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Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland

To start, I do not perceive anything manure-esque in this fragrance, as has been described. It is bright, green, and I find it particularly humid. While I would consider this a fragrance best worn in spring, there is something "heated" about it, and could just as easily be suitable on a cool autumn day. This is currently the most masculine smelling scent in my collection, which also includes Fahrenheit. It would be easy to overdo this fragrance as well, and I find that a single spray will accomplish everything you need it to. Killer projection and great longevity, but be advised this is certainly a mature scent. I do however think a younger man (late twenties to thirties) with the right grooming and presentation could pull this off, when applied very sparingly.

As for what the ladies think of it, I heard it endearingly described as "grandfatherly."

At around $35, it's definitely worth a blind buy.
12th July, 2011