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L'Eau Froide by Serge Lutens

Hmmm a light citrus incense, gives off a cool 'steely' effect with touches of herb and mint. I didn't get the marine notes.
It's ok but not amazing.
Had to keep spritzing it all day to keep it going.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Probably the only Lutens you could :)
29th November, 2012

Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone

Such a lovely idea. Immediately fresh, juicy, green and creamy all at the same time, but then it just disappears. Puff and it has gone.
After a while a slight woody/vetiver scent appears again but not enough to warrant the price.

The initial burst is interesting and exciting, a fresh gourmand, it smells expensive. But just needs to be slightly more robust.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Oh yes, treat it like a burst of fruity smelling salts, it'll disappear quickly so not trouble you again...
19th November, 2012

Quercus by Penhaligon's

I have to give this a Thumbs Up just because I reach for it so often, but only because it is so easy. It asks very little of you, and some days you need that!
Bright, fresh, looks just like water, nothing to trouble you really.
Although someone in my office this week asked if someone had opened some glue as I walked past...

Could you wear it with a hangover? Most certainly, this is a go to fragrance for those 'muzzy days'.
06th November, 2012
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Eau Ravissante by L'Occitane

Straight up sparkling rosy floral. Very pretty and light. I do like it actually as it isn't cloying at all.

Could you wear it with a hangover?
Certainly! It is fresh and uplifting enough and not a distracting floral.
25th October, 2012

Wet Garden by Demeter Fragrance Library

You know when you bring home a big bunch of flowers and set about cutting them up, picking off leaves and arranging them into big vases of water? That smell? Well that is exactly what Wet Garden smells like to me. Real plants and blooms in water. Its actually quite lovely with a very realistic fresh earthy note, but this is more than a Demeter ‘novelty’ fragrance, it feels like a genuine scent! And it certainly has more longevity than the rest of the line.
Despite being full and rounded it is rather linear but here is a tip – layer this with white or green florals and it’ll turn those icy, creamy or herbal blooms into something rather more luscious, dirty and well, wet… in fact pop this little gem over the top of Fracas and you have a rather good (cut price) version of Carnal Flower.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Most certainly, nothing like burying your nose deep in a freshly cut flower to awaken the senses.
18th July, 2011

Arabie by Serge Lutens

Woah, what kind of hot mess is this?
No really, after dabbing this about my person I arrived at the pub to meet some friends who looked at me askance as if I had already been on the cooking sherry… After time it was revealed that no I had actually broken into an old person’s drinks cabinet and drunk all of the novelty festive alcoholic spirits, pouring them over myself in the process. Eventually it settled down and it seemed that all I had drunk was mulled wine and cider and boy did I have a headache because of it.

Yes its strong, boozy, fruity, woody, sweet, spicy and festive but its also sort of claustrophobic and unpleasant. Rather giving you the feeling as if someone had captured you in a big wooden, camphorous chest, tossed in some candied fruit and cloves, liberally doused it with sweet spirits then set fire to it. And who wants that?

Could you wear it with a hangover? No. One sniff of this and you’d be drunk all over again…
21st June, 2011

Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

Crackling Lavender!

The early medicinal lavender note disappears quite quickly on me. Then its burning all the way (like dust getting hot on a rarely used heater) until finally some faint amberish ashes are all that is left. (This line can’t leave the amber alone can it?) For a fresher whiff of the Highlands, Lutens’ other take on lavender Encens et Lavande would be a better bet.
Gris Clair is sweet, smoky and interesting like a late Summer Scottish bonfire, but not that long lasting and not for me.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Probably not, it would remind you of last night’s burning ashtray!
15th June, 2011

L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

I was so desperate to try this after hearing so much about it. I too wanted to wander the back streets of Paris just as evening descended.

However, after spraying myself I was then subjected to an hours train journey alone with it. Well I say alone, I emptied the carriage! This claustrophobic, cloying scent gave me and probably everyone within 200m a terrible headache. Its just screamed PERFUME.
I was forced to sit and suffer enveloped in my pariah fog of suffocating baby powder and violent vanilla flowers who assaulted me all the way home. Instead of going out I jumped straight in a cab home, head hanging out of the window all the way, and jumped straight in the bath to scrub it off. Despite my best efforts the smell remained and so did the headache. A change of clothes and a further shower later I fell exhausted into bed, promising to have a few days off smelling anything!

The next morning I was horrified to discover I could still smell it, it was everywhere, last nights clothes and everything they had touched had to be washed, as did my towels and bedsheets. But the memory remains… never again. Sorry to its many fans but it’s a no from me.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Honey, this GAVE me a hangover!
08th June, 2011

Love In White by Creed

I hadn’t heard of this fragrance as I scoured the Harrods hall looking for the perfect scent to wear on my wedding day.
Funnily enough it found me, I loved it on first inhalation and the fact it was called Love In White seemed like divine intervention. Indeed it almost smelt angelic.
Years later I still love it, but its like a cold beauty sitting aloof and alone in my room and only to be used when I want to evoke special memories. That doesn’t mean I can’t wear it every day – I could, its fresh (but hard-hitting) sharp, white floral notes are very simple and accessible – but I like to save its austerity and beauty for magical days.
Could you wear it with a hangover? Most certainly, it would be like taking a long cold drink of iced water…
08th June, 2011

Fracas by Robert Piguet

I don’t like florals.
Florals come in these categories for me: Too complex, too cloying, too sweet, too fruity, just too floral.
So thank heavens for Fracas! Because it is none of these things. (like the only other floral I really wear or like - Creed’s Love in White)
Yes it’s a complex floral and as heady as any of the big orientals but it is never too much.
Some say they aren’t sure of the cleaness of this one but that’s what makes it so attractive for me - It’s like a huge breath-taking slap in the face with a big wet, white, flower and just lovely for it.
I was first attracted to the fragrance when I was much younger after reading the early Jilly Cooper novels where the naughtiest and sexiest girls with the rumpled clothes and curls wore it while racing around the countryside in a sports car or on horseback after indulging in illicit encounters and healthy outdoor pursuits… and it hasn’t disappointed.
It’s big and breezy and I for one would be happy to wear it every day, it certainly puts a smile on my face in a way the beautiful, but austere Love in White doesn’t.

Could you wear it with a hangover? Yes probably, it might even help you get over it.
24th May, 2011