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Viva La Juicy Gold Couture by Juicy Couture

Hate the pedestrian brand if you want, but honestly this perfume does smell good, albeit in a slightly generic candy sort of way. The bottle is punk/trashy and juvenile, it honestly looks like either Cyndi Lauper or Madonna designed the bottle based on their clothing back in the eighties. Candied gourmand fragrances are usually not my style, but something about this one was somehow appealing. It's not toothache-inducing, sickeningly sweet which is a plus. The hint of flowers cut through the sweetness and balance it out. It still has a very edible feel though. My husband often doesn't comment on my perfume but he noticed this one. Longevity could be better, I have to reapply half way through the day.
27th June, 2016 (last edited: 13th July, 2016)

Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

Holy moly, clove and licorice just teamed together to smack me over the head with a baseball bat! I blind bought this thinking it would be the warm vanilla spice I was looking for. I really shouldn't have. Testing first would have been wise. I'm not saying this is a bad perfume whatsoever, but for me I have a questionable relationship with these particular two notes. I feel like a dummy for not paying attention to the note pyramid before buying. Well anyway obviously clove, licorice, and vanilla are the key players on my skin. My skin amps clove so much that it becomes unbearable, that's part of my problem. Plus I just do not like the smell of black licorice/anise. I also get the cardamom, the caraway, the hint of patchouli, and I sense the "cashmere" feel of a sort of furry fabric scent underneath it all. I get barely any hint of the florals or fruit. This perfume comes off as Christmas spices rubbed against a really expensive luxury fabric worn by an exotic mature woman. This is not a "safe" scent, so let's assume she might be wearing a dagger somewhere under that cashmere.
27th June, 2016

Gold Woman by Amouage

I love Chanel #5, and this is done in a similar vein so I enjoy it. It find it masterfully composed and enjoy the power of it. I loved the bottle and I don't regret this purchase one bit. My mother was a stunner with a trail of admirers, and she wore vixen fragrances like this and pulled it off without anyone once accusing her of being "old ladyish". A woman who knows her own power will never worry about how she is perceived and just wears/does what she likes and people naturally respond to that confidence. When I worked in the public no one ever chased down co-workers to ask them what perfume they were wearing (light fruity florals) but they sure did me in the riskier perfumes like this. Even men who wanted to purchase whatever I had on for wives or girlfriends stopped me, some even had me write the name down. That says something to me. When I took perfume risks I got noticed and praised for it. When I didn't people walked on by without acting like they smelled anything worth commenting on. That is the power of a different perfume that doesn't smell like everyone else in the room. Too much of the same type of thing is simply generic and uneventful. This is a grand perfume that gets noticed and I love it. No need to discuss how it smells because that's been covered.
23rd June, 2016
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Allure Homme by Chanel

Let me just say first and foremost that I am a woman so I'm reviewing this from a secondhand point of view. I'm not wearing it myself, but having just come from sampling this at the store on my husband.

This fragrance is not ground-breaking and does not project out and scream "look at me!" to everyone in the room. It doesn't have to. It quietly insinuates itself into the female psyche and then heads silently right into our drawers. This is a man's skin, but better one thousand percent. A skin scent that makes you edible, quiet frankly. Like you guys, my husband was not impressed with it at the store and went for the typical Chanel Bleu instead. Little does he know I'm getting online and ordering this anyway. It's soft and safe and yet still totally sexy to women just the same regardless of how boring you guys find it. As a woman I'm so bored with smelling the same old clean chilly aquatics and cold breezy aromatics on every man in the crowd. Give me something warm, sensual, and yummy for goodness sake! Too many "must project power" scents in the crowd, and not enough "Come hither, woman" fragrances.
17th June, 2016

Benetroessere Relent by Etro

I completely agree with the love's baby soft comparison. I just can't get into it, way too soft and childlike (after the dry down) it remains a simple, pretty powder scent. If you like this sort of thing you should do well with it. If you like something more complex and adult this won't be for you. It's too quiet, simple, and innocent for me. But still pretty in it's own way so I won't be negative about it-it just isn't my thing. Perfectly fine for the right person, so I'll be kind in my judgement.
21st April, 2009

