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Free Motion by Oriflame

As there are no reviews here or on Fragrantica I will describe this cheapie:

It is a very thick and sweet licorice scent with a sandalwood base and spearmint top note.

Very simple, although Fragrantica lists the notes as:

mint, lemon and elemi
licorice, lavender and geranium
musk, patchouli and sandalwood

Oriflame's website does not list more than Basenote's 3 ingredients and the box lists none, so I am not sure where Fragrantica is getting that information from.

I cannot detect lemon or lavender or patchouli and definitely no geranium so I am thinking Fragrantica has it wrong and this fragrance has just 3 notes.

Moving on, the bottle is terrible. It's designed for sports bags - the plastic gunmetal trigger-guard can be removed to reduce bulkiness leaving you with a tall stepped glass bottle with a cool mint-green vaporiser tube inside and a distressed-font print of 'FREE MOTION'.
This is how I use the bottle - with the guard removed - as slipping my finger inside the trigger guard is difficult and the nozzle is not fixed so the spray can actually miss the opposite hole and go onto the inside of the trigger-guard.

A former colleague of mine disliked this one intensely, finding it too 'medicinal', perhaps like cough medicine.

I like it for: 1) the price - it is extremely cheap, and 2) it has loads of licorice - absolutely unmistakably licorice.

It is a very 'warm' fragrance, slightly musky with the sandalwood but also slightly fresh with the spearmint.

Free Motion would smell completely 'candy' without the sandalwood, which gives it a 'dirty/earthy/woody' edge.

If you like licorice, do try this one - it is so cheap you can afford to blind-buy it.
27th August, 2014

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

If you've ever smelt RAID flyspray (the blue one)... to me, this smells almost exactly the same.
Sweet and non-descript when applied it dries to a powdery cinnamon and leather scent.
I'm surprised there is no tonka bean in it, or vanilla - as Givenchy Gentleman has a gourmand edge a bit like icing.
09th August, 2014 (last edited: 12th September, 2014)

L’Òme - Absinthe Epicée / Spiced Absinth by Durance de Provence

Rich and herbal, this artisan-style distillation of the wormwood plant is a masculine & non-synthetic wardrobe essential for those who prefer traditional colognes.

If you're looking for a pure-smelling/single note Absinthe, do try this one... the scent is resinous and thick, sweet and beautifully refined - similar to a musky spearmint, or maybe fennel/vanilla.

I prefer this to LaCroix's 'Absynthe' which was more powdery and peppery.

Epicée is pronounced 'Ep-issay', this fragrance comes from Salon Durance's 'L’Òme' range which has 5 other eau de toilettes in vetiver, sea buckthorn, fig tree wood, oriental wood and mint.

The flacon is basic, as is the thin metal cap and packaging - but the price is fantastic for the quality. It's produced in Grasse, France.

A little will last you a good while, be careful not to overdose.
14th June, 2014 (last edited: 14th October, 2014)
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Bracing Silverbirch by Molton Brown

Should have been called 'clean jasmine' as the white flower is mainly what you get with this one.

It is very pleasant, a fresh unisex fragrance with the initial spray revealing mild lemon and a touch of cardamom and faint bergamot.

Then moves immediately into the jasmine mid-note with a smidgeon of cedar and perhaps caraway but no vetiver or incense at all.

The weird thing is there's no silver birch listed, I would have thought that would be the general idea.

Do not expect any woods in this... a very misleading product name but a good product.
18th May, 2014 (last edited: 14th June, 2014)

Zara Man Silver by Zara

Lemon and mandarin, this cheapie is all top notes.

It's quite similar to Azzurro Chrome Summer 2013 but more sour and raw, and with less of a chemical oceanic tang.

When you spray it on, Zara Man Silver is quite soft in its citrus lead-in which develops to a more bitter-sweet and masculine smell upon settling.

As the name is 'Silver', I can detect a faint metallic edge to the very high fragrance structure that does smell like it, if one was looking. I guess this is the geraniol.

Notes are: Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Ginger, Cedar

The ginger is not a major player here, which I'm glad of, however the cedar is disappointingly under-represented.

