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Blu Mediterraneo Marine Oak / Quercia Marina by Acqua di Parma

Well, I have to say that I hated this one at first, I think it was the distinctive earthy note of the marine oak. But it started to grow on me and the next couple of times that I wore this it brought images of a mediterranean beach, hot and dry like Crete or Corsica. The opening notes are soft and pleasant, typically soothing for a summer fragrance. It's the marine oak that makes all the difference, without the opening notes this could qualify as a "reality" fragrance.
12th June, 2011

Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

Syrupy, sweet, spicy, smoky,with a bit of wood in the backgound and very very intense. I get why some people love this fragrance but I don't want to smell like this for more than 5 minutes. Impressive but definitely not for me.
21st May, 2011