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    Hot Couture by Givenchy

    I really liked this perfume when I sprayed it on myself from a tester bottle in a local drug store. It has a really nice, warm, enveloping and soft vanilla smell that I find very pleasant and appealing. Unfortunately, though, I think I still don't come across as being "mature" or sophisticated enough to wear this fragrance. I walked by a couple of guys at the mall (with the perfume still on me and very noticeable) and I distinctly heard one of them say: "Oh wow! There's nothing like a sixty-year old YOUNG woman!"
    So, alas, I fear this particular perfume doesn't really suit me. Maybe I'll wear it when I'm older, LOL! (For reference, I'm 31.)

    18th November, 2011


    Sung by Alfred Sung

    It's not often that I smell a perfume and immediately recognize what it is because I'm not nearly enough of an expert with fragrances to be able to recognize a lot of them really fast without even asking, "what are you wearing?"
    The minute I opened my sample of the feminine version of Sung by Alfred Sung though, and dabbed it on my wrist, I knew that I had smelled it many times before. This is definitely an extremely popular fragrance that a lot of women wear, for sure. I'm actually a little surprised that it isn't listed online among the most popular perfumes of all time. I'm sure that it has to be way up there. On the other hand, though, there are a lot of other things that smell like this perfume too. Yardley's Lily of the Valley fragrance is very similar, and so are the Body Shop's Jasmine and Gardenia perfume oils. (I'm not sure if The Body Shop still carries those though.) Truthfully, Sung is a pretty generic smelling white floral, so it's not necessarily immediately recognizable.
    My overall feeling about this perfume is: it's nice, and there's nothing about it that I really dislike. But it's just so darn generic that I really can't see myself buying a bottle or ever making it my signature scent. However, if you're generally a big fan of lily of the valley, jasmine and white floral fragrances in general then you might want to give this one a try if you haven't already.

    18th November, 2011


    Forbidden Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    This perfume smells nice, but as leociccone says it doesn't seem particularly "original" or "new." On me, it's almost all top notes and mostly comes across smelling like a freshly peeled orange. Very pleasant, but I'm not sure if I want to wear it as my signature scent.

    17th November, 2011


    Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

    I admit that this perfume IS actually super sweet (almost candy sweet.) It really doesn't seem very dark and doesn't necessarily make me think of an evening fragrance, but I absolutely LOVE it! I like it more than the original Fantasy which I thought seemed a little overwhelming and too strong for normal everyday wear. It's also better than Circus Fantasy which I thought smelled too much like raspberries (to an extent that seemed weird for a perfume.) Unfortunately I can't recall what Hidden Fantasy smells like so I can't compare it to that fragrance at the moment. I absolutely love this one though! It also smells like raspberries but I prefer the way the notes are blended in this one. The sour cherry note also adds a little bit of tartness to balance the sweetness somewhat (to me it seems balanced anyway.) I personally love this one and I would probably buy a bottle of it, especially now that the weather is colder. I might not like it as much it hot weather, but right now it seems heavenly!

    15th November, 2011


    Snake Oil by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    This perfume is okay but when I wear it people ask if I have baby powder on. I prefer perfumes that actually smell like perfume. However, I can still see some similarities with Shalimar, and I can understand why it might be mistaken for that fragrance. Personally, I like Shalimar more though.

    15th November, 2011


    Nyarlathotep by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    The notes in this fragrance are simply listed as "the blackest of ritual incenses charged with flashes of ozone."
    It is actually rich, exotic and Oriental and truthfully, reminds me a lot of Youth Dew by Estee Lauder, but perhaps just a bit sweeter. I love Youth Dew and think it's definitely one of the best Oriental perfumes of all time so naturally I love this perfume too! I think if you're a fan of any smoky, incense-like Oriental fragrances you'll probably love this. I definitely give it a big thumbs up and recommend it highly.

    12th November, 2011


    Vicomte De Valmont by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    I completely agree with everything that foetidus wrote. The listed notes in this fragrance are: ambergris, white musk, white sandalwood, spanish moss, orange blossom, three different kinds of mint, jasmine, rose, geranium and rosemary.
    When I first put it on I thought it smelled like an old fashioned powdery floral that wasn't particularly masculine at all, but then when it begins to develop the herbal scents comes out a lot and it actually smells very obviously like a men's cologne. It IS very masculine, but I find this fragrance so pleasant and I love the smell of it so much that I would definitely wear this.
    And yes, it is very old fashioned and doesn't smell like anything modern, but to me, that's half the charm of this perfume. One other thing I want to mention is that Vicomte De Valmont actually smells very expensive and "vintage" too. Nothing about it seems cheap at all. It's very classy and is a really well done fragrance. It gets a big thumbs up from me.

