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Hiris by Hermès

This is a perfect interview fragrances. Hiris smells nice, clean, and sophisticated, but it's not pretty and it's not sexy, which makes it perfect if you want to smell good in a professional sort of way. This one doesn't turn heads, but if you are the sort of person who must always wear perfume, this is a good pick for those occasionas when you need to appear professional and sophisticated without smelling too sexy or girly.
28th August, 2014

Beige Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I got this as a sample at the Chanel boutique. The sales lady said that I may like it because I was purchasing Coromandel. I was expecting a spicy sweet oriental, but what I got from Beige was a big flower bomb. On my skin, I get a strong note of lilac that lingers and lingers and lingers, and eventually fades into a watery lily of the valley. It is a very pleasant spring time and summer time perfume. The longevity isn't great (only a few hours). This reminded me very strongly of Champs Elysees EDT by Guerlain, and having sprayed both on each wrist, I confirm that both fragrances smell very similar on my skin. Beige is better blended, but not enough to justify the Chanel price. It's a lovely feminine warm weather perfume, but not unique enough to warrant the big bucks.
28th August, 2014

Coco Noir by Chanel

A major dissapointment from Chanel. A very generic shopping mall fragrance. A combination between Chance and Mademoiselle, selecting the worst from both. I smell very sharp citrus and a very artifical sweetness. I was expecting the sweet, spicy mystery of Coco, but Noir has none of that. It's a very generic floral, fruity fragrance. A big thumbs down.
28th August, 2014
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Les Notes de Lanvin : Oud & Rose by Lanvin

This is a very sexy oud fragrance with average projection and rather long staying power. I smell very little rose, but the oud is nicely done. It is a little smoky in the middle and very soft on the dry down. To me, this smells very very masculine. Maybe the right woman can pull this off, but I know that I can. This would smell great on a man. Sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
16th March, 2014

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

This is a beautiful scent... for a man. It is a musky, sexy and masculine. It is enticing, romantic, and animalistic. It makes me think about sex. The lady at the Chanel Boutique on 57th Street in Manhattan told me that this is a unisex scent, but I absolutely cannot see this on a woman. Coromandel is raw masculinity at it's peak, without a feminine drop in it. A man absolutely cannot go wrong with this perfume.
29th June, 2011 (last edited: 30th June, 2011)

Love In White by Creed

This is a pretty, floral scent that won't offend anyone. However, it is a bit simplistic, a bit flat, even a bit cheap. There is absolutely no longevity. I would pay 30 dollars for it, and spritz it on my hair all summer long, but at the current price tag I expect something a bit more complex and impressive.
29th June, 2011