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Vicolo Fiori by Etro


Well, not much to say about this, it's floral, it's fruity, it even has some "beach" feeling, but the game is too short and can they just think that someone would pay that price for this kind of fragrance! Boring all the way.

Pros: nice fruity-floral
Cons: just nice, typical Etro musky-granny drydown

18th June, 2013

Lady Day by Maria Candida Gentile

Gardenia Criminelle

Going on with my Gardenia state-of-mind...

This one is my Holy Grail for Gardenia scents, maybe it's a tiny bit less realistic than "Gardez-Moi" (even though it contains mostly Gardenia extracted by using traditional, sophisticated methods) but way more evocative!

When choosing a fragrance, I rely mostly on the "evocative Factor" of the composition: if it is just a beautifully crafted composition, it's not worth for me; it has to take me into another world, maybe another time too, and has to create some images, make me think of a forgotten french actress, or a painting I love looking at, or just a nice memory that was about to fade...

This fragrance has it all! The medicinal top notes are as striking and green as in Tubereuse Criminelle (but not smoky) and then the beautiful, luxurious smell of Gardenia blooms in fron of our very eyes, amazing and crisp, sensual and soapy, a tad indolic too (which I like in white floral compositions).

It's a really beautiful Gardenia, this one. Like Boldini painting a white satin dress on canvas.

Pros: Realistic Gardenia, medicinal opening, extremely evocative and long lasting
Cons: comes in small sizes (15 and 30 ml.)

18th June, 2013

Gardez-Moi by Jovoy

Gardenia pour monsieur (lifelike)

First of all, It's a Gardenia phase for me, so I'm trying to sniff almost every Gardenia-based fragrance (wish I could try "Une voix noire", because I'm a leather-addict) and must admit that this one it's probably one of the most "true to life" to date (maybe the most "lifelike" gardenia I've sniffed is "Lady Day" by Maria Candida Gentile) and less sweet or cloying; best of it all is that it's not tuberose-trying-to-imitate-Gardenia! You can smell extreme greenness in the top notes (the best part of this gorgeous fragrance!) along with an enchanting pollen-like note, it's a glorious opening, without any other white floral to join the party, as you are used to with most of the other Gardenia based perfumes. The heart notes are basically: "Gardenia forever" with some cyclamen notes (which I love, because thy add an aquatic smell without being synthetic or disturbing), while the drydown it's a bit too sweet, maybe a bit of white musk and some raspberry and vanilla, but never too disturbing IMHO. Overall, if you are looking for a photo-realistic Gardenia scent, you may have found what you've been looking for. I prefer it to "Gardenia Royale" by Il Profvmo (boring and too sweet for my taste). I have to decide wich one to buy between "Gardenia" SMN (super-green and soapy-sweaty, but not realistic as this one