    11th November, 2011


    Gaueko by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

    I have actually changed my mind about this perfume. When I first put it on I immediately thought I disliked it, and judged it much too quickly. It's a very spicy, exotic fragrance and it definitely reminded me a lot of curry when it went on at first. But after at least half and hour or maybe 40 minutes or so (when the fragrance began to really develop) it reminded me less of curry (or anything edible or gourmand) and more and more of burning incense. Once it really developed I could distinctly tell that it is predominantly a dark, heavy, smoky fragrance, not a gourmand scent at all. At this point, I actually decided that I like this perfume quite a bit and I would definitely recommend it to people who like that style of fragrance. However, I still can't say that I care for the way Gaueko smells when I first put it on so I'm uncertain if I would ever actually buy a bottle of this. I think I'll have to wear this one a few times before I decide. Still..I definitely don't hate this.

    10th November, 2011


    Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci

    It seems that I might have odd taste in perfume because I think I actually like this fragrance a lot!
    I tested this perfume on my arm today from the tester bottle at my local drug store. (It was a drug store with a large cosmetics section.) When I first sprayed it on it pretty much came out smelling exactly the way it smells when you peel an orange. It's a smell that I've always loved so I was instantly in love with this perfume! I was a little bit confused though because Ricci Ricci is always advertised as a "sexy" fragrance. At least, I thought the commercials came across that way! I love the smell of oranges but it's not really the most sexy or sensual thing. So I wandered off around the mall to do some more shopping and forgot about the perfume for a while. Some point later (probably at least half an hour later if not more) I smelled the perfume again (on my arm.) It didn't really smell like oranges or fruit so much anymore. I could tell that the fragrance had developed into something much stronger, heavier and "darker" if that makes any sense. At this point, it smelled like it could be a sexy evening fragrance. Even later, when it had really dried down I smelled it again and noticed that it had turned into a very patchouli-rose dominant fragrance, which is also something that I like. At this point the commercials for the perfume were really making sense. This is definitely a sexy evening perfume. I only sprayed a small amount of it onto one arm, but by the time the fragrance had really developed I could still tell that it was quite heavy and strong. Really nice, but strong. This one is definitely better for colder weather, and for wearing on hot dates. I think it might be off putting in hot weather and/or small enclosed rooms. It's also not really appropriate for wearing to work or to job interviews. People would notice your perfume for sure, and it might bother someone. That said, I actually do like this fragrance and I do recommend it if you are looking for a really nice heavy rose-patchouli perfume. (If you don't mind the fruity top notes that is. Personally I love them, but other people might find the juxtaposition of notes in this one weird.) I think this was a well done fragrance and it gets a big thumbs up from me.

    26th October, 2011


    Queen by Queen Latifah

    I can't wear this perfume. It's too strong and too overly sweet for me, like Angel by Thierry Mugler which I also dislike. It also smells too much like rum. I like the smell of rum, but I don't like being covered with it all day.

    24th October, 2011


    Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

    This perfume vaguely reminds me of Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori, except it smells more like orange and less like that annoying pineapple note, or whatever it is that I don't like in Hanae Mori. In any case, I adore this perfume and would seriously consider making it my new signature scent. I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of fruity-floral-gourmand scents. This is definitely one of the best perfumes of that genre that I've smelled so far. There is really nothing about this that I dislike. Mania for Women gets a big thumbs up from me!

    22nd October, 2011


    Arpège by Lanvin

    I haven't read all the reviews for Arpege but probably someone has already mentioned how much this perfume smells like Rive Gauche (the feminine version.) I wore Rive Gauche yesterday and Arpege today and I almost immediately realized that they are extremely similar perfumes. Even their listed notes are extremely similar though, so that is really not very surprising. I am pretty sure though that Rive Gauche must have been based off of Arpege.
    I think I prefer Arpege a little more though (although I love Rive Gauche too.) When I wear Rive Gauche I feel like I am enveloped in a cloud of fragrance, but I don't get that sense from Arpege so much. It seems much more light and subtle, which is better for everyday wear. I think you could wear Arpege to the office or to a job interview and no one would be put off, but you might not get away with that with Rive Gauche..someone would notice it for sure.
    Between the two of them I think I recommend this fragrance a little more, but honestly, they are still both really great classic perfumes.

