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Zaharoff pour Homme by Zaharoff

I loved this fragrance and I'm delighted that it's available again! It smells and lasts just as I remember.
19th November, 2014

Kinmokusei by Ayala Moriel

I like this fragrance very much. I need to be in the right mood. It reminds me of apricot, but is far more interesting than that. Like Philosykos, it's very fresh.
11th November, 2007

Wild Black Fig by Ava Luxe

This is one of my favorite fig fragrances.
04th July, 2007
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Essential by Lacoste

I like to fine with, say, shorts and a t-shirt. I would never wear to work or in the evening.
04th July, 2007

Royal Delight by Creed

I love this fragrance. It's already been well-described here, so I'll just add that it's intoxicating when worn with Creed's Royal Water.
22nd September, 2006

Bayrhum-Vetiver by Creed

I've been told this was out of production, by my "fragrance guy" it not? I loved this fragrance for winter, for days I didn't feel so cheerful....
06th August, 2006