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent by Estée Lauder

In complete agreement with oud girl on this. Really lovely stuff, just smelled it today and bought it on the spot. This is not your traditional pina cola beach scent. This is the true beach: sun, sand, the scent of the air as you ride down the river on a boat, lightly sweaty suntan lotion. Amazingly accurate take on this experience. I adore it.
19th April, 2009

Courtesan by Worth

Red Berries, very tart. Sweet juicy pineapple. Just enough tang to make it quirky, and yes I smell the pungent sea salt note. I won't lie, it is fruity. It reminds me of teenagers on a beach: Musky BO, fruit body spray, sea water brine. Kids that went swimming, dried off on the beach, got a little sweaty after some time in the sun and then tried to hide it with fruit-scented body spray. As unpleasant as that sounds, it really isn't. It brings to mind mixed drinks while watching the sun go down on the beach. Others have said that this couldn't be for summer. I think it IS summer in a bottle (instead of the usual pineapple/coconut-laced beach scent, they used raspberries/pineapple), and therefore perfectly fine for summer nights. Maybe not for the heat of the day, but great for night. Test it if you get the chance and decide for yourself. I won't buy this, but I did think it was pleasant enough.
18th April, 2009

Absinth by Nasomatto

I agree with hypnotic, tart apple dipped in caramel, creamy and perfect for cool weather. This is a hard hitter at first, potent stuff. I have a hard time associating this with absinthe at all. From the way it's described this seems nothing like absinthe. Polar opposite to L'Artisan's version-the two couldn't be farther apart. This is warm, rustic and earthy. L'Artisan's was crisp and cool, a walk through the pines. If you want this to last longer apply to your clothing. I really like it, actually. I think it's very unisex if you can handle a certain amount of sweetness. It's an interesting scent, I agree it's the smell of Fall harvest. I get no mint at all. The only thing that counts against it is that I think Absinth is the wrong name for it, it's misleading.
17th April, 2009

Beyond Love by By Kilian

I find this to be funkier than Carnal Flower. A sort of cross between Fracas and Carnal Flower with an in your face green spunky smell that makes it a little over the top for me. I prefer the buttery yum tuberose in Carnal Flower decidedly over this one. But I think many people would appreciate this as it is very pretty none-the-less. Because of the funky green note I think a man could wear this better than many other versions of tuberose. Very unisex. The dry down suited me better because it calmed down. I agree that you can tell this is well-made, quality stuff. It really does last. Overall a very nice scent.
17th April, 2009

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

This was a bit much for me, but I can appreciate the artistry behind it because it's different. Smoke, the kind from a gas BBQ grill. I can smell the burning gas, a hint of the roasting meat even. Flowers and citrus only in the beginning, which fade directly into a smoke-infused menthol scent. Then it morphs into a faint smoke incense like the kind you can buy in hippy-type music stores. It's really strange. I have never smelled anything like it. I can't see the connection between this fragrance and it's name. In my imagination, I could never see God smelling remotely like this. From the way we've all described the fragrance, could you? I don't find it to be complex, just different. I get no temple incense, I have no fantastic imagery for this scent. I can't believe it got such a high rating, that blows my mind. I think it suffers from overblown hype and a really pretentious name that puts exactly the type of imagery seen here into people's heads. No offense meant, really. I just don't buy it, regardless of what someone in a book tells me to think about it. I think this is simply a "nice" fragrance that would suit a college student very well. I'm sure people will disagree and think it's great. But that's what I love about the world, the differences we all have that make life so interesting. I did enjoy sniffing it though, although wearing it did little for me. For me it was "Meh...I think I'll layer it with something else." And then it was out of my head and forgotten like it was never on me to begin with.
16th April, 2009

Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

Gorgeous, very well-done suede. Not leather, suede. There's a big difference in the two scents. Daim Blond is pure luxury, elegant and refined. I think this is the perfect office scent. It's not my type of fragrance, but I appreciate the brilliance of it. I highly recommend anyone new to the world of fragrance sample this first as a starter to the Luten's line. Serge is famous for taking risks, and more timid people might be turned off and stay away from the whole line if they start on a riskier fragrance. This is beautifully done light apricot and suede, and I would be shocked if anyone had an extreme reaction to it. But I must say this IS light stuff. If you like a more powerful fragrance this won't be for you. I find this is quiet elegance in a bottle.
15th April, 2009

