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    Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

    Stunning. The fruits in this are not the fresh, crisp fruity kind - the type i personally don't like much - but a preserved fruit, blended intelligently with spices. The kind of fruit that could border on savoury. A pleasure.

    There was a moment thereabouts in the middle, where I panicked. I thought the dry down would slowly turn into Dunhill Desire. The drydown to DD is headache-inducing and sickly. I was wrong. The sandalwood and aromatic woods started creeping through, and now as I smell my wrist, it gives that comfort one would get from a well blended wood perfume like Xeryus Rouge.

    Definite classic.

    18th May, 2011


    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    Smells like a narcissistic, mutton-dressed-as-lamb type, probably in his late 30s. This man most likely bathed in Obsession by Calvin Klein in his heyday during school years, and now thinks this fragrance is state-of-the-art.

    Or maybe I just dislike it so much because my boss wears it.

    Either way, there is no denying the juice lingers enough to annoy me, just because it is a nothing scent and does not dare to be anything else but boring.

    17th May, 2011


    Jungle L'Éléphant by Kenzo

    My girlfriend's signature fragrance.

    When she wears this, I can smell her from the next room. The juice on her smells "warmed up", like what you get from a pie in the oven. It has a particular note, which I can't pinpoint (may be heliotrope), that leaves you wanting to smell more.

    The licorice and vanilla are perfect for a cold day; the woman who wears it must have a mystique to her, and must have the right aura to match the huge sillage this gives, which is like a 60 foot train on a wedding dress.

    17th May, 2011


    Burberry London for Men by Burberry

    From the first sniff, I was infatuated with this fragrance. When I spray it on my neck, I find myself trying to turn my head quickly so it wafts up my nose.

    The port wine in this is refined and rich, and the tobacco is dark. When I wear this on a cold night, it heightens my experience, like lighting a fire in the fireplace or wearing a warm trenchcoat.

    The only problem with this fragrance is that it doesn't last long, though my girlfriend can still smell it on me when I no longer can.

    Definitely in my winter/autumn rotation.

    17th May, 2011


    Royal English Leather by Creed

    This may be far beyond my years, but to me this is nothing like leather. It is a sweet, linear, almost intoxicating watered-down fake cherry smelling creation

    15th May, 2011

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