    21st October, 2011


    Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent

    When I first put Rive Gauche on I thought it might be a complete dud on me because it seemed to completely "disappear." I just wasn't getting any notes coming off of me at all, so I thought: "okay, this is way too light for me and I can't wear it. So much for floral aldehydes. Oh well. *sigh*"
    Then, after maybe 20 minutes or so I started to notice the air filling with a beautiful floral scent, and pretty soon I was just completely enveloped in it!
    This is a gorgeous floral aldehyde which (in my opinion) was much more "well done" and balanced than Y. In the case of Y by Yves Saint Laurent, I felt that some of the notes were a little too "sharp" and "harsh" to the extent that they were irritating my nose!
    With Rive Gauche, I don't get that at all despite the aldehydes. It's just a divine perfume, both in the bottle and on my skin. I highly recommend this one to pretty much everyone, there is not much to dislike about this fragrance. It might possibly even be one of the best floral aldehydes ever made.

    20th October, 2011


    Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

    This is probably one of the nicest smelling white floral perfumes I have ever tried, along with Curious by Britney Spears and Allure by Chanel which are also way up there. If you like jasmine scents and white floral perfumes in general you will probably be a big fan of this. I disagree with the people who are saying it smells "cheap" or like "air freshener" too.
    I agree that it smells "fresh" but to me it's just a really nice and pleasant kind of "fresh" smell. I have honestly never smelled an air freshener that was nearly as nice as this perfume: it would really have to be some very special an expensive air freshener in my opinion. Also, I hate the smell of febreeze. I find it disgustingly strong and almost nauseating. On me, this fragrance is nowhere near as strong as the smell of Febreeze. It's actually quite subtle, and very nice, especially compared to some of the other floral perfumes I've been testing recently that didn't smell very great on me at all. This gets a big thumbs up from me, and I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a good white floral perfume.

    15th October, 2011


    Joy by Jean Patou

    This is another disappointing perfume for me unfortunately. I absolutely love the smell of Joy in the bottle. It's a gorgeous smelling fragrance on it's own for sure, but when I put it on my skin the notes just don't come across the same way! The version I'm wearing is the EDP. When I first put it on I still thought it seemed pretty nice. But after about ten minutes or so (when the actual heart notes start to "come out") I noticed that the fragrance started to smell vaguely like latex or rubber mixed with sweet flowery notes. In fact, I have to say that the floral notes in this perfume don't really come across smelling like natural flowers very much. This fragrance is very synthetic. I know a lot of perfumes smell very synthetic, including a number of ones that I've already said I liked, and I don't mean to contradict myself. This one just seems a little too synthetic to me though. The "latex" smell (whatever it is) is just too obvious. So, unfortunately, Joy is not for me. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time.

    14th October, 2011


    Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

    Like every other perfume that contains pineapple I really don't care for this one. I can always smell the pineapple note like crazy in every fruity floral that has it, and it's not a scent that I care for on my skin. I was really kind of disappointed with this perfume though. I absolutely love the way Miss Dior Cherie smells in the bottle. The scent is almost divine! It's just really not that great when I wear it!

    13th October, 2011


    24, Faubourg by Hermès

    I am wearing the EDT version of 24, Faubourg and all I can really think of saying is that it's a nice, pretty scent. I really like the way it smells and it's nice, but there doesn't seem to be anything that is very "special" about it, or anything that immediately "clicks" with me. Fleurine compared it to Coco by Chanel, and in some ways I can sort of see that. To me, this doesn't smell very close to Coco though. It's mainly a lot of white flowers, whereas Coco smells very spicy to me. Also, with Coco something immediately clicked the first time I wore it and I loved it instantly. I'm not getting the same feeling with this perfume. It's just "okay" to me.

    13th October, 2011


    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

    Interestingly I don't find this perfume to be really depressing and I'm a little surprised at all the people who say that their mood is instantly dragged down by it! Mind you, I have heard that some people believe there is a connection between fragrance and "color season." They say that certain people are "dragged down" by certain colors too. (sky blue actually drains my energy and makes me feel depressed.) So I can imagine that smells can have the same effect. Plus, the sense of smell is also supposed to be the one sense that is mostly closely linked to memories, and therefore triggers memories very easily. All of these things could easily explain why so many people say they are depressed by this perfume.
    Interestingly, they say that Queen Elizabeth II wears L'Heure Bleue. Supposedly her personality type is ISFJ. I am also an ISFJ, and I also don't mind this perfume. You may have to have that personality type to really like this. :)
    That said, I still kind of think I might prefer Shalimar and/or Mitsouko to this perfume. I like the powdery notes in L'Heure Bleue but when it dries down pretty much all I can smell is a very sweet amber fragrance which I might get tired of after a while. I definitely get fed up with the extreme sweetness of Samsara. Mind you, I think this smells a bit better than Samsara, but I'm still not sure if I would buy a whole bottle of this.

