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    Voyage by Nautica

    A monumentally boring fresh scent that is sure not to offend anyone. It's green and clean and best suited for summer.

    18th April, 2009


    Silver Mountain Water by Creed

    I've been smelling the sample for awhile now, with mixed emotions. However, now that I've tried wearing it for a full day I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised. Skin will absorb this quickly, but when applied to the warmer parts of clothing, this will last all day. Also, it takes awhile for it to settle properly, but when it does, the fruity tea goodness takes over.

    I would definitely classify this as a summer scent. After it dries the smell becomes very muted. BUT, as your body temperature rises the smell comes back and it really gives off subtle but noticeable sillage. I've noticed that most people here seem to literally classify the smell as "Silver Mountain Water," but that is absolutely a psychosomatic reaction. If anything I would say this smells "purple."

    I may have to buy a bottle, but I want to give MI a serious wearing before I make any decisions. The two are similar and buying both would be silly.

    18th April, 2009


    Original Santal by Creed

    This is really fine. Such high quality glass that slowly fades from red to clear. And that bright shiny cap that sits right above the crossed swords of the Creed logo. I tell ya, this is a bottle to die for...

    And the juice is Joop! smelling garbage. That's right, we have yet another Dr. Pepper air freshener EDT.

    Mr. Creed, no soup for you, one year!

    14th April, 2009


    Antaeus by Chanel

    Someone hit the nail on the head when they said that this smells like an old leather couch. Antaeus is elegant, refined, masculine, and damned unique. Antaeus is also timeless; there is no 80s smell and no old man smell here. Not only is it timeless, but it's also ageless; while wearing this I had a 20 year old woman bury her head in my chest while exclaiming, "you smell really good." I did clarify with her that although she loved the smell, she considered it much more elegant than sexy. I happened to agree. I include this anecdote because I feel that many people will assume that this is a smell that will only appeal to older woman, and that simply isn't the case.

    This is easily in my top 5 and I will be getting a bottle before next fall...

    did I forget to mention that this is a cool - cold weather scent?

    14th April, 2009


    Avant Garde by Martine Micallef

    If you put 70% cocoa pebbles and 30% fruity pebbles in a bowl and top it with grape soda you may get an idea of what Avante Garde smells like. As it dries to the base it only gets more chalky. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any real base notes at all. If worn on clothes a fruity wet smell stays prominent throughout even after the cocoa and grape soda dissipate, which is better than chalkiness, but has been done much more pleasantly by countless other perfumers.

    I really wanted to like this considering that at the time of this writing there is only one review, but there just is no hiding this unpleasantness.

    09th April, 2009


    Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

    Boring, Indefensible Dreck.

    Lucky Number 6 is a mundane "fresh oriental." It stays in very safe territory and there are also some annoying "sweeter" notes that obnoxiously sneak around whilst you go about your day. I thought I'd learned my lesson about blind buying, but apparently some good reviews, a pretty bottle, and a nice price turn me into a ten year old at Gamestop.

    If you're already on this site scouting for scents, then you are well past this amateur concoction.

    06th April, 2009


    Mojo by Austin Powers by Gendarme


    All the Gendarme scents are different variations on a good theme,

    with Grabazzi being the exception, but not by much. This theme is also present in CK be.

    I'm afraid I couldn't tell you if Mojo is more "sixties" than other Gendarmes, but I can tell you that it's a little "darker," and is more reminiscent of freshly cleaned linens than the other Gendarmes, which seem to more closely resemble soaps.

    I've been told it's a sort of ethereal, muted, pleasant, yet obscure smell by other people who smelled it on me.

    The bottom line is that it's very nice, but I've yet to thoroughly examine my bunch of Gendarme samples to determine how it really compares. I will say this, even if I like another Gendarme better, for $25 you can be damn sure that I shan't regret my Mojo purchase.

    06th April, 2009


    Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

    This is a fresh, clean scent that completely avoids smelling aquatastic, mariney, or fruitish. The opening is more vibrant than BPH regular, and it would seem that this is because of the grapefruit (after reading reviews here), but it didn't smell like grapefruit to me, rather it just smelled brighter and fresher. Overall this is very well blended, to the point where identifying individual notes was difficult. The only note I could clearly ID was the light musk, and I supposed that's because it closely resembles the pure musk oils that I have.

