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Red Rose and Jasmine by Tesco

This is a lovely, clean rose fragrace. It's very uplifting although it doesn't seem to last very long on the skin. The matching body butter is also wonderful, it's incredibly thick and creamy and the fragrance is enough to provide a very light touch of scent which does seem to last. I know everyone says it but it's true, using this before the perfume makes a significant improvement to it's sillage.
It is the perfect boudoir fragrance, I can picture myself sitting at a fancy dressing table, applying the body butter then the perfume before seducung my man!
04th February, 2009

Silky Underwear by Lush

This is a lovely fragrance, smooth, sweet and creamy which wraps itself around you like a warm mist. The scent of the body powder lasts longest and layering it with the solid perfume means the fragrance lasts almost all day.

I like this a lot but my husband absolutely adores it on me. I love to put it on before bed, the scent reminds me of the "safe feeling" of snuggling up in a warm, cosy bed as a child.
01st February, 2009

Shh... by Jade Goody

I tried this in a shop but it was so sweet and sugary it made me feel nauseous. I could find absolutely no redeeming qualities, I actually had to wash it off because it made me feel very ill.

I can understand why people would criticise Jade Goody but I try not to associate fragrances with their "celebrity creator"
01st February, 2009
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Tentations by Paloma Picasso

This is my favourite fragrance in the world. It has a warm spiciness and a soft mellow depth to it. To me it smells like a perfumification (as opposed to personification) of Christmas. There really isn't anything that can really come close to the scent of this although I have searched everywhere because it's been discontinued. If anyone else does know of something, I'd love to know.
02nd October, 2008