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Wings for Men by Wings

I love this fragrance. i remember walking into JC Penney and seeing the bottle and thinking it smelled kind of unusual..not your typical fresh scent. As time wore on i began to realize and experince the uniqueness of this fragrance and real came to appreciate it. So what if it can be found at Walgreens for cheap. Its clean , potent and long lasting. It reminds me of a good detergent or dryer sheet i used in my child hood. I reach for this almost weekly and never regret purchasing this gem. I love the bottle shape . Very well done.. love it for life. xoxo
04th July, 2010

Good Life by Davidoff

This scent reminds me off senior year of highschool. Very figgy and warm. I remember smelling this and Emporio in the hall ways for ages. Anyway I like it a little cloying after awhile and I can totally see how someone would get burnt out on this scent but for what it is its pretty good. They no longer make fragrances like this. Very 90's loud and demanding. For nostalgia sake I would wear it.
07th December, 2009

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Ahhh highschool memories. This was one of the first fragrances i wore religiously in highschool. reminds me of 2nd period gym class. sweating like a pig and smelling of tommy. yay it'a fabulous fragrance. Yes many yearrs have come and gone for this one but for waht its worth and the creation it is, it sold millions for a reason. It does smell good. Tommy wanted it to be remniscent of the USA and it is. clean , warm, spicy . its definitley a classic.
06th November, 2008
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Infusion d'Homme by Prada

The most amazing scent ever. First of all just the range this fragrance comes in is stellar. The scent itself is so clean and pure . Its very citrusy off the top. Kinds close to a Baby powder, but not as innocent. after about 15 minutes it dries down ro a clean skin scent with super sillage. this fragrace lasted a full eight (8) hours on my skin. The shower gel is amazing as well as the bath soaps. Very true to the fragrance. Prada is pure luxury and it shows with this fragrance. a must buy
17th October, 2008

Emporio Armani He by Giorgio Armani

I absolutely adore this fragrance. reminds me of March of 1999. I was a senior in highschool and my mom had gotten me a sample of this scent. i remember listening to TLC no scrubs and reading the first Britney Spears Rolling Stone magazine and sniffing my arm and loving this scent. I have worn it ever since. Beautiful comforting and classic. Memories hold so much . and everytime i wear this fragramce it reminds me that life is good and that i have been blessed.
26th September, 2008

White Musk for Men by Body Shop

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! this fragaqnfce is very good. I was gathering they would put out something similar to the womens white musk but this one is warm and fresh at the same time, very good stuff. and the price is unbeatable. A++++++++++++ for bodyshop
17th December, 2007