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Carrington by Charles of the Ritz

This is excellent.

First of all the history. This was made by "Charles on the Ritz," an old fragrance company that was part of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. This particular fragrance was themed around the television show Dynasty, and it - this fragrance - won the FIFI award in 1986 beating out all men's colognes. In 2002 Charles on the Ritz went away completely, and the company that purchased its remains - Revlon - stopped making this for some inexplicable reason.

So while you used to be able to get this at K-Mart (along with Bloomingdales and other stores) for a reasonable price, now you can only get it on Ebay, and it costs a ton. Why does it cost a ton? Because it smells good. Here's why: It's unique and inexplicable. I've smelled hundreds of frags, and this was completely new to me. It's both an 80s powerhouse, but also transparent and subtle such that you might think a man naturally smells like this. It's slightly dirty but also clean smelling. You can't reduce it to any note and that's why I can't tell you what this smells like, other than to say it's a gentlemanly and refined 80s style scent. I like this much more than Aramis, Kouros, Tiffany for Men and the other big 80s scents.

Definitely grab this if you see it somewhere at a reasonable price, and Revlon, seriously why did you stop making this?!
17th November, 2011

Jaguar Mark II by Jaguar

Fantastic. This is on a different level when compared to the other Jaguar fragrances, and this is well into the niche category. It smells like citrus, leather, wood and soap, combined in a way that's amazingly masculine, fresh and old school without being offensive (i.e. like Aramis). I hope they bring this back.
14th October, 2011

La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Let me tell you exactly what this smells like: Take mushrooms, make a dessert out of them by sweetening them, and make this a Japanese style of dessert (i.e. not too sweet and with a little bit of asian spice in there). That is exactly what this smells like: ASIAN DESSERT MUSHROOM. I'm giving a thumbs down, though, because who wants to smell like asian dessert mushroom?
14th September, 2011
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Royal Oud by Al Rehab

I like Creed, but I don't know. I'm almost tempted to give this a thumbs down. If Amouage Epic Man is a take on oud (I say if because I don't really know what pure oud smells like) then it is a far far superior one. What does this smell like? Take anise, mix it with frederic malle geranium pour monsieur and then add a bunch of pepper, and this is what you get. I don't know about this one. To start, I don't like licorice. I do like GPM, but not an anisified and peppery version. Overall this is just too noisy and complicated. It's pretty strong though so you won't have sillage/projection problems.
28th August, 2011

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

Simple explanation - old man smell.

Longer explanation - starts of with a very wet mix of ginger and tobacco and dries down to a very dry powdery old man smell. I can't quite identify the drydown other than that it is very mature smelling and clean (but old man clean if that makes sense). The other thing I should note is that the transition from opening to drydown (which takes about 30 min to an hour to occur) is very stark. The drydown of this is almost a completely different scent, so make sure you give it time before making your judgment.
14th August, 2011

Tiffany for Men by Tiffany

To those who want a simple explanation of what this smells like, take vegetables, mix them with sugar and vanilla, and add a tiny bit of mint and spices and you get this. It's basically candied vegetables. It's mildly soapy, although not super soapy at all. It starts off like an in your face 70s-80s powerhouse, but that only lasts for 30 seconds and then it turns into a pleasant scent. One of the most stark transitions I've ever seen in a fragrance. You could definitely wear this to work without any problems. Also, it's easily a unisex scent.
13th August, 2011

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

The hype is real. First off this smells nothing like that vile sulfury A*men so the idea that this is simply A*men stored in whiskey barrels has to be a lie. No, this is inoffensive and it has notes all its own. Particularly, there is a berry note that dominates this scent. It's smells kind of like John Varvatos (plain JV, the black bottle) but it's not as dense as JV and it has something extra in there too. Or perhaps it smells like a berry cough syrup but with much much less alcohol. It's not a natural berry smell like e.g. a Creed would have. it's definitely synthetic but it's interesting.
08th August, 2011

Royal Water by Creed

The biggest problem with this Creed is that it is too generic smelling and some might say not worth the Creed price tag. With Creeds you expect something weird and unique e.g. SMW but this smells like oranges, mixed with sugar, maybe a little passion fruit in there and some Hawaiian punch too.
31st July, 2011

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Let me start by saying, THIS DOES NOT SMELL LIKE GASOLINE! I have no idea why people keep saying this smells like that awful nose burning stuff.

Here's what they mean. As anyone with a performance car knows, they give off a certain smell when you really push them, when you seriously revv them. Now, most drivers wouldn't even know how to push a car that hard, but those who do know what I'm saying. Now I'm not talking about a burning oil smell, or other smells caused by a poorly maintained car. I'm talking what a new well maintained car smells like if you push it.

So imagine that, you're driving your new Porsche or V8 Mercedes down a highway, racing. You're pushing it hard and you get that smell. Right then, you drive along a long multiple football field length patch of grass, and it's being cut by a dozen professional ride on mowers. Those big ones. The smell of that fresh cut grass permeates your car, and now you know what Fahrenheit smells like.
09th July, 2011