    There is nothing wild or crazy about this, nothing sharp or overpowering, and nothing all that interesting. It's perfect if you work closely with people and don't want their attention to turn to your scent (for better or worse) for more than a moment.

    As a bonus it does last quite a long time.

    01st April, 2009


    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    Grey Flannel is a fresh, green scent that smells like the little pyramid here says almost exactly, but with a hint of almond. It can be thought of as L'Eau d'Hiver done properly.

    On the surface I know what you're thinking.

    "OMGs, that's the roxors, now I can smell teh brootlz on my way to teh roflcopter!!!!1!1!"

    Well, I hope your trip is short, because I used a whole damn tester vial on me at 8:00 AM and I was scentless by noon.

    In conclusion, the smell is money, but it does go away too quickly and I'm not enough of an obsessive ass to to prepare decants because I like a smell. Although I'm sure sooner or later I'll find an 11 that I'll have to break my policy for. Such is life.

    28th March, 2009


    Dunhill Fresh by Dunhill

    I've read about Ben Gay and New Shoes. Yes, I'm afraid both of those comparisons are valid. There's something odd about the "freshness" here that isn't sitting well with me. I'm afraid I've given this a fair few wearings and have come to a firm conclusion.

    No. I shan't be reaching for this again. I do not enjoy it myself, and do not expect others to enjoy it.

    26th March, 2009


    Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

    This initially smells like an amazing tea based beverage. It's a little sweet, but it really is a pleasant smell.

    As the tea scent dissipates a problem begins to develop: the sweetness begins to dominate and what meager masculinity that tea leaves so indeed promote vanishes like so many Earth Angel playing Marty McFlys. No matter, it's still a very pleasant, if cloyingly sweet and feminine, fragrance.

    And then we have the second problem. Curve Connect is nauseating. Maybe it's just me, but this definitely makes my stomach uneasy.

    So, it's neutral due to the juxtaposition of a terrific smell with feminine nausea. If you don't feel that this is too feminine, and it doesn't make to feel queasy, this might be exactly what you're looking for.

    16th March, 2009


    Santal Noble by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    genvy5 said this
    "Buttery sandalwood cologne which reminds me of a very humid and stuffy library with archaic tomes and old frail men rummaging through them."
    This is SPOT ON.
    Though he gave it a thumbs down, I kind of liked it. Go figure


    It's funny how you can "neutral" a fragrance after a few samplings and a wearing, but you keep going back to smell it. Then you order another little decant, and you keep smelling it and wearing it. Suddenly you need to own the motherf... uhh, you need to own the nice fragrance. Oh, but that isn't really enough, is it. You need to own a vintage bottle and can't sleep until you do.

    See, Santal Noble is something that's kind of nice at first, but really grows on you and becomes an acquired taste that you'll swear by. It's like unsweetened cappuccino, or Guinness. Anyhow, let's examine that quote.

    "Buttery sandalwood cologne which reminds me of a very humid and stuffy library with archaic tomes and old frail men rummaging through them."

    Not quite. Buttery sandalwood cologne which reminds me of a very old, beautiful library with archaic tomes and well groomed, 3 piece suit wearing librarians rummaging through them. It's the kind of place that Indiana Jones would go when trying to dig up information on a relic.

    Now, once you own that vintage bottle, every spray will invoke the terror that this scent is finite, and will one day cease to exist.

    12th March, 2009 (Last Edited: 28th February, 2011)


    Royal Delight by Creed

    Royal Delight is a royal delight. The exquisite nature of this fragrance is baffling. It smells like Geir with a heapin' helpin' of leather, earthiness, vanilla, and but it's better than Geir for sure. It actually does smell suited for royalty, just kind of fresh and regal. Whatever, I'm gushing like an ass. Bottom line, when I wear it I enjoy every minute of my own smell.

    So now I have to justify a fairly hefty purchase, and also figure out what this EDT is suited for.

