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Spring Flower by Creed

I'm surprised so many reviewers compare "Spring Flower" to other aquatic/fruity/florals; In fact,"Spring Flower" is remarkably unique in a sea of tropical-caramels and rasberry-oceanics. "Spring Flower's" earthy prettiness and quiet playfulness makes it utterly charming and unexpected competition for those other thin, airy and saccharine scents classified as "fruity-floral"; a fragrance family that has since been stripped and "overbred" by the years of influence from marketing groups ("More Gourmand" they scream--"Drier, sweeter and headier!").

While the opening notes do unfold in a burst of bright tartness, they are immediately smoothed over by the sensation of buttermilk creaminess and sweetness--like strawberries or lignonberries in cream. Then follows a succulent watery-ness that begins to develop and run, like snow melting in early springtime sunshine, throughout the fragrance until drydown: It is at once too carnal to pass as water; to elegant to be mistaken for nectar or fruit juice. It almost seems like a kind of iced sparkling with lemons, peaches, rose petals and rosemary.

There is something so unexpected and sprightly about "Spring Flower" that although it is quite feminine, it would be a disservice to wood nymphs everywhere to call it "proper"; "Spring Flower" is melting snow dripping off spring buds, fresh grass, fields of flowers and wild strawberries. In other words, it's an interesting, raw kind of fragrance that mischeviously whispers: "Forget this party, school class or customer report...sneak away like Maria from "The Sound of Music" or play like "Marie Antoinette" to the woods, brooks and fields---stare at the bright blue skies, watch clouds pass by and live off berries and fresh cream! Who cares what anyone thinks or if you get your feet dirty." Unlike those quickly developed and mass produced fruity florals on store shelves (those that also seem to reproduce like rabbits in fragrance departments) "Spring Flower" has something they all lack: Spunk, character and a sense of humor. "Spring Flower" is a tickling delight...and almost seems to thumb its nose at those who feel otherwise. "lighten up, stop and smell the roses" it says, "think transcendental thoughts in lazy midday sunshine or stomp in rainy-day mud or crisp snow."
13th October, 2007