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Tommy Bahama for Men by Tommy Bahama

Great fragrance though I must be honest I really wasn't in love with the opening, it seemed quite synthetic until the rum and tobacco came rushing in and then thats when I completely understood why people love this stuff.

Now lets take a moment to realize what marketing does to us :)

This cologne is very very much similar in class to Burberry London, im not saying it smells the same but it's similar enough for most to only recommend for cold weather, they both have that similar leathery tobacco base. I'm williing to bet that if this stuff didn't have the bahama label then it would conjure up the same cold weather use! But here we are with a cold weather class scent being recommended for summer use! =D

With that said. . .I can't really see myself wearing much of this in really hot daytime weather just as I wouldn't wear Burberry London in the same sense either though this is a personal thing because some people can actually pull off the tobacco,leathery,rum scents in 100deg heat during broad daylight. My senses just won't let me but i've definately seen it work with a friend of mine!

If anything this is perhaps the best summer night fragrance in my wardrobe now. Nautica Voyage by day, Tommy Bahama by night B-)
28th July, 2011

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Great scent!

Ideal for fall or winter but to be honest this fragrance may actually smell good on certain people no matter what the climate! My professor was wearing this in 90deg heat and it somehow worked!

Definately in my top 3 of scents. Perfect for cooler weather. Highly recommended if you're tired of the typical leather scents or gourmands that tend to dominate the senses once the cold weather hits.

23rd July, 2011

Realities for Men by Realities Cosmetics

I'm amazed at how people mention how this smells similar to d&g and how much they love that fragrance yet they give realities a mediocre review! If that isn't a textbook defintion brand of bias then I don't know what is!

This is a GREAT scent, similar to D&G but i'd say it's a "lite" version - it's cheaper, it's more versatile, it's very agreeable to most people that smell it around you. It's a great overall scent and the fact that it comes close to being one of your favorite scents is an excellent thing!

Very decent price. This is another one of those areas where if you see it at tjmaxx,ross,marshalls etc. . . then it's a no brainer to just buy it. You won't be dissapointed.

23rd July, 2011
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Voyage by Nautica

Great fragerance!

This is like laying down on some freshly washed linen with your window open while waves are crashing nearby, it's FANTASTIC! It somehow exudes an early morning sea mist but it's pure and refreshing.

I'm not sure how diverse this fragrance could be though, daytime warm weather and that's about it? Maybe at night if you're staying outdoors or you're at the beach? This is how most summer fragrances are though unless you pick something woodsy like a sandalwood based fragrance which could probably be worn on sunny days during winter even.

I've never been a huge fan of blue scents but this is great, probably because it may not even be a "blue" scent. I can see this being highly dependent on the chemistry of your own scent, it's definately something that just won't work with some people. Works really well for me. Get a sample and go do some cardio and then see how it smells on you.

Unfortunately longevity just isn't great, i'd say it's about average and nowhere near that of the classier polo scents which will keep on working even after your clothes come off. Lasts about 4-5hrs?
02nd July, 2011 (last edited: 04th July, 2011)

Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge by Jacomo

Great Fragrance!

It's not as similar to Le Male like many would think it would be imo, i'd say Le Male has a lot more citrus by comparisons and this after smelling them back to back. Will this attract the same amount of attention as Le Male? Definately.

The top notes fade fast, i'd seriously have to search for what's described here because it just doesn't come across during the opening. You can detect the minty note though and it's actually really great how it works with the overall scent, you would've really never thought it could work but it does!

Sandalwood? Not so much, you really have to search for it imo. It's in there but not enough to be called woodsy.

The basenotes? Entirely accurate and comes on impatiently, you definately know what this fragrance will smell like even just after a minute and what you get here is really nice! It's almost gourmand yet the fresh minty note doesn't let it become one and this is why it's a YEAR ROUND fragrance!, the vanilla is dominant, the frangrance is very sweet - heck this could be a unisex fragrance! But somehow most guys here including myself don't mind the super soft and sweet smell here even though it's not what we usually go for.

A great fragrance that embarasses many costing easily 4x the price, projection is actually strong for the first few hours and is still sometimes decent up to 5hrs. Longevity is variable for me, it can last 3hrs or 6hrs. You'll want to experiment with where and when you spray it I suppose. Be generous with it.
30th June, 2011

Kanøn Norwegian Wood by Kanon

As others have mentioned this can be a cheap gem if bought at a local discount department store. It goes for about 3x the price online though and still gets good reviews.

The woodsy note really hits strong when you first spray it but it dies down and becomes enjoyable. Give it some time before you judge it, about 30min or so.

What I smell is:

Light Wood
Citrus (just a hint)

It does have some spice to it so it's not just a flat fragerance of the above mentioned notes, that's probably the result of the above combination.

While some may call this sweet this doesn't mean it's the sugary sweet feminine scent that you get with unisex frangrances, it is definately masculine.

Projection is at most about a foot from the skin so this isn't a crazy nightclub powerhouse fragrance, more of an enjoyable daytime scent. Would work for nights out at a beach bar though. This can be a great summer scent that isn't the usual "aqua" or "sport" which is what most guys will probably be wearing - Yawn. . .

Longevity isn't bad at all, have been wearing it more and have noticed it will last about 6hrs on me.

Would definately buy again!
28th June, 2011 (last edited: 05th July, 2011)

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

If I had rated this a couple of years ago I probably would have given it a thumbs up but as of late I don't really see myself liking it as much anymore.

Maybe it has been played out, maybe my taste has changed but it just doesn't do it for me anymore. The notes are just as described on the directory but this polo blue towards the second half of it's lifespan really ends up turning into a sweet musky CHOCOLATE scent and this is actually my favorite part. What you spray is very fitting towards it's label but what you end up with after a few hours has gone by is something that could be sprayed from a brown bottle.

Is it bad? No, the longevity is simply amazing and it goes beyong having a basenote as it transforms into another scent altogether. This cologne will keep on projecting well into the next day, you will smell it on the shirt even a day or two later I kid you not so be prepared to stick with it for a looong time once you have it sprayed once.
28th June, 2011

Jake by Hollister

Not bad

Woodsy but not predominantly-so like most sandlewood fragrances so that might be a weak link here. Musk and a hint of sweetness. Pretty simple. I actually find it to be an enjoyable scent and i'm in my mid 20's - the holister label may be adding some negative bias here.

The real issue is longevity, if this fragrance actually projected at least more than a few inches away from your body and lasted at least a part-time job shift then I would give it a thumbs up. While not expensive it's just not cheap enough to consider over the few bang for your buck gems that can be had on the market.

Norwegian Wood by Kanon

28th June, 2011