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Swiss Unlimited by Victorinox

Smells fresh, soapy, with a hint of zestiness, yet purely average with nothing particularly memorable about it. Longevity is the real downfall of this fragrance; the majority of scents tend to stay on my skin longer than average, but this one barely makes it to 3 hours before completely vanishing. Would make a good inoffensive spring/summer fragrance if longevity were better.
25th January, 2012

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Xeryus Rouge is a commanding, masculine fragrance if ever there were one. Forget Chuck Norris quips, he would buckle under it's magnitude. Nay, this is what the most masculine of all men would wear. This is what Charles Bronson would wear for a night out of exacting merciless vigilante justice on the heathen masses.

Xeryus Rouge starts out slightly sweet, but very peppery and woody. Once the heart begins to develop, all sweetness is gone, the fragrance turns to a very dark, dry blast of wood. As it continues to develop into its dry-down it becomes a softer wood and some of the mild sweetness returns with buttery smooth cactus and cedar bouquet of pure manliness.
20th January, 2012