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L'Anonyme ou OP-1475-A by A Lab on Fire

A great scent!

If you are familiar with Le Labo's Musc 25 (LA City Exclusive), this fragrance reminds me of Musc 25 without the synthesized human semen notes. Very clean, beautiful, deep, and minimal,

Well done!
25th August, 2011

Sel Marin by Heeley

Essence of ocean in a bottle, enough said!
25th August, 2011

Aldehyde 44 by Le Labo

Many of the fragrance houses stay away from composing an aldehydic fragrances. That is because of the fact that aldehydic fragrances are not for everybody and not many people appreciate the beauty behind aldehydes.

Aldehyde 44 is done right. I love Serge Luten's "La Myrrhe" over this fragrance but I do love to wear A44 from time to time. Aldehydes are not for everyday use.
25th August, 2011
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Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande by Hermès

In my opinion this is the best of Hermessences. Pepper is well executed in this fragrance. Non-offensive and very welcoming. Been wearing it for the past 7 years and love it!
16th August, 2011

La Myrrhe by Serge Lutens

This is the best of Serge Lutens, truly a masterpiece from start to finish. I wish there were more fragrances out there that had the same personality of La Myrrhe. Best Aldehydic scent in my collection.
05th August, 2011

Not a Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun

Well made, simple, and sexy. Well executed and well balanced.
04th August, 2011

Baie Rose 26 by Le Labo

Ok, this scent is a true masterpiece in my opinion and getting a hold of a bottle was not an easy thing to do for, but I am glad that I'm a proud owner of this fragrance at last. Baie Rose translates into Pink Peppercorn as somebody else already mentioned in an earlier review and what I get out of this fragrance is an amazing combination of pimento mixed with rose damascus (absolute), musks, and ambrox. Now Ambrox is the note that gives this fragrance a true beauty. so sexy, so complex and so appealing.
28th July, 2011

Poivre 23 by Le Labo

The best juice in my 200+ bottle collection. Starts off with a blast of smooth and creamy pepper, withing 15 minutes this fragrance transitions into a sexy and a very well done incense fragrance with vanilla as its backbone along with an olive note which some people can and some people cannot detect, this fragrance lasts about 15-20 hours and finishes off with incense and vanilla. The concentration of the aromatic compounds in this fragrance is 30% makes this an eau de extrait. The best creation from the house of Le Labo in my opinion.
28th July, 2011

AnOther 13 by Le Labo

This fragrance is not made to please everybody at first. If you get your nose on this particular fragrance you will be surprised because there is no other fragrance such as this one out in the market. I appreciate this fragrance for its simplicity and yet not giving up the concept of complexity, do I reach for this everyday, NO!, but when I feel like I need to smell different and mysterious, this is what I reach for.
28th July, 2011