    05th March, 2009


    Epicéa by Creed

    Weak sauce.
    This smells vaguely like a forest, but honestly, I'm not too sure I'd think that if I hadn't been told so by this website. See what I'm saying?

    There's nothing unpleasant about this, but honestly, I wouldn't wear this if it were given to me for free. All I could think while wearing this out for a test was, "damn, I wish I wore something else, this is really, really boring." And it wore off rather quickly so if I'd had a reason to stop home I would've promptly applied something else

    Creed should consider thinning its herd, starting here.

    05th March, 2009


    Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Vanilla, cinnamon, wood, musk, tonka, and a bit of of funk. I'm not sure what the funk is, perhaps it's a musk I've never smelled, perhaps it's natural musk? I didn't think that natural musk was legal.

    Anyway, this dries down nice and powdery, but a bit to feminine for me. Shame too, because it rules.

    04th March, 2009


    Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Everything L'aventurier said, plus, that there is a huge wood smell lurking in the basenotes. For the first few hours there's just too much going on, but as the wood emerges victorious, the scent becomes defined.

    I'm not really a fan, however, I did get compliments, so, take it for what it's worth.

    04th March, 2009


    L'Eau d'Hiver by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    L'Eau d'Hiver smells terrific in tiny dabs applied to the back of your hand for sampling purposes. I was all prepared for a positive review but had to really test it. When applied for a days wearing, things change.

    "Synthetic almond water" is the best way to describe this.

    02nd March, 2009


    Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

    The first two hours are fantastic with this fruit and coffee combination. The problem is, after that it starts becoming very pedestrian. But, there's absolutely zero that's unpleasant here, so it's a neutral.

    28th February, 2009


    The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

    I'm a sucker for cedar, and after looking at the note pyramid the only other note that I can clearly ascertain is tobacco. But even before I saw the note pyramid I knew it smelled damn good. The One is very well blended and has a sexy, classy, fancy gentleman air about it, but on a casual day. The One is greater than the sum of its parts, and the spices and fruit come together to be a single unit of sensation. Am I being clear?

    Something tells me that this is really going to take off and soon it'll be known as The One Everybody is Wearing.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and then I can get a bottle.
    And that last sentence is the sign of serious mental illness.

    28th February, 2009


    Blue Amber by Montale

    Amber plus citrus plus salt equals solid gold. Think Sel de Vetiver when I say salt. Anyway, this is a very well composed amber in which the amber is dominant and yet not overbearing. Also, the whole citrusy-salty thing keeps this from retreading the whole desserty-vanilla thing. If you're not a big fan of amber this could change your mind.

    26th February, 2009


    Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    Just an earthy amber, that's all you get here. I'm not really sure about all of this "luxurious this" and "intoxicating that." If amber really isn't your thing then I couldn't recommend this. I was also told I smelled feminine when I wore this.

    Oh well, it does have great longevity though.

    You could try Montale's Blue Amber for more of a "composition."

    26th February, 2009


    L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

    This stuff smells fantastic. I'm beginning to think my nose is easy to please. Anyway, I feel I'm in no way qualified to explain this smell. If pressed I'd say something stupid like "it smells like the desert air," and that would just be due to "desert" being in the name. I'm sure if I were just a little dumber I would think that this smelled like "the sweet stuff you eat at the end of a meal."

    I am, however, qualified to say that this is potent, unique, and doesn't irritate me in the slightest. I'm more often irritated or nauseated by a smell rather than finding that I actually don't like it. Even smells that I like bother me a bit, but not enough to put in the review because it's barely noticeable.

    Whatever you do, sample this first because it is very unique and you may find that it's not for you.

    22nd February, 2009


    Emporio Armani White He by Giorgio Armani

    This is exceptionally underwhelming. There's an industrial note in the opening that reminds me of Quasar, but it vanishes rather quickly. As the citrus fades we're left with a syrupy, candied white musk. Once that industrial note is gone there's nothing else unpleasant here, but it's just so blah. The sillage and longevity also aren't that great.

    And you can kind of taste this after wearing it for awhile.


