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Exceptional Because You Are by Exceptional

Very generic... the face of cheap perfume. Maybe thats a little harsh! I don't think its that bad and I certainly don't find it to be too sweet. In a way it reminds my of Couture Couture by Juicy Couture but a little less sweet and none of that synthetic grape. Actually that is the main reason I don't like this. I have never gotten a headache from a perfume in my life but Couture Couture not only gave me a headache but made me nauseous. This doesnt do that to me but I am still reminded of that feeling every time I smell this!
14th January, 2012

Si Lolita by Lolita Lempicka

I'm not sure what people were smelling with all of these reviews! I don't find the pepper to be overly pungent at all. Anybody who takes a likeing to peppery masculine fragrances will think its nothing! And within minutes it becomes sweeter and more tart. It goes from a masculine winter scent to a light spring scent. Eventually it becomes a light floral with an underlying warmth.

Although I would agree that there is nothing literal in this which would relate him to his powerful sisters, there is still a gaudy causticity to Si which is very Lolita Lempicka. Parts of Si are very familiar but he is still unique. Initially the bottle makes no sense, but soon you will see how the bottle represents him perfectly.
14th January, 2012

L by Lolita Lempicka

I love this perfume so much... yet I hate it just as well! To say I still have morbid gourmand dreams is an understatement. I have come a long way since I started with fragrance but i'll hold on to this baby.

It's very sweet. I get a lot of this bitter orange/cinnamon initially BUT I would not say it smells anything like a "cinnamon roll" as I have seen mentioned on more than one occasion. It's sweet but its not foody. And it quickly takes on this salty edge which I have never experienced so intensely in a perfume before. The rest is just a sweet vanilla.

The thing that leaves me baffled is how much this perfume 'takes me away'. It immediately reminded me of this cartoon I watched as a kid, specifically the mermaid in this cartoon. And sure enough Lempicka describes a mermaid on the website! Maybe i'm not as crazy as I thought. When I first spray it this scene immediately plays in my head.

What L as shown me is that gourmand and sythetic does not need to be tacky. This perfume is very well blended and its composition is wounderful. To not buy it because its not 'cultured' is nothing more then an opinion.
28th December, 2011
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