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Brit by Burberry

I gotta say. The thing that changed my mind about Burberry Brit was that the EdP and the EdT are pretty different. In the EdP I get a lot more of the Lime, while the EdT is a much more subtle Pear. The EdP I didn't love but when I sprayed the EdT I was getting compliments with just one spritz. EdT all the way for me.
19th June, 2011

Ambra by Mazzolari

This was my "spray and try" at Scent Bar today. It really has a sparkly cola smell with a amber undertone. I really liked it but it just sort of made me want to wear Hypnotic Poison which I like a bit more.
19th June, 2011

Boyfriend by Boyfriend

Love the heady vanilla and made the mistake of buying it thining i was just getting a good vanilla because i couldnt smell it all at Sephora. Let me say this frag is STRONG. Like one spray is very overpowering. Main problem for me though is the Night Blooming Jasmine. Get a headache in 15min. Also the myrrh kinda makes it smell like a church.
17th June, 2011
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Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

Sprayed this on my hand at Bloomies the other day. REALLY could smell the cherry blossoms. Liked it alot but a bit too powdery for me. Nice though.
17th June, 2011

J'Adore by Christian Dior

I really loved this when I sprayed it on the card but when I finally tried it on my skin I got the same gross soap undertone the person below me said. EWWW
14th June, 2011

Gucci Eau de Parfum II by Gucci

Loved this at first but it disappeared on me in hours. Had to return it sadly as I am not a person to put up with respraying. If it works on your skin and lasts this is a winner.
14th June, 2011

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Okay I can see why people like it but...

It totally smells to me like "apples dipped in honey for Rosh Hashana" from when I used to goto Temple as a kid...

Not for me...
12th June, 2011

Bulgari pour Femme by Bulgari

While I was shopping today and smelling paper samples I actually sprayed this on me to see how it wore. It was the only scent I sprayed and I liked it enough at first to spray it on but it really wasn't doing it for me.

I think I just dislike the lily of the valley...

But thats just me.
12th June, 2011

Organza Indécence by Givenchy

LOVE this! To me it smells more vanilla than patchouli, but im a noob. Amazing smell though. Catching wiffs of myself 6 hours later.
11th June, 2011

Very Hollywood by Michael Kors

So I am finally ready to pick a stance on this perfume. Took me a couple of wearings since I bought it to decide. Being a native Los Angelino and Hollywood resident my whole life I think I am in a unique place to say....


It is truly VERY Hollywood. Some love it, some hate it. When I first smelled it I didn't like it. This often happens to small towners who come to LA for the first time. They love it and find it glamorous and fun, as do many with the 'fume, or hate it and find it an overcrowded trashy mess. But either way, time tolls and you see the other side as well. There is old Hollywood Blvd glamor in the middle and base notes of this scent, but on top it really is trashy Santa Monica Blvd that kind of makes you scrunch your nose. Sometimes it smells sickeningly sweet. Other times you wonder why it is do damn dry and musty. Seriously, just like LA... Sometimes you are thrilled to have all night diners, museums, any shop you could want, other times you just yearn to wash it all off and go out of town for some traditional country clean.

Now normally I'm a city girl! But in the case of this perfume I just think there are far more scents I would rather wear uptown, downtown, or out of town. I will still probably wear it occasionally, like the yearly family trip to Disneyland, you have to go, and you eat too many churros and almost vomit yet still enjoy the trip and do it again the next year. So Very Hollywood, see you in quite a while, until then I need to go buy some Gucci...
09th June, 2011 (last edited: 13th June, 2011)

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

I got this as a sample. I think I will probably buy it. It really reminds me of clove cigarettes. It does have a smokyness, as some people mentioned, but like all the good smell of cigarettes without the bad part. I dunno, I LOVE IT. Some people might not if they don't like darker scents. But this is a big winner here!
05th June, 2011

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

I, like many others it seems, bought this at Marshall's for $25 thinking it was a very good deal. First off, now that I am looking it up this seems to be the common price, sometimes cheaper, so not really an amazing deal. Anyway... This scent is VERY floral. Some people might like that. I personally have difficulties with florals. Since I couldn't try it at the store I didn't know but when I got home and put it on it hurt my head a lot and I had to try and wipe it off with a baby wipe after about 20 min as my headache set in. If you are not a person who is sometimes allergic to floral, like me, then you may love it, as it did seem like a nice scent, round and pretty and the right amount of strength. I personally will be returning it. Others may seriously benefit from this Arden 5th Avenue price point though! Worth a try.
04th June, 2011 (last edited: 13th June, 2011)