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Australian Copperhead by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Notes: Snake Oil with acai berry, amber, cardamom, neroli, and smoked vanilla.

The Snake Oil is not very detectable in this is mostly acai berry and a bit of vanilla. I really like this one - perfect for daytime wear or a night out. 9/10
17th August, 2011

Amsterdam by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Notes: Tulips, peony, fresh flowing water and crisp green grasses.

This is a very sharp, floral scent that has a nice grassy undertone to it. It's not my favorite, but it is a good pick me up type scent for Spring. 6/10
17th August, 2011

Aeval by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Description: A judicious yet powerfully sensual blend, a mingling of justice and sexuality: sage, sweet pea, bold pale musk and warm tonka.

I just retested this earlier today and I must say it is glorious! There is a blast of sweet pea and sage in the beginning, and then the tonka starts to come forward and the sage smoots out. Dry: the sweet pea is in the background, the musk provides a lovely base, and the sage and tonka are smooth. Herby and a bit floral, but not overwhelming. I give it a 9/10
17th August, 2011
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Dior Addict by Christian Dior

This may sound weird but, I tested this for the first time the other day at Sephora, and I said: "this is lovely, it's like Black Cashmere and the original Mania had a baby". YUM. I get lots of vanilla and sandalwood after 15 minutes, and it lasts and lasts...I love it.
13th August, 2008

Rock Crystal by Olivier Durbano

I love all three Olivier Durbano perfumes. They are truly works of art, and as beautiful (IMHO) as the stones that share the names. Rock Crystal is the lightest of the three, and I wish I could describe what it smells like to me other than ethereal, smoky and sacred. I am under the impression that these would work better on men...although they are listed as women's perfume. I would love to own all three, but I only purchased a FB of Amethyst. These creations sparkle, and when they begin to fade, they fade into wonderful skin scents that smell heavenly. I am a huge fan of wood/incense scents, and this is one of my favorites. They are unique, and last for hours on me.
11th August, 2008

Amethyst by Olivier Durbano

Amethyst is a delicious heavy wood/incense/smoky scent. I don't know anyone else that wears it, and I wear it on cool autumn days when I want to be alone in the forest. It makes me feel like I blend in with my surroundings. It smelled amazing on one of my male friends, and I think all three Olivier Durbano scents would work equally as well on men in general. There is a slight grapey/raspberry top note that is absolutely delicious, and the drydown is smoky, woody, and lovely. Notes (from Luckyscent): bergamot, pepper, grape, raspberry, incense, palisander wood, jasmine, orris, vegetable amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla. Yum.
11th August, 2008

Eau d'Iris by Heeley

I hope this is the same bottle says Iris Nuit. I love this perfume! Notes from Luckyscent: White cedar, grey amber, iris, angelica seeds, ambrette. To me, this perfume smells a bit like Olivier Durbano's Amethyst (IMO), but much lighter, and not smokey. The iris smells amazing, and the drydown is heavenly - cedar and ambrette...I think it's delicious. I do wish it lasted a bit longer on my skin, though - I tend to get about 3-4 hours out of it before I need to reapply.
11th August, 2008

Genie du Bois by Keiko Mecheri

This is one of my favorite perfumes. If you enjoy violets and cedar, you would most likely enjoy this. I love it because when I apply it, it smells like Violets and Cedar...5 hours later it smells like violets and cedar...I love it. I don't like powdery scents, and many violet perfumes seem powdery to me, this one does not, and I like that. BTW, Luckyscent lists different notes in this perfume - Violet, Cedar and exotic woods. BN's listing is correct, I just thought that was interesting! :)
11th August, 2008

Calypso Violette by Calypso Christiane Celle

I am wearing Violette today. It's a very rainy day here, and my first thought upon waking was, "Violette!" I went on a very heavy Violet kick about a year ago, and after trying about 15 different violet perfumes, my three favorites were Aroma M's Geisha Violet (which layers very nicely with Calypso BTW), Calypso Violette, and L'Artisan Verte Violette. This is not a powdery violet. It is one of the darkest violet scents I have tried, and it really works on my skin. After wearing both Verte Violette and Calypso Violette for the last year, the only differences I can tell are the following: Calypso lasts longer and is a bit more syrupy, and Verte Violette is lighter and has a hay note. I love them both, but if I had to choose (for my money), I would choose Calypso. :) Beautiful stuff.
11th August, 2008

Geisha Noire by Aroma M

Beautiful dark amber. This is a perfect oil for those crisp fall/winter days. It definately has an edge, no powder in sight, and it just smells divine. Another winner from Maria McElroy.
09th November, 2007

Broadway Nite by Bond No. 9

Hmmm...I thought I would love this, but all I get is a big slap in the face of baby powder. Oh to Chinatown!
08th November, 2007