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Eau de Cologne by Penhaligon's

Quite nice but nothing special. No longevity(as in all EdC's). Not in any way worth the price Penhaligon's ask for it. Purchase 2 bottles of Guerlain's Eau du Coq instead.
22nd January, 2011

Imperial Lime by Anglia Perfumery

Very close to Taylor's Victorian Limes(both are related to The Royal Yacht Club cologne) of which the Anglia rendition has a tad more Grapefruit. Very fresh and one of the finest "Lime" colognes I've had the pleasure of wearing.
28th July, 2008

Buckingham by Crown Perfumery

I can neither find the rotting greens or the musty and fusty. What I do find with this cologne is a fougere like quality that is very pleasant. Yes, the house note is there but playing a very good game with the fougere notes. I like it. I like it very much.
11th July, 2008
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Sandringham by Crown Perfumery

A wonderful scent. To me the scent is as regal as Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, Trumper's Wellington or Crown's Town and Country. Not in the least the same scentwise but categorically at the same stage of wearability. The woodsy-herbal drydown is divine.
15th June, 2008

Crown of Gold by Anglia Perfumery

A perfume my dear mother wore in her youth. She asked if I could find her a bottle of it. She had not used it for decades. I found her a bottle of the original by Crown Perfumery and later found out it was still made by Anglia Perfumery(fortunatly as she still loves it). A very nice perfume fitting someone of her age(a lady in her 60's). Not something I would want my beloved girlfriend to wear as I don't find the scent befitting someone in her 30's. Very long lasting and quite heady. One spray easily lasts 8 hours on my mother.

Edit: I procured a sample of Anglia Perfumery's Crown of Gold and they are identical to the Crown's version. Thank You Anglia.
15th June, 2008 (last edited: 11th July, 2008)

Raw Vanilla by Coty

I really wanted to like this is as I purchased it without smelling it first. I had been on a quest for a cologne that my girlfriend likes and she loves Vanilla so...
I will not and can not wear this cologne ever again. It gives me a horendous headache.
11th December, 2007