    22nd February, 2009


    PS by Paul Sebastian

    So I wore this today for the first time. I mean, I've put a little on my hand here and there just to get a pleasant wiff, but I've never tried it until today. I've always liked the scent, but wearing it today seemed overpowering. I definitely did some sneezing.
    Anyway, today I got three unsolicited compliments, and this is the first day I wore it. So there, it's a big thumbs up for that reason alone. And as for the smell, the base is overpoweringly herbal, and the top notes seem like an industrial fuel, but very pleasant in the same way smelling gasoline is pleasant. As the top burns off it becomes more natural smelling, but it doesn't get any weaker. Oh no, this stuff is a powerhouse all day long, with great sillage to boot.

    Considering the price it can't hurt to have this in your collection.

    20th February, 2009


    By Man by Dolce & Gabbana

    This is a sweet, powdery, spiced leather. Maybe let's say you're wearing a leather jacket and you've been baking cakes all day, this is how you'd smell. Something like that. I don't get all the "animal" and "sex" references, but honestly, I don't see any male fragrance as "sexy" anyway. I suppose that's due to my straightness.

    Whatever, the point is that this not only smells great, but the sillage AND longevity are outstanding. I happen to be wearing this now and it's still detectable 14 hours later.

    The serious downside to this is the price AND, even worse, the fact that you cannot get samples as far as I know.

    Blind buying really is up to you, perhaps you can get a mini for a more reasonable price?

    19th February, 2009


    Quasar by J del Pozo

    I need to toss my fly into this ointment. There's plenty to like in here. It's fruity and aquatic and banana-ish, and yet, there's a big problem for me. Now it seems this may only be my problem after seeing all of the thumbs up, but it is a problem.

    There is an industrial note in this juice. It's been likened to newspaper, but I dare say it's almost like exhaust. Whatever it is it ruins the fragrance and makes it unwearable. It's a shame too because there are a bunch of nice things going on underneath this exhaust.

    18th February, 2009


    Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez

    Thumbs up with caution. You can get an idea of how great this is by looking at how every other reviewer is waxing poetic, however...

    This doesn't seem to have great longevity and therefore could require some over-application to get the job done. The good news is that over-application won't offend anyone.

    18th February, 2009


    Ed Hardy Man by Christian Audigier


    This stuff stinks. I tried to like it because I do tend to like sweet smells, but it smells like a chalky brown candy that you can't quite identify. The artificiality is obnoxious and gives off a hint of hairspray. Overly sweet smells are never mature, and when done correctly they are deliciously juvenile, but apparently when they are done incorrectly they evoke nothing but anger at the brazen perfumer that had the audacity to claim responsibility for said smell.

    So again, I repeat, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    17th February, 2009


    Green Valley by Creed

    I'm over analyzing this and I know why. It's because it's a Creed. I've had this sample for awhile. I've worn it out twice, and tested it repeatedly, and yet on my weekly visit to basenotes I simply can't review it. I feel like due to the fact that it's a Creed there must be something I'm missing.

    So, I have a solution for anyone trying to review a fragrance like this. Just imagine it was made by Calvin Klein. Suddenly a review isn't that difficult. It's just a single face among countless others.

    This is clearly very natural, which is good. The note pyramid, to me, is much like Creed claims. There's violet leaf and black currant and mint. And at the risk of sounding like a redundant ass I feel that concoction is smooth AND evolves smoothly, not to be redundant or anything. The base is sweet, with the only thing I can discern being sandalwood. The only problem is that it's entirely unremarkable.

    It should go without saying, but DO NOT BLIND BUY!

    16th February, 2009


    Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama

    So I got this for Saturnalia and although I've sprayed it a bunch just for kicks, I've felt it was almost always too damn cold out to really give it a go. Well, there was a heat wave last week and the temperature hit about 50, so I bathed in St. Barts (due to my being aware of its "weakness") and proceeded to go about my New York day. 2 unsolicited compliments in one day equals a damn fine cologne.

    In conclusion, we have a weak yet pleasant lime, coconut, and tequila fragrance for a reasonable price. Even if you use ten sprays per wearing you're still ahead of the game. Others will like it, and that's good. It smells better than Virgin Island Water, but maybe that's because my smell buds aren't fancy enough for Creed.

    15th February, 2009

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