I feel this would be a good product to 'citrus-up' any woody colognes, it's also not too sweet for a citrus edt and has more of a zesty quality which is what I was looking for when I blind-bought this.
26th April, 2014 (last edited: 14th June, 2014)

Amazonia for Him by Oriflame

Smells like crushed dandelion - bitter and offensive (the vegetable sap) with no other notes detected.

Avoid this one... it is absolutely horrible.
29th March, 2014

Noble Cedar by Chopard

A very resinous and refined scent, dominated by an earthy/smoky cedar wood oil.

Notes are...

Top: Silver Birch Leaf
Middle: Sage
Base: Cedar Wood, Labdanum Resin

The fragrance stays linear throughout it's medium longevity, and has no synthetic/cheap notes.

The price cannot be beat for this quality a cologne, this could easily be a Gucci sensation under that house, but it's comparatively unknown under Chopard. It smells way more expensive than it is. It can be compared to GPH.

This fragrance is not coniferous enough to make it a *perfect* cedar scent for me, I would have liked a good dose of cedar leaf sharpness to be included.

The bottle is gorgeous, one of the best looking I've ever seen - the 50ml pic above does not do the design full justice - the 80ml is exquisite.
21st January, 2014 (last edited: 14th October, 2014)

Déclaration by Cartier

First time trying this, I've a carded sample spray - I'll type as I go...

Cartier has the following printed on the inside packaging (I quote):

"The powerful and generous vibration of a cologne spirit (orange, bergamot).
Invigorating pleasure of a crackling juicy ginger note.
Masculine and incisive energy of light woods (cedarwood, vetiver)."

Initially - this smells disappointingly like a feminine fragrance, it's the bergamot oil... very floral. I can smell the vetiver in there, it's tamed down though.

The 'bitter' orange is very nice, but it smells too sweet - and it's mixing with the bergamot oil to make an orange-floral girly stink on my skin.

The cedarwood, however, is excellent - very sharp and clean. The ginger is subtle, I can smell it though.

It settles down into a sweet-sharp bergamot-ginger-cedar. It does smell like a magazine sample however... very generic. I can detect a soapy note as well.

This needed the bergamot stripped out and the bitter orange note made really raw and zesty, a lot more orange too - all very dry - and a bit more cedarwood wouldn't hurt.
The vetiver is fine, I'm not really a fan.

Not bad... just neutral. It could have been a lot better, easily.

It's that bergamot - it just smells too feminine, I'm sure it's used in every perfume under the sun.
05th January, 2014 (last edited: 10th January, 2014)

DKNY Women by Donna Karan

DKNY Women Summer limited edition

It's all about the oranges!
The tomato leaves are in there to take the edge off, but they are an unusual addition.. giving a pungent quality to the top notes.
The woods warm up to a sweet but not floral summer/autumn base and I do detect an icy note right at the top that will be the vodka.
This a really modern smell from a progressive house, Foetidus' review beneath is a good one re: the notes I haven't mentioned.
10th December, 2007

Graveyard by The Goth Rosary

Green and floral.
The smell of rich loamy soil, fresh green grass with a note of floral.
(The Goth Rosary)

The fragrance is definitely rich and subterranean... a sight nuttiness even, however I cannot detect any grassy scents in this unisex fragrance.
02nd December, 2007

Dunhill Signature by Dunhill

The ingredients listed above are well balanced and structured, this fragrance is more perfume than cologne and could be worn by both sexes due to it's geranium top, orris mid and sweet base.

This scent fits well with the other men's Dunhills and also sits quite alone as a musky, almost rose-like warming splash for business or leisure wear.
08th November, 2007

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

Dead flowers on a wooden coffin covered in talcum powder.
Smells quite 80's.
02nd November, 2007

Dunhill Pursuit by Dunhill

Gorgeous top notes of orange leaves, green leaves and cedar when sprayed, dries to a warm pineapple and incense.
The sandalwood, musk and amber are subtle as a base.
Not macho at all, smells fresh on... a very nice and distinctive scent, sweet but not flowery.
For winter I wear Dunhill Edition, this would be perfect for summer.
(above = on my skin)
01st November, 2007
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