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Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

I've owned several amber fragrances, but this is hands-down the absolute best ever. It's sexy and warm and inviting without the sometimes biting note that comes with amber (like Ambre Sultan). Most people would probably wear this at night or during the cooler months, but this is so lovely that I'll even wear it on a warm summer day. Fabulous.
11th August, 2011

Sushi Imperiale by Bois 1920

I owned this a few years ago and for some reason got rid of it, but recently came back to it and LOVE it. It's spicy and warm with no vanilla - big bonus since vanilla seems to be the base note of every spicy fragrance out there now. My biggest complaint is that it lasts only a few hours. I also like Sandolo and The from the same line.
11th August, 2011

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

I grew up in the middle east, so oud is a very familiar scent to me. However, the "authentic" versions smell extremely dirty to me. Tom Ford's however, is a clean and wood, a bit sharp and mellow at the same time, and lasts many hours. I was once wearing it and a French friend told me I smelled like her "grandfather's cigar box....sans cigars". Most people would be offended - I was overjoyed. It's a non-perfumey comfort fragrance.

However, nothing tops Amber Absolute from that line....
31st July, 2011
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