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Chastity Men by Rasasi

A fragrance that is arromatic without being to over powering,think dunhill desire and you will get a general idea of the fragrance,,a couple of light spritzs is all you require,,an excellent blend of floral,citrus and herbal accords that do combine well, the projection and sillage are excellent, after a few hours the fragrance settles to a very pleasent close to the skin scent, its not as strong as dunhill desire for a man or as synthetically green as dunhill desire blue, just nicely in between and its reasonably cheap to and it is deffinatly masculine.
25th December, 2012

Desire Blue by Dunhill

the lighter fresher brother of dunhill desire for a man it starts off with a lighter and less heady fragrance as dispensed by its brother and ends with a lasting non cloying sweet aquatic accord that is wonderfull on my skin, it has good projection and smells the same close up as it does from a distance, its not headache inducing and it draws good remarks, a versatile fragrance good in hot or cool conditions,
08th June, 2011

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

we all have differiing body chemistry, but this one smells sweet spicy and it feels comfortable to wear on my skin hence the thumbs up,, when it is warm or i am hot it can be quite a heavy fragrance, ideally it would be great in cooler and cold conditions,a light spray is all that is needed,it gets mixed response from ladies,
08th June, 2011
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M7 Fresh by Yves Saint Laurent

a lighter airrier more versatile fragrance than the original m7, this one couldnt offend anyones nostrils at all, good longevity, reasonable projection and stays close to the skin,ideal for when your special lady cuddles up close at the end of the evening,
26th May, 2011

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

what a fine fragrance, sweet and woody with a light medicinal quality and great aromatic projection, maybe a bit too strong for hot weather use, but its my signature cold weather night out fragrance i would recommend it to any one
26th May, 2011

Kouros Energizing Tonique by Yves Saint Laurent

i got this from debbos, on a special offer and boy is it nice, its the total opposite of the original kouros , its fresh light airy, easy to wear and not at all cloying, last a good 6- 8 hrs on me, and stays close to the skin for longer,
26th May, 2011

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

ON me, what is termed as a classic ,makes me smell just like the local tom cat has used me as a scent marking post, on application, it smells turgid, rancid, and noiseatingly sweaty, its good job we all have differing body chemistry isnt it, i shall not waste another penny on this particular offering,
26th May, 2011