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Millésime Impérial by Creed

Wonderful fragrance and beyond unique!..

I could wax lyrical on this one,or try to do a poet masterclass!.Either way its a must try,and if you only ever purchase one bottle of creed Ever!..Do yourselves a beautiful and wonderful favour....Buy BUY buy!!
07th June, 2011

Gris Clair by Serge Lutens

Just recieved this fragrance this morning!...As with most things that arent superficial,it takes a while to appreciate all the depths a fragrance has..All ive been doing for the last hour is "sniffing" away at this lucious fragrance..Small sniffs,long drawn in inhalations and at no time does this scent fail to overwhelm me.
I have no need to oversell a scent or poetically wax lyrical about what this evokes in my mind,but this is the most brightests freshest glorious scent i personally have ever come across(this might disclose where i am on my journey of scents to the more experienced users here!)I would be shocked if anyone would dislike this masterpiece unless you obsessively compare it to everything under the sun or either hate lavender!
Each and everything has a place,and this surely stands up there for uniqueness freshness with class and refinement...I would gladly pay double for this without hesitation.
Im not sure why so many advocate its uses for winter months..For me it strikes perfectly for those lovely summer months when freshness and unique cutting scents are needed to lift the heat of the day...I personally am in love!...=)
03rd June, 2011