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Sycomore Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I find others think this creation to be a bit mislabeled as meant for the feminine gender. I agree that it veers towards what most would think a more masculine scent. The layers, one after an another, are stoic & of an earthy strength. But I would think this bravery to be similar to that of Jeanne d'Arc, if hinting at all of feminity.The Anima Animus of more wisely crafted scents from a maison that is known for making the seperation of sexes in scents to be a deep yet polite one. Being new to this Basenotes realm, this creation was the first of fresh & unknown treasures for me to find in the delightful format of sharing thoughts. I cannot remember whose review I read that led me to seek out this scent, but my gratitude is immense - somewhat like the scent itself.
25th May, 2011