Fig / Figuier by Ava Luxe

Unlike the previous review I like my fig to smell a little more like fig and a little less green. But this is very nice, it seems stronger than L'Artisan's and longer lasting. I adore L'Artisan's version but the longevity is very poor and so is the projection-you have to lift your wrist to smell it at all and then it seems to be gone in no time. This one starts out so green it doesn't smell like fig, but rather the tree's leaves. After the dry down is when the fruit emerges. But as with L'Artisan and also with Philosykos it wears so close to the skin that I have trouble with the idea of spending money on it if no one can smell it. I can barely smell it. I have to lift my wrist to smell it at all. When I do, it's lovely. The green is now gone, leaving a musky light hint of fig. But that's it. Just a hint. My search for a holy grail fig is still on. I want it stronger, so that I can smell it when I move around without lifting my shirt collar or wrist up to my nose. I'm giving it a neutral because it leaves me wanting more.
11th April, 2009

Fifi Chachnil by Fifi Chachnil

I adore this, I've added it to my very small list of loves. If this were a woman, she would be an adorable little french girl wearing a coy parisian dress-her personality would be sexy with attitude. I tried the edp and it was really lovely, it has a "Come here, boy..." quality that can't be denied. This may sound crazy but it has a pink bubblegum hint (to my nose), sweet rose, along with a little rich tobacco thrown in the mix. I've read it's the coriander that gives it the va va voom. This could only come from a woman who designs 1950's style lingerie in Paris. It did...and Fifi perfectly captures the spirit of that. Well done!
11th April, 2009
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Philosykos Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

I agree with moltening. Except change the coconut to a banana skin. A little too green, it does smell unripe. If this were just a little more ripe it would be nearly perfect. I have been looking for a fig that sits well with me, and dang it I almost had it! A little richer and stronger and this would have been it. So close! But not quite there. I'm still giving it a positive because if you like green this is perfect and so unique. I really like sniffing it, but I still want less green in the mix. But very well done anyway, very well done.
11th April, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

OMG eww. I have no idea if a man could pull this off, but I suspect more so than a woman. Incense, musty cedar and even a little pine to my nose. This is not beautiful to me, not even close. It does capture an aging musty church. Do you really want to smell like this? Me...not so much. The incense is so muted that it smells like it could be only the residue of burnings past left on a very old and musty curtain. I put this on, gagged, ran for my strongest bottle of something else-doused myself to cover this up...failed miserably and took a shower and changed clothes. Yep, I can cross this off my list. Sorry if this offends the lovers of Avignon..nothing personal. Beauty is in the nose of the beholder and this just means there will be more for you.
11th April, 2009

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur

The absinthe faded to pine tree as soon as it dried down...never smelled absinthe before but I'm sure it contains no pine? Because if it does who on earth would drink it? If you like pine then this is for you. If you want to smell like more, look elsewhere. I think I need to explore more versions of absinthe to get a better idea of how it would be. Also it stays very close to the skin, very little projection. So if you want anyone at all to smell you then look elsewhere. I'm giving it a neutral because I expected more, more of everything really. Lasting power, strength, booziness, and certainly less pine. The whole thing confuses me. I really wanted to love this, but I can't. But it is unusual so I won't give it a negative based on the creativity that L'Artisan is so good at.
10th April, 2009

Fleur de Liane by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I completely agree with Ubuandibeme on this one except I'm not getting as much patchouli for some reason. Her review was spot on otherwise as I experienced it. I do see how you could get an aloe vera hint, not cantaloupe maybe but the green melon, and some ferns and lily of the valley. I think it's like stepping into the rainforest after a cool, gentle rain. Right when the sun comes out and the freshness is peak because the sun has started to evaporate the rain drops off the flowers and surrounding undergrowth and the air is cool yet humid. Before the humidity turns sticky warm. I find this cool and fresh. It's lovely but not ground-breaking. It reminds me of a can of air freshener my Mother used to use in our house-no kidding. I have the memory of this type of scent locked away in my subconscious and it came to the surface immediately when I smelled this. I had forgotten it, but there it was back again. I doubt if I'll buy it but I can see how others would like it. It is perfectly enjoyable and lovely anyway.
09th April, 2009

Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is indeed a strange one, unlike anything I have tried so far. I would love this on me or my husband. I find it fascinating and exciting because it's different. I agree it is dry due to the incense , also somehow managing to be green (think drooping, dew-ladden cedar branches) at the same time which makes you think of dampness. So it's wet and dry. Confused yet? Yeah me too. But somehow it comes together in such a way that is really beautiful and so different. I don't think of it as standoffish or reserved. Snobby? I can't think of a fragrance as being able to pull that off personally. Everyone has their own opinion and that's more than fine. Not sure I agree though with those words for this fragrance. The strange aspects of it may be off-putting for some, but for others who yearn for something out of the ordinary I'd say test this out. I wasn't sorry I did!
09th April, 2009

Premier Figuier Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I loved this instantly and can wear it very well. I think it's suitable for either sex, women can pull this off as well as men. It has it all: light sweetness, fresh green leaves, quiet fig, soothing almonds and milk and the tiniest hint of coconut that nearly blends unnoticed into the milk. If there is a wood accord I'm barely getting it. It is so fresh and naturally beautiful. I love the combination of the edible parts and the freshness of the green leaves. I think this would be fabulous in any weather as well because of that quality. Green enough for summer, milky and yummy enough for winter. It isn't loud or projecting. This is a comfort scent that clings lightly to the body and enhances the skin's natural fragrance. I'll be buying a bottle when I can. It's lovely, light and so unusual. I love it when that happens!
09th April, 2009

Verte Violette by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is far too light (although a pretty little scent), and very innocent. A quiet, shy little violet that could be worn by the youngest or oldest member of the family. It's not my thing, but it is lovely while it lasts. It is very simple, very innocent. If you like this sort of thing then you'll love it. I'm giving it a neutral rating based on the fact that it's longevity is very short and L'Artisan isn't inexpensive enough to warrant such poor staying power. The least they can do is make sure it lasts.
09th April, 2009

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I get the poo note only in the beginning and it faded almost instantly. I smell no cotton candy at all. You could compare the opening to the scents of a horse barn only alot lighter in every way.

I suspect the people who say they can't detect this have never set foot in a barn to be able to identify what it is they are smelling. To me at least, I really did smell this right away in the beginning. But just as fast it left, leaving only the scent of nice leather seats. This is how I experienced it, anyway. I think it affects people very differently depending on your personal experiences. People identify Dzing! with something they know from their own lives. Having rode horses when I was growing up, this is what I smelled. The shavings in the stall, slightly fecal...and the smell of the horse as you pulled yourself into the saddle. Horse hair, and the leather saddle. And then, just leather. Nothing more for me.

I think this will work very well for my husband, I find it a little too masculine for me. And it's not because of the crazy beginning-that doesn't last long enough to worry about. But the fragrance of pure comfortable leather and nothing more would be best on him I think. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of Dzing! because that's what it is. It is more than a fragrance, it tells a scent story. I appreciate that and recommend everyone at least buy a sample for the pure enjoyment of trying to guess what you're smelling. My husband and I really enjoyed testing Dzing! and comparing how we felt about it.

If you want to try it you can order a sample from The Perfumed Court or L'Artisan themselves as I did. It was fun testing it.
09th April, 2009

Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I love to smell this, I have no desire to wear it. That being said, I really enjoyed this fragrance anyway. I'm getting a strong scent association from this: People casually taking tea and nibbling on lightly-spiced gingered tea cakes (as said previously by someone else), perhaps reading a book with a cigarette dangling from their fingers. Tea, light spice, light cigarette smoke, very light ginger. That's what I'm getting. It certainly isn't unpleasant as it may sound. It has a certain comfort to it; it has it's own charm. It's not for me. But I can appreciate what they were trying to do here and I like the fact that L'Artisan can take you some place either exotic or comfortable and familiar as in this case. I respect the house for making fragrance more than just a scent and taking it to the level of storytelling.
09th April, 2009

Vamp by Ava Luxe

This is one of my favs. Lush, rich, sweet, heady-it's so many things I could go on forever. You see a word pop out here over and over again on these reviews? That word is SEXY. Nothing innocent here, the title fits. Vamp . Yep, that's right. Everything about it says "Come here...I have power over you, you are under my spell. You will give yourself to me." This sexy oriental will have no less than complete domination, baby! I don't think it sits too close to the skin as mentioned before. My husband could smell it on me just fine even with space between us. Perhaps on dry skin you might have problems with this, or maybe not enough was used to allow the fragrance to project well. It did fine on me and it lasted forever. I have no complaints, only rave reviews!
06th April, 2009

