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The Scent Of Peace For Him by Bond No. 9

Please don't buy this until you get a sample and try it three occasions.
Yes, it opens great with pineapple. Then it turns into elegant vetiver. But wait until the night.. smell your clothes and the awful almost revolting smell it leaves in your skin and shirts. it's disgusting.
I bought the bottle, stupid me. I have to give it to my dad. His skin has a different PHD.

Worst Bond i've ever smelled :(
15th December, 2013 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)
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United States

Aqua Fitness by Biotherm

It is BACK!!!!


I am happy to confirm the new Aquafitness has the same fragrance as the one that was discontinued in the early 2000's. 12 years later is back :)

The fabulous gym cologne, shower and deodorant everyone needs.

And funny enough, the best "ozone" fragrance there is, so forget your Bvlgari Aqua, your Davidoff (ew!), Bond No 9 Chez Bond, or even Creed Silver Mountain... This is the good one and just for 35 USD :D

Viva Biotherm. Will never understand why is #1 in the world and not sold in the USA :S
But you can order online!
03rd December, 2013
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United States

Little Italy by Bond No. 9


It opens wonderful, and you think it's going to be a more sophisticated version of Eau D'Orange Verte by Hermès. But... then it's turns out so tangy...

Wait that's what it smells like, an artificial orange beverage for kids. Think more kool-aid than hi-c.

It's not repulsive or offensive by any means. But 200 USD to smell like Crush or Sunkist.... no, thank you.
28th July, 2011
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United States

Eau de New York by Bond No. 9

This is the cleanest scent there is.
Fresh, citrusy, just showered but not soapy.
It puts me in a good mood everytime I wear it.
There's only one problem- the only compliment I've gotten -not that I evaluate fragrances on comments- was from a girl at a bank: "mmm... I love the detergent you use. which one is it?".


I told her, it's the more expensive one, 220 usd a bottle :(

Still, I love it. But it's odd the times I've gotten more compliments have been on a 45 USD musk cologne by Kiehl's or when I used "power" by Kenzo that was given me as a gift and I thought it was repulsive talcum synthetic powder.

Go figure!
28th July, 2011
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United States

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

Yes, it does smell like a beach. But not in a coconut-coppertone cheap way.
There's a subtle note of patchouli that I adore, and has made this one of the most original fragrances I've ever smelled, or at least that have developed well on my skin.
It's the smell of a lonely beach at dawn. Very sexy, very masculine and modern.
The sillage is ridiculous, you smell like it for two days at least. And it stays on clothes forever. Love it, love it. Best Bond IMO.
28th July, 2011
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United States

Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

After reading so many positive reviews here of EDH I decided to splurged and bought a bottle. I will never know what the original formula was or even find out about the bottle with the copper cap many talk about here, as Hermés boutiques do not sell that anymore.

Now it's the same bottle as the "un jardin" series with a clear cap.

Anyway, at first spray, EDH smells citrusy with a heavy dose of cummin and cinammon. At that moment it smells like indian food and it can be repulsive. But, after the lemon dissapears, the scent finally emerges as what has been described here as the smell of sex. It reminds me of a sweaty -but clean- armpit. And even, and yes I love that smell, a sweaty -but clean- hairy butt crack.

It's sexual, animalistic and it's only for men. I can see men wearing this to clubs (whether straight or gay) and be hitted on!

Although it's best suited for a leather scene, IMHO. Too ahead of its time in that sense.

28th July, 2011
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Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

Back in 2003, in Le Parker Meridian in London, their entire bathing products was L'Orange Verte by Hermes. I've never smelled this fragrance until then. The soap, the shampo, the foaming gel and even small colognes were in the hotel bathroom.

Since then I fell in love with this Hermes fragrance. maybe it's the nostalgia of walking through the streets of London in this fantastic smell. But I had to buy a bottle of this juice.

Unfortunately the normal LOV didn't last more than an hour on me, that is until I bought the Concentrè version. It lasts 6 hours on me, which is not usual on my skin, and the extra mint on this formula is very refreshing, although it might sting a little in your neck.

It's my favorite citrus fragrance. Viva Hermes
24th July, 2011