Very under-appreciated and neglected, yet it remains a 10 out of 10!
26th August, 2009
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Weekend for Women by Burberry

A wonderfully sweet floral gem from Burberry. I have always enjoyed the carefree quality of this scent, it is a scent you can just put on and enjoy. To look a the notes for this scent one would think, "oh, another fruity floral.", but it is so not even close to one. It opens with a fresh note that is fruit-like, something akin to what one experiences with "real" fruit. It is not the typical "fruity" syrupy gooey opening that most have; one which you know will grow sweeter and more intense by the time a floral note comes along to try and save the day. Not Weekend, this fruity fresh opening is given a little soul, i believe from the sap, which keeps it grounded and far from confectionery. When the floral notes come out, they are there to enhance what you have already experienced, not to change it, nor to save you from a diabetic seizure. The florals are full bodied, yet soft and comforting, not trying to take center stage, but putting a fresh glow on the whole thing. The joy of the florals is that they stay with you for the duration, yes they soften and change personality, to make way for the basenotes, but they keep the whole composition from becoming weighed down. Now as for the basenotes listed; cedar wood, sandalwood and musk, they do not try to push everything else off the stage, as these notes are sometimes prone to do, they mostly just add a wonderful depth to the fragrance and work in unison with the softened floral notes to gently glide you into the drydown.
Truly a wonderful creation, from a fashion house whose other scents have left me quite cold. A huge thumbs up and recommendation for others.
26th August, 2009

Clair de Jour by Lanvin

This is one of my "go-to" summer scents. It is sweet, it is white flower floral, it is sedate and calming. It truly is the essence of a summer day.
It opens up with a crisp floral bouquet, which slowly starts to sweeten and become creamy, it then spends the rest of its journey resting in the background with a cool fresh feeling which lifts the spirits and senses. I find it to be a very long lasting scent, but then again fragrance clings to me, so I am rather lucky in that respect.
A wonderful 80's modern classic
23rd July, 2009

Coeur de Parfum / Parfum Rare by Jacomo

If one is looking for a truly "elegant" classicly styled fragrance, this is it. It is strong, but not a hard hitting scent. The notes meld so well into each other, I rarely feel them transitioning. With this scent, the carnation and oakmoss embrace my skin and warm it up so nicely.
A scent well worth the hunting.
23rd July, 2009

Notre Temps by Galimard

Another wonderfully well balanced floral by Galimard. The notes blend wonderfully and the jasmin is neither too harsh nor too soft, it accompanies the other notes without taking center stage. The top notes are bright, yet not florescent. The base notes are rich without becoming heavy or overly dirt-like as vetiver sometimes does.
A true classic, which brings to mind a softened L'air du temps.
15th June, 2009

Lutèce by Dana

I find this fragrance to be a wonderfully soft, powdery, cool scent. It is classic and unpretentious. i own it in the original EdP formulation by Houbigant, so I do not know how it compares to other versions. I think it is far more powdery than Ombre Rose and the floral tones do not have as much rose in them. Truly a classic.
15th June, 2009

Zadig by Emilio Pucci

Warm sweet floral with a rich animal undertone, what more could anyone need. A very wearable scent.
09th June, 2009

Arielle by Fragonard

This is wonderfully sweet, floral, ambery, intoxicatingly delicious scent. I receive more compliments on this fragrance than any one of my super pricey scents. It is perfect for the warm weather and it just makes you feel happy. I can not imagine being without this one never.
04th June, 2009

Variations by Carven

I have the original Variations from the 50's and it is nothing like the re-issue, are they ever though?
So this is my take on the "original"
It opens with a burst of fresh white flowers and aldehydes, very bright and clean. The heart notes then shine forth and are exquisite, still floral yet not as bright, somewhat richer and more lush, yet not heavy. This scent never becomes heavy nor cloying, nor does it become overly sweet. By the time the basenotes arrive you are still ensconced in a lush floral bouquet, yet you can detect a few animalic notes, a warm soft muskiness, but still no heaviness. This has to be, in my opinion, one of the greatest and most elegant warm weather fragrances ever. It is not citrusy, it is not fruity, it is not sharp and oceanic, it is just a clean, fresh, soft floral bouquet warmed slightly yet gently.
03rd June, 2009

