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Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

Well, this is my first review and I am not hesitant to dedicate it to this amazing fragrance. Finding Le Labo in London was not so hard bearing in mind it was more or less bang on Marylebone high street. As you enter it, you immediately perceive this "Tous Saints" (if you know about London fashion a bit, you know which brand I am talking about) slightly gothic/metallic decor that seems to eloquently reflect the kind of business they are doing there. Now enough gibberish...

Many people pointed out that this fragrance resembles Comme des Garcons 2; just a more concentrated version of it. I have never tried CdG so would not be able to comment on it but I can definitely say this is very very potent. By far the rudest fragrance I have ever smelt and immediately lots of pepper hits you straight across the face. Then follows the incense smell which I was not so sure about and then the Vetiver!!! If you thought Guerlain Vetiver was no-nonsense, this takes it to quite another level. nsamadi pointed it out that it had nothing to do with Vetiver but I think it was quite potent. And good Vetiver. Pretty difficult to find good Vetiver with mass-produces. The material was absolutely top-notch and although the fragrance was jolly pricey (38 pounds for 15ml?!) I think it was worth it all on molecular level. I am very keen on getting the most out of my investment and I think this is a very good deal, indeed. It is meant to contain a lot of Frankincense (says the lovely attendant who seemed very French, lots of giveaways whilst speaking. Exceedingly helpful though) although my dull nose did not perceive much at all.
I find it refreshing also that Le Labo makes it right in front of you which adds that much more enjoyment especially if you are a failed amateur perfumer like me!

Probably would not get you that much female attention but this will certainly be a good ego-boost especially for students with the propensity to spill out some food cash for a good smelly and in a bad need of retail-therapy feel-good session. Definitely worth a try!

p.s. I do agree one should never buy this blind. After all, buying niches blindly is a bad consumption pattern.

p.p.s. If somebody has a good suggestion for a clean, soapy smelly, do let me know as I ended up buying this whilst really what I wanted was something powdery!

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26th May, 2011 (last edited: 27th May, 2011)