Midnight Violet by Ava Luxe

Yay, I get second review! I agree with Galamb. Midnight Violet is really something-a shocking, smoke-infused violet like non-other. Like violets thrown into the ashes of a fire which are still smoldering and red (fish the violets out of those smoldering coals and smell what's left of them and you'll have Midnight Violet) I love it, I love smoke scents though. If you don't you won't like this so don't even bother. This is highly unisex and would smell wonderful on anyone. When I wear this I feel mysterious and vampy. I smell as if I've been somewhere around a fire and had some type of late night forest experience I shouldn't have had ;) It has that type of vibe to it, it takes you someplace and I love it when that happens! I bought the Parfum Extrait, so that's what I'm reviewing. I don't as of yet know if there's a difference.
04th April, 2009

Spectral Violet by Neil Morris Fragrances

I had a sample of this courtesy of my friend Aiona and I really enjoyed it. I adore it when I get a whiff of something like nothing else I have ever smelled before. I enjoy unusual perfumes. That's what this is, really unusual. I think the name fits, there is something "not of this world" about it. From the sharp alcohol/incense & faint whiff of earth and violet beginning (to me it does smell a bit like the wet dirt and violet in bloom plant combo that I smell when I'm poking around my violets)to the mulled strawberry incense end-it really makes for a strange combination. You can't tell if you should be thinking of the damp garden or an incense filled room. It's a little confusing, but good anyway. And you cannot buy this untested because this is a love it or hate it fragrance. I am in the love it group personally. I give it thumbs up for originality, it was a brave gamble that I believe paid off. But that's me, I like difficult perfumes that others might shy away from.
03rd April, 2009

Hanae Mori (original) by Hanae Mori

Um, yuck. Bitter alcohol blast and then nothing.
03rd April, 2009

No. 19 by Chanel

I am not a fan of neroli in top notes as a rule, matter of fact I really don't care for any of these top notes. But this is such a masterful blending of ingredients that no one thing stands out to me. The whole thing is so well done that I am completely smitten with it, and I'm off to find a bottle as soon as I can. I'm only sad I just now discovered it with a little help from a friend (thank you Sunnyfunny for the sample!) and have went without it this long. The classics endure, and this one stands the test of time and has as much relevance as when it began. It is simply lovely. A must try for anyone.
02nd April, 2009

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I'm really not sure about this. My first thought was that I have dryer sheets that smell very similar, although not as strong. My second thought was that it was stomach turningly sweet. I am sitting here a little sick while it swirls around me in such a cloying way. That was two little squirts from a sample vial! I know so many people love this and I think I could see this working well for some one else. I can see how it could be viewed as yummy-it is very gourmand with the powdery almonds, vanilla and all. I'm sure after it drys down a little bit I will enjoy it more. But right now I am fighting the urge to go jump in the shower.
01st April, 2009

Twilight by Hot Topic

My son wanted to buy this for his little girlfriend, who is twelve and a fan of the books and movie. The first thing she did was spray everyone in sight when he gave it to her. First off, the bottle is a blatant rip off of the new Nina Ricci bottle. Only worse, cheaper plastic top and quite poorly made. Second thing I thought was, oh my gosh-lavender on crack! Harsh, very herbal and blech over the top LAVENDER of the worst kind. Later I sniffed my shirt again where the kid had blasted me. And I found it to be...pretty. Yes I said it, it wasn't half bad. Kind of like aromatics elixir harsh. A little medicinal, herbal and really different. Very unisex. So I guess my thought is, there will be a lot of teeny-boppers prancing around smelling a little better than Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton after all. At least it isn't an "I love candy" scent. After you get past the initial super funk blast, it settles down into something relatively nice.
23rd March, 2009

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

I agree with Nukapai. On me at least, this smelled really offensive. Maybe it works better on other people with different chemistry, to be fair. I would never wear this on a date because I believe it would give the wrong impression. Nothing says "love me" like the scent of unwashed body, loud perfume, and insect repellent all rolled into one bottle! Because on me that's the distinct impression I got. I will duck if you throw stones at me, lovers of this perfume;)
20th March, 2009