Capucci de Capucci by Roberto Capucci

This is one of the departed treasures of the 80's. A huge spicy, woodsy, floral, with a wonderful oriental spirit.
It is a powerhouse fragrance, clothed in opulence. It opens with a wonderful spicy sweet burst, more on the spicy side, then it works its way into a woodsy floral magnificence. As it wears it becomes richer and more woodsy, reveling a deeper oriental heart and base than one would have expected. At the end of the day you are left with a wonderful, warm, woodsy, aura, kissed with just a hint of spice.
26th May, 2009

Cardin by Pierre Cardin

This is one of those fabulously dirty, animalic, deep 70's type of scents. Not for the faint hearted, but if you find yourself smelling a fragrance and thinking "Mmm, I wish I had a nice side of animalic notes to add to this, just to give it some 'oomph'. " than this is the scent for you. If one is familiar with the fashion designs of M Cardin, then you will know what to expect of this fragrance. Highly recommended, even if just for the 'time-capsule' like glimpse into what 70's fragrance had to offer.
21st May, 2009
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Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris (new) by Bourjois

The fragrance now being sold as Soir de Paris, has nothing in common with the classic it once was. This one is harsh, sharp, not well rounded, smells almost chemically at times. If there is a natural substance in this scent, they have done a magnificent job obscuring it under all the synthetics.
It is worth seeking out the original formula, it is the complete opposite of this mess. It is rich, warm, floral; sweet yet not cloying, elegant but not too over the top. A real treat to experience.
24th April, 2009

Galimar by Galimard

This is truly one of the greatest, yet least known scents. I absolutely adore it. It is really the essence of spring.
15th April, 2009

Raffinée by Dana

I own an original bottle of extrait, and it is an oriental, powdery, spicy, heaven. It opens with a wonderful burst of spicy sweetness, it then settles down into its oriental heart, powdery, soft, exotic and sandalwoody, this lasts quite a while. The base is still warm and a touch spicy, but the vanille starts to really come through. This is a wonderful example of a great 80's oriental scent.
28th February, 2009

Tendre Poison by Christian Dior

I think of this as a wonderful, fresh floral scent. It is unpretentious, it is not an in your face floral, nor a loud green one either, it is just a breath of springtime air. The galbanum note is definitely the star in this scent, but it is softened by the florals enough to feel light, and the touch of fruit gives it a brightness that prevents it from becoming to ephemeral.
I guess I would consider this my "clean" type of a scent, it just makes me feel fresh and clean.
22nd February, 2009

Gandhara by Neil Morris Fragrances

Every note in this glorious nectar is exquisitely mingled to create an aura of another place, in another time.
This is the scent to wear when you want to feel at peace, and start trying to attain a state of nirvana. The patchouli is the note that shows itself most prominently on me, but the fig tempers it and ads a sweet clean roundness. The floral notes adjust the tempo of the scent but never lead one to say, "oh, such a nice floral", they give it an aura of openness. Now the castoreum grounds the fragrance, it keeps it warm and comforting, never harsh nor heavy.
Neil has created a heavenly aroma for us to enjoy on this earthly plane.
19th February, 2009

Purple Fantasy by Guerlain

Florals, tea, woods, a touch of citrus, and some spice; where does all of it go? Nowhere!
This was such a disappointment for me, I cannot even say. I had tried so hard to purchase it when it came out and here we are 9 years later still not able to find redeeming qualities with it. I hesitate selling this, keep hoping that I will one day have an awakening of sorts, but I guess I will have to let it go.

