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Next Girlfriend by Justin Bieber

Might smell nice but....
21st March, 2014

Sandalwood (original) by Crabtree & Evelyn

I agree with all the (much better) reviewers here. I feel privileged to own a 'true' sandalwood made simply with fantastic ingredients.
There is something deceptively simple about this smell, it does seem to sit in the background of your senses. I have been told that the sandalwood signature smell sits on the borders of olfactory perception, meaning that some people smell it consistently well, some people smell it fleetingly and some don't smell it at all. I think I must be somewhere in the middle as, whilst wearing, I seem to only notice it occasionally.
That said what I do smell is a fantastic milky (yoghurty even) woody freshened with a subtle citrus. I have to take everyone elses word for it that it truly smells of Mysore sandalwood as there is no way I am going to contribute to it's destruction.
Australia, you're our only hope!
21st March, 2014

100% Love by S-Perfume

I feel awful giving this a neutral review as I feel strongly that it is brilliant and awful. It does recreate that Love sensation, that all is sweet and fluffy like a candy floss hug. Combined with the background stomach butterflies knowing that you don't know anything that's about to happen. I Feel it but maybe I'm just not 'in love' enough right now to want to wear it.
75% love hearts
15% sour salt secretions
6% vanilla
4% musk
No, No we just can't be together, it's just not right.
06th March, 2014
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