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    Cheap and Chic by Moschino

    Well, I like it, a little soapy and powdery but not overwelming, it reminds me helitrope.
    Thumps up, is ok.

    17th February, 2014


    Polo by Ralph Lauren

    The scent feels strong at skin level .
    But remember that most people will be at 50cm or more from you.
    At that distance all fragrances disperse and are perceived in a different way.
    This fragrance is in the category of very formal and old classic odors.
    Powdering + pine + wood + incense + leather + tobacco + musty + stale
    It´ss inspired in the old fragrant wealthy environment surrounded by cedar furniture and tobacco from pipes and exotic cigars.
    If you want how Rockefeller and contemporary tycoons smell like, this is the fragrance that can transport you back in the past.
    I use it like a complement with another freshy fragrance, but just a little, just like salt in food, only to enhance the flavor and taste.
    Don´t use to much, you don´t want to provoke a global hypoxia.

    07th April, 2013

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