All the notes seem to vie for attention at the same time, I could not really discern the head, heart and base notes, but I did not even enjoy the intermingling.
19th February, 2009

Arabie by Serge Lutens

Arabie is all things wonderful, sweet, spicy, syrupy, and exotic all mixed up in one gorgeous cocktail. This scent starts off very sweet, and candy like; much like one of my favorite treats "Fruits confits" (candied fruits). If you have ever had theses french delights, you understand the comparison. Then it goes into a delicious woody, sandalwood, rich, candy feel. It lasts forever and keeps growing warmer, more ceder-like and exotic as it wears. I do not think everyone will love this, but for the lucky ones who do; this is a top pick from the Lutens' line. I know others have mentioned a marzipan like note; I adore marzipan and could eat it forever, but I cannot detect the note.
03rd February, 2009

Ô de Lancôme by Lancôme

A very nice 'eau' in the classic sense. I myself am much more fond of Eau de Rochas, which takes the classic 'eau' to the next level.
A great scent for those who want to feel 'clean' and refreshed all day.
27th January, 2009

Ô Oui! by Lancôme

Like the glorious scent of a tin can being warmed on an old steam radiator. A very uninspiring fragrance; no clue why it is still being produced.
27th January, 2009

Weil de Weil by Weil

This is the scent of the first days of summer. It is all green with touches of bright flowers peaking through, and a lovely depth lacking in most 'green' scents on the market. Truly a timeless scent. Such a great tragedy it is out of production, a true loss to the fragrance world.
26th January, 2009

Zibeline by Weil

A true marvel of the parfumeur's art. This is a wonderful aldehydic floral in the classic sense, but it has a surprising animal quality one would expect from a floriental dry-down. This scent is all furs and champagne; romantic evenings dancing under crystal chandeliers at a glorious ball. It truly is the essence of a bygone era, yet it has a thoroughly modern quality to it. It has a truly seamless transition from head, to heart, to basenotes. A masterpiece which, much like many others, has gone to the great fragrance Valhalla in the sky.
26th January, 2009

Coeur de Vahiné by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I always love this scent on a hot summer day. It is a wonderful floral fruit composition, but not the generic type so guilty of inundating the market, but a well crafted one.
It's name always summed it up for me "Les enfants du soleil" (Children of the sun), it makes me feel carefree, youthful, and gives me a sunny disposition.
Truly a masterpiece of the fruity/floral genre; what all the others could be if they were not envisioned for Lolita's, or 50 year-olds parading around as if they were coquettes.
22nd January, 2009

Riviera Palace by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The name is misleading; this hardly make me think of a palace, nor does it remind me of the Riviera. It makes me think of some quaint, and very prim, ladies dressing-room from another time; all white flowers, with a bit of heaviness, and the requisite powdery finish. For a much nicer white flower composition, without the dressing-room allusions, No. 22 Chanel is so much of a superior scent. It makes one feel happy that RP is now only a memory.
22nd January, 2009

Vanilia by L'Artisan Parfumeur

It starts off, for me, as an 'imitation vanilla' right out of the spice drawer. Not a wonderful "Williams-Sonoma' type of deluxe vanilla, but rather a generic 'super market' imitation one, in my opinion. I feel that this scent longs to be a vanilla sugar cookie embodiment, but it falls short in many ways; seems someone took the cookies out of the oven too soon, hence the lack of yummy food-like character.
There seems to be a vision here, but it falls far short of the intended goal.
22nd January, 2009

Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Reminds me of the scent in Notre Dame; which I will say is truly intoxicating.
22nd January, 2009

Mûre et Musc by L'Artisan Parfumeur

EEk!!! I have been dipped in a jar of jam, then went frolicking in the woods with a musk deer, then we both got ill from the overall impression.

For a better 'jam' or 'berry' note, try Eau de Charlotte by Annick Goutal.
22nd January, 2009

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Interesting rose scent. I feel it is far better as a masculine. As a feminine, it is far too medicinal, and astringent for my tastes.
22nd January, 2009