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    Al Sharquiah by Al Rehab

    A winter warming fragrance that is slightly sweet and steeped in a dark spicey rose brushed with amber. The dry down leads to a soft incense that is both comforting and cosy leaving a faint cedar like aroma. This is a laudable yet very affordable unisex floral perfume oil.

    04th January, 2013


    Myrrhe et Délires by Guerlain

    A soft iris amber aroma with just a hint of patchouli and myrrhe, the opening experience of Guerlain's Myrrhe & Délires will not disappoint. Initially the pepper is quite striking, yet never sharp nor tangy with the accompanying citrus, so cannot become intrusive to those seeking the balmy softness that comforting myrrhe brings. Both pepper and citrus perceptions seem to quickly melt away leaving a trace of faint florals and frankincense entwined with the light liquorice that emanates and remains close to the skin.

    An elysian scent that one might place upon a soft scarf when keeping snug during the cooler days of late autumn or one could layer, complementing any of one's favorite notes already found within Myrrhe & Délires. This muted and gentle perfume should not disappoint those who prefer a misting and scented veil.

    16th October, 2012


    Al Shams Special Edition by Ajmal

    Dahn Al Oudh Al Shams Special Edition by Ajmal.
    A truly awesome and extreme oud of which only a mere touch is required in order to savour this potent perfume. This one is not for the faint hearted; so if you are a novice to oud or perhaps prefer the very soft, light and sweetened offerings that have flushed through more western discernment in recent years ... do be warned.

    Literally striking - going straight to the centre of one's head, searching out the tumaceous parts of the brain that have lain dormant, this can be deemed quite exquisite. Depending on preferences and perceptions along with personal chemistry, some may find this Special Edition quite vellicating and sharp - giving a sensation of being dragged by the nose through an unbridled olfactory, roller-coaster ride. Yet to others this deep and rich aroma could be instant bliss. If you are feeling adventurous and wish to temper this wonderful redolence, anything is possible. Do add a touch of this heady scent to your favorite Taif Rose, Amber, Sandalwood or Incense - even a misting of vanilla, patchouli or honey. Find what suits you. Layer, explore and make it your own

    15th September, 2012


    Angel Schlesser by Angel Schlesser

    I returned to this scent that was a former favorite late last night after a long sabbatical to find, as before, the quickly enveloping fresh and deodorising citrusy fragrance of the bergamot and mandarin orange. Perfect for warmer days that are not too hot. However, this time I noticed the strong and heady smell of spices - cardamon and pepper - that quickly kicked in, lending a unisex and youthful air while still being quite light. The drydown is reminiscent of soft white musk and blond woods and while no longer a firm favorite due to the spicey trace smell, it is a fine and still unusual scent that is best first tried rather than be the subject of a blind buy and great for daytime use.

    24th August, 2012


    R'oud Elements by Kerosene

    A blizzard of bitter orange is my initial stance to this stunning scent by Kerosene. It immediately brings to mind unsweetened marmalade and within moments warm woods shadowed by amber are revealed, then completely envelope the brief yet acerbic onslaught.

    A beguiling fragrance of developing soft and smooth ouds with good sillage and a longevity that is excellent upon me. For those who usually do not like ouds - as mentioned by others including Kerosene - I would certainly recommend trying this striking fragrance, which is neither exceedingly sweet nor smothering and has nothing of the barnyard that can deter the tender-hearts like me.

    This is a distinctive and good EdP that has remained close to the skin half way through my day - drawing me into a comforting and balmy golden haze. Put quite simply, I like it. Do give it a try.

    04th April, 2012


    Freak by Illamasqua

    In spite of the image that was initially conjured up and the ensuing disappointment to the lack of depth and darkness hoped for, this has actually grown on me. However, it is extremely light just as other reviewers have mentioned and unfortunately with mediocre longevity. The light and fresh florals have a mere hint of an oud-like scent and little incense, resulting in a soft fragrance that remain close to the skin. Nevertheless, it is one that I might well consider buying again.

    24th January, 2012


    Tubéreuse by Annick Goutal

    A beautifully soft and creamy tuberose that at the same time is quite green. Exquisite.

    22nd December, 2011


    Les Nombres d'Or - Cuir by Mona di Orio

    Smells totally of burnt leather. For me, IMO it is far too smokey.

    27th November, 2011


    Giselle by Carla Fracci

    Initially I found this to be very sweet and strikingly strong. Nevertheless within moments it settled into a smooth and very distinct fragrance. Promptly it developed into a warm and comforting caramel scent with superb sillage and good longevity. A really pleasant aromatic journey.

    26th November, 2011


    Shadows by The Goth Rosary

    A mild musk perfume oil with soft incense. For me, it's light and lovely, giving excellent longevity.

    20th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 21st November, 2011)


    Fairy Wings by The Goth Rosary

    A very light and pretty blackberry scented oil that is not too sweet ... nice at the end of the day.

    01st November, 2011


    Monyette Paris by Monyette Paris

    A light and pretty, girly fragrance with a near instant smack of coconut that lasts for a few minutes, then becoming a creamy gardenia. On me this was not at all a heavy scent, but soft and smoother than Kai - but I will revisit that one again later, for a better comparison. It has good sillage and an excellent longevity, a beautiful scent for the evening.

    21st October, 2011


    Dervish by The Goth Rosary

    Perfect for the cooler days that will roll in soon. Dervish is subtle and super smooth, none of the spices are overwhelming and as Wearw has said all blend wonderfully.

    01st October, 2011


    Réglisse Noire by 1000 Flowers

    I have just received my order of Réglisse Noir and it is absolutely exquisite. The initial flood of liquorice that is just right, not too sweet, is perfect and then ever so gradually it softens to a very mellow spiced blend of the notes. Sillage is good and longevity is also good, as it is just noticeable after seven hours on me although quite close to the skin. The 15ml is a handy pouch size, that was superbly wrapped that is perfect for travelling and the 50ml is a divine bottle for the traditional dresser/bureau. If any of the notes are amongst your favorites then do try this beautiful fragrance. 1000 Flowers Reglisse Noire

    27th September, 2011


    Hungry Hungry Hippies! by Smell Bent

    If you love chocolate, the initial and somewhat linear note that hits you is the cacao and it will definitely put a smile on your face. After a little while I asked "Beat of My HearT" and he thought he detected cinnamon :-), we might yet find more by the wonderful Brent and Team.

    27th August, 2011


    Graveyard by The Goth Rosary

    Extremely rich, just as Jones has said. However, I received such a strong wave of cut grass that it seemed somewhat harsh. I shall reserve my opinion and return to this (and the review) another time.

    Unfortunately, it is too strong for me and will lead the swap list. After returning to this ample sample after forty-eight hours, IMO it is just like opening an old fashioned barrel lawnmower ... that has just been filled. However it may well suit those who like grassy scents and could layer it with others to make it unique for themselves, but for me, no.

    24th August, 2011 (Last Edited: 27th August, 2011)

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