    12th October, 2011


    Après L'ondée by Guerlain

    This isn't bad, but it pretty much just comes out smelling like licorice/anise on me. I'm not really getting the powdery floral notes it's supposed to have. I don't really dislike it, but I definitely prefer Shalimar and Mitsouko. Also, my mom says she doesn't think this perfume smells that great on me. She actually thinks it smells pretty much like the air in a hospital waiting room (air freshener?) So, unfortunately, Apres L'Ondee will probably not end up ever being my signature fragrance.

    11th October, 2011


    Y by Yves Saint Laurent

    I thought I was in love with this fragrance when I smelled it in the bottle, but unfortunately it's another one of those perfumes that I don't care for as much when I actually smell it on me. It's not really a bad fragrance, but it's definitely a perfume I have to be "in the right mood for." If I'm slightly cranky (like I am today LOL) this scent doesn't really do anything to pick me up. It is a very sweet green floral (think tuberose and lily of the valley..both are really dominant.) I don't necessarily hate that type of perfume, but it's not necessarily my favorite thing either. This one also contains a lot of aldehydes giving it that really "soapy" kind of smell. Honestly, I can see this being a perfume that people at the office might complain about if a woman wore it to work (and perhaps if she accidentally spritzed too much on.)
    Of course, if you love the type of fragrance I'm describing here (both very sweet and very green with lots of floral aldehydes) then you'll probably love this.
    Otherwise, you might want to pass.

    04th October, 2011


    Samsara by Guerlain

    This is a good smoky-vanilla perfume. It smells a lot like it was meant to be a remake of Shalimar (it must be the EDP I'm wearing because it definitely seems smoky and vanillic and reminds me of's not really woody at all.) I definitely prefer this one to another Shalimar remake I tried, Dior Addict. Samsara seems less overwhelmingly strong to me, and easier to wear any time. (This must just be my body chemistry again, since some other people are saying this is far too overwhelmingly strong for them.)
    I'm not sure if I prefer Samsara or Shalimar yet. I'll need to give both of them at least one other wear to make a decision for sure. I definitely like both of them though.

    03rd October, 2011


    Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

    When I applied this fragrance I initially thought it reminded me mostly of Fantasy by Britney Spears or Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori. It can definitely be compared to both of those perfumes. It's definitely a fruity-floral-gourmand with lots of sweet vanilla in the base. But after wearing it for at least half an hour I've realized that it's probably a lot more accurate to compare it to the Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance from Bath and Body Works. It's not exactly the same, but to me Hot by Ralph Lauren and the Coconut Lime Verbena EDT smell awfully similar. It's not a bad fragrance, but I always found that I got tired of smelling the lime in the Bath and Body Works fragrance pretty fast, so I'm pretty sure I would get sick and tired of the lime and mandarin orange in Ralph Lauren's Hot too. I have a cold today, but I'm sure this fragrance is stronger than what I'm actually smelling, so I'm just neutral on it and I probably won't buy a whole bottle of this.

    02nd October, 2011


    Sensuous by Estée Lauder

    This is a pretty nice fragrance. I'm mainly just smelling the honey and citrus on me (maybe the flowers a little bit, but not too much.) It seems like a nice, pretty fragrance that might be appropriate to wear to work or to a job interview. However, I'm only applying a small sample with a dauber, I haven't tried spraying this fragrance on. It might possibly be a bit too heavy to wear to the office, depending on your body chemistry.
    It smells nice, but I don't know if it's special enough that I would buy it. I think I prefer Youth Dew.

    30th September, 2011


    L'Eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake

    This isn't really a bad perfume, but I don't think I would buy this or make it my signature scent. It honestly smells a lot like Human by Fruits and Passion (the feminine version.)
    I used to wear Human all the time as my signature scent because I thought it was a nice, light and "inoffensive" scent that was appropriate for anywhere. I wore it to work on a regular basis, but I never received compliments when I wore it. One day, someone actually told me that it really didn't suit me very much. I honestly don't think it smells bad on me, I think that people might just think it doesn't suit my "personality." I actually suspect it's one of those perfumes that is intended for a person with a very bright, animated and sanguine personality. That's actually not me.
    So..L'Eau D'Issey is not for me, unfortunately.

    29th September, 2011


    Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

    I don't hate this, but honestly, the musk is far too strong. It seems oddly unbalanced, it should smell more like lavender.

