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Commando by Smell Bent

I feel like I have to comment on this.
Commando was a recent discover for me. I have explored the Smell Bent line quite well, and have a few bottles.
I love dirty musks, and admire Brent's Untitled No.8. However, from reading just a couple of reviews, and the words "skin scent" over and over again, I expected Commando to be an almost scent-less clean musk with a slightly dirty undertone with a vanillary base.
I was wrong.
I blind bought this, as I was placing an order and thought - why not!
Commando is absolutely wonderful. It is filthy animalic, with Brent's signature fecal musk, overlaid only slightly with a cleaner musk. It is impossible not to smell this and not compare to Muscs Koublai Khan, however this is more animalic than the latter, and also devoid of the floral rose. For me, that's what makes this so appealing.
The base of tonka bean smooths this fragrance out and just lets it melt into the skin.
For the price, I think you really can't beat it. If it was in a fancier bottle and priced at £100, I wouldn't be in the least bit suprised.
It has easily, and quickly, slipped confidentaly into my top 10, and I recommend it to anyone.
26th April, 2012

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I have tried this numerous times in both the oil and the EDP.
I see the appeal with Musc Ravageur I do, I love musk, my recent sample of MKK has sent me a bit loopy for animalics. MR is not a typical musk smell, I dont pick up any animalics in here at all.
Once sprayed, and the slightly cinnamon/clove spice settles, MR feels a lot like an oil, not literally of course, but it wraps around the skin and doesnt project too much, it feels silky and sensual. There is vanilla, amber and a well blended combination of spices which are quite difficult to pick out individually.
However, my concern is this:
One time I cooked a salmon dish from a recipe... I am getting somewhere I promise. Anyway, I had to mix a load of corn oil, with one vanilla pod and the beans, 2 star anise, black peppercorns and some bay leaves, I left this overnight which was to be used to cook the salmon in. This oil... is Musc Ravageur. Trust me. Musk ravageur is a vanilla, slightly spicy/herby scent with very mild anise, with the scent of corn oil as a base. For this personal reason, my thumbs up slips sideways... The literal oil smell is too potent for me and makes me feel unclean, not in a typically dirty/raunchy/animalic way, just literally a little greasy.
06th October, 2011

AB by Blood

I went into this fragrance with a very open mind, having not tried many of these 'ozonic, minimal, photocopier and celestial explosion whatever descriptive' fragrances.
This is bad, it is really just, no, it's not pleasant, whatever way you look at it.
AB is extremely linear and has pretty good longevity. As this smells throroughly synthetic, I will try base this description on comparisons and visual descriptions. Although this does not smell like chlorine, I imagine a swimming pool, drained and scrubbed, this is the left behind scent.
The only scent it reminded me of was the blood and semen accords of Secretions Magnifique. Imagine SM without the milk accords and without the minute traces of iris and coconut. What you are left with is a slightly salty - hit the back of your throat - metallic smell. Add a very minute drop of synthetic 'citrus' a-la cleaning products, and you get this chemical conundrum, which manages to make you feel grubby and uncomfortable despite it being a hyper clean synthetic.
It doesnt work with my skin to become any better, it sits on top of it in a light fuzz and which luckily, scrubbed off after a few hours better than SM.
06th October, 2011
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Complex by Boadicea the Victorious

I went into this expecting a sharp violet, a filthy leather with strong animalic musks... beautiful!
However... I was wrong. I seriously tried my best to enjoy this fragrance. The first harsh, bitter blast is a very green, dirty smell, and this smell of upturned earth stays as the main feature throughout this scent. I tried hard to pick out the violets, if they are there, they are buried under piles of decaying leaves, it is not sweet or powdery in any way.
I really couldnt smell any animalics and if the base is leather, it is a cheap, very very over worn leather. It is a long lasting bitter earth scent, slightly medicinal, with big sillage unfortunately.
Whilst yes you could describe this as complex, if you were to sniff it on a passer by, you'd probably just think of it as a very pungent, bad cologne.
06th October, 2011

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

I've changed my review to a thumbs up.
I tried numerous incense fragrances and kept getting drawn back to this one.
I loved Heeley's Cardinal, but it was too bright and subtle, althought utterly meditative and wonderful, I will own it one day.
Anyway, after previously giving this a neutral review as I found it sharp and non-churchy... I ended up getting a bottle after months of craving it once my sample ran out.
When sprayed it's so much better, beautiful, rich, comforting and well, everything has already been explained by everyone else. It's a fantastic incense and a perfect reference. I'm very happy to own it.
28th September, 2011 (last edited: 11th January, 2012)

Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood

I have owned many bottles of this, and have known it for so long that I cannot really break down Boudoir into a list of notes.
It's creamy, powdery, sugar sweet and "pretty", but has a animalic raunchiness underneath it, it's not a leather at all, it's just... dirty. I asked a friend to sniff this one, and she said "It smells of p**sy". I guess that's kind of what I mean.
It's feminine, but pretty florals working with a guys chemistry can work great sometimes, on me, the sugar sweetness dies down and whats left is a creamy, ambery, vanillary... Boudoir smell is all I can say. Maybe I'm biased just as many are with old favourites such as the old Guerlain classics, but this is an ultimate comfort scent for me. It's sexy and loud with amazing sillage and longevity, you will get compliments on it that's for sure.
28th September, 2011

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I never got the cardboard or paper note from Dzing, but one thing I have noticed from reading others reviews, is that the noses that detect this as the main scent, seem to be the ones who have problems with the longevity... I may be wrong.
Anyway! To me this opens with a blast of barnyard indeed. But it's not filthy and fecal, it's raw leather, its that sweet, sharp manure smell, with woods and a creamy vanilla in the background. I never get the popcorn or whatever other notes they claim are in this, and I like to think I'm not getting my descriptive thoughts swayed by the marketing, but the inital blast and the first 15 minutes on me, remind me exactly of the zoo, and the elephant or giraffe enclosures. It's nostalgic, and I love it!
If this part lasted for hours and hours, I'd be thrilled, however as to be expected, this part faints into the background to make way to the sweet hay and vanilla and now faded (but beautiful) leather. All well and good, but not the intense slap in the face that the beginning was. It's very tame after half an hour or so, and this phase stays quite linear until a few hours later, I have a faint vanilla floating around on my skin with a slight dirtiness in the background. It disappears shortly after.
When I owned a full bottle of this, I'd find myself re-spraying every few hours just to capture the first whiff again. I give it a thumbs up just for being unlike anything I've sniffed before and something that I find extremely comforting and fun to wear, I just wish everything about it was blown up to huge proportions including the longevity.
28th September, 2011

L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême / Ambre Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Tested this on skin only twice before buying a full bottle.
A beautiful amber, and that's really all there is to it: a great quality, smooth, creamy amber, sitting on a pillow of rich vanilla. There is some spice there too, but it is simply there to elevate the amber rather than provide a seperately recognisable note.
It is a relatively linear fragrance, but what some may say is a "sickly sweet" opening, soon mellows out and blends with the skin.
I get a kind of "sweat" smell from this too, not to put anyone off because it's something I like, I don't get it with many other amber fragrances, I think it's simply because this is an intense amber, when it wraps around the skin it becomes part of it, and as it doesn't smell fresh and bright but more mellow and rich, I think it smells the faintest bit animalic, but maybe that's just to my nose.
Anyway, all in all, a lovely, uncomplicated comfort fragrance.
28th September, 2011