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Madonna of the Almonds by Floris

I'm male but I wear this.

Smells smooth and sweet and yes feminine but I enjoy the scent. Smells like creamy jelly beans.
04th March, 2012

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Lovely stuff. One of the most pleasantly smelling fragrances I've smelled.
29th September, 2011

Rochas Man by Rochas

This fragrance is the smoothest, most pleasant scent I have when it comes to the opening 5 minutes.

It's a beautiful smell, it really is. And the price is good too. The longevity can vary, I've had 4 hours before, I've had 12 hours before. One time it even lasted overnight on my hand. The more I've worn it the longer it lasts on my skin.

Projection isn't a beast, but that's fine, it's not meant to be. This is the perfect scent for cuddling with someone.

Unfortunately I am single.
26th September, 2011 (last edited: 28th September, 2011)
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Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This isn't the best scent in the world but it's a quality scent for two reasons:

- The projection

- The purpose

If you want bang for your buck, if you don't want to spray your fragrance and it be gone after 5-6 hours, if you want compliments, if you want to stand out, if you want to feel 'clean', buy this.

However, due to the wrong type of people bandwagoning this scent, the sort of people who spray fragrances like there's no tomorrow in the hope of guaranteed sex, you will not be unique if you wear this. It's a shame after the amount of fragrances I've researched that I feel horribly generic when I wear this, but it's popular for a reason.

It's a quality fragrance that all fragrances should aim to replicate in terms of lasting power and value for money; it's expensive but it lasts.

Wouldn't recommend for a night out though.
16th September, 2011

Cool Water by Davidoff

I'm giving this a neutral because I rate this as an average fragrance. I won't bother describing it as there are over a hundred reviews but the only time I will wear this is after a shower after going to the gym because it smells clean.

That's it. Very average and very boring.
01st September, 2011

The Dreamer by Versace

I first found out about The Dreamer through Youtube reviewers and it got a very good reaction on there, so I bought a 100ml bottle based off that.

I was aware of the dreaded opening before I smelled it so when I received my bottle in the mail and sprayed it, I was expecting a blast of synthetics and chemicals. It didn't smell like that at all. It was strong but enjoyable. Very floral to my nose but not feminine. After around 20 minutes it calms down and starts to form into a beautiful, relaxing scent. It is aptly named, it makes you want to close your eyes and fall asleep. This fragrance gets better the longer it is on your skin, the smell just becomes more beautiful, it eventually develops into a tobacco smell. It is a yummy smell, that's the best word I can use to describe it, girls love this fragrance. It is also not widely used.

Projection and longevity on this are tough for me to call. When I first wore it I got 10 hours on my skin, although now I feel it doesn't give me as long. Maybe it does and my nose is just used to it?

The bottle is also very nice and looks good on my desk with my other fragrances.

Overall I would say this is a definite buy, it is cheap but could easily be priced at 50 pounds a bottle and would still sell. One of my favourite fragrances. Versatile, good (sometimes) projection, nice bottle, cheap, could be a signature scent, it does everything you want. 10/10.
01st July, 2011

Brit for Men by Burberry

My first review so I will start with a fragrance I really love -- Burberry Brit for Men.

I first bought this back in 2007, I had already tried Touch and liked that, I got compliments from it so when I saw Brit 100ml for 25 pounds, I thought it was worth purchasing it.

When I smelled it, it was very sweet, floral and powdery. Those are the three things I would say Brit most smell like to my nose. I loved it straight away, this was even better than Touch. Everybody from relatives, to friends, to girls complimented me on this fragrance. One girl wanted my jacket to wear, another kept sniffing my neck, people were not shy to compliment me on this. I have since used other ''compliment getter'' fragrances (The Dreamer, L'Eau D'issey, arguably JOOP! Homme) but none have received the compliments and attention I get from Burberry Brit.

Projection and longevity with this one I would say are average to good; it's not a miracle worker but it does do the job, it's good enough and it smells beautiful. I mostly used it in summer and it seemed to work for me, never became cloying or sickly or anything like that.

Overall I love this fragrance, a definite compliment getter and it is my signature scent. I would really recommend this. Definitely buy.
18th June, 2011