    25th September, 2011


    Euphoria by Calvin Klein

    This is a fragrance with a somewhat woody base that actually works well on my skin, thank goodness! The mahogany note in this perfume doesn't dominate everything else, and nothing comes across as harsh or out of place. Everything seems very nicely balanced and well blended actually, and the overall scent comes across as very pleasant.
    It reminds me a lot of some expensive black orchid scented candles that I own, so I suspect that the black orchid note comes out a lot on me. It also smells a lot like roses to me, even though rose is not a note that is listed here. At least one other website I found online had rose hips listed as a note in this fragrance, and I suspect they are right because I really think I can detect the rose scent. When I first spray this perfume on myself it predominantly smells like flowers (the black orchid and honestly, I think, the rose hips.) As it dries down I can also smell something that seems a little more sweet and "sugary" which may be the fruit notes but could also possibly be the cream accord in the base mixing with everything else. The scent doesn't really change a lot on me though, and it doesn't evolve into anything weird or unexpected which I find sometimes happens with perfumes that have very "juxtaposed" notes (wood, flowers and fruit especially.) This one was done very well, and smells really nice on me. I'm actually thinking I should buy a bottle of this and maybe make it my new signature scent. :) I definitely recommend this to everyone who is a fan of black orchid fragrances and anyone who likes somewhat woody-oriental-florals in general. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    24th September, 2011


    Kiki Parfum Extrait by Vero Profumo

    Out of all the lavender fougeres I've tried so far I honestly like this one the most. There are a few others I haven't tried yet, but I honestly like Kiki so much that I can't imagine I'll like anything else more. I can smell the citron in this fragrance a lot, mixed about equally with the lavender and the overall effect is really pleasant. There is also something in this fragrance which smells kind of herbal and green to me which I suspect is probably the patchouli in the base. Apparently, I really like patchouli in fragrances. (I think I do anyway.)
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a really good unisex lavender-citron fougere. In my humble opinion there really isn't anything to strongly dislike about this fragrance.

    23rd September, 2011


    Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan

    This perfume is okay, but it doesn't come out smelling very much like anything on me. I'm getting some very faint and hazy impressions of powdery white flowers but it's not a very obvious or noticeable smell. (On me anyway.) I suppose that might be why it's called Cashmere Mist? The scent really is like trying to perceive something through fog. I'm getting the vanilla too now as the perfume dries down, but this is not a really heavy or obvious vanilla-gourmand fragrance. Overall I would describe this as quiet, subtle, "proper" and demure. I guess it would be really appropriate for some people, but I don't feel that this fragrance is really "me."
    However, the scent is nice enough that I would probably buy a body wash or scented soap that smells like this. I don't think I would bother spending my money on the perfume though.

    20th September, 2011


    Youth Dew by Estée Lauder

    This is a really nice perfume and anyone who completely dismisses it and/or calls it an "old lady scent" just because it was made in the 1950's is doing this fragrance a great injustice. Fortunately, I can see that most people here agree with me.
    Youth Dew smells mostly like burning incense with some exotic spices and citrus thrown in. It's a bit heavy and strong when I first spray it on, but it mellows out a bit when it begins to dry down. It's definitely a really nice perfume to wear in colder weather because it gives a strong impression of being warm and enveloping (to me anyway.) I am seriously thinking about buying a bottle of this for the winter.
    I also feel compelled to say that I have no idea why this perfume was only rated four stars in the "A-Z Guide to Perfume." To me, this is easily a five star fragrance. If you haven't tried Youth Dew yet you really should.

    19th September, 2011


    Gucci by Gucci by Gucci

    I found this fragrance listed on a website as a good "woody" or chypre perfume to try. And since I generally tend to like woody and green fragrances I decided to get a small sample to try. I am so disappointed.
    This perfume is not a woody or green fragrance. It may have some woody notes in the base, but on me the scent is almost all top notes and heart notes, therefore I would categorize it as a fruity floral. It's not really a light or subtle fruity floral though. I am also just taking note of the fact that this perfume is coming off as really strong, sweet and heavy on me. I actually don't care for it all that much. At first I just thought "boring and generic floral." Now I'm also thinking "one of those fragrances that I find suffocating in hot weather or a small room." Luckily it's a fairly cool day today. Still, I wouldn't buy this perfume.
    I feel I should also mention that the sample I got is supposedly the EDT version of this fragrance in the pink bottle. If the EDT is this strong, I don't think I could stand the even more concentrated version.
    I also feel I should mention that I wore Shalimar yesterday (a fragrance that many people find "too strong") and that I really like Shalimar. I don't object to strong fragrances per se, I just dislike this style of fragrance. I also strongly suspect that if you're a person who likes the classic Guerlain perfumes (which I am) you probably won't like this one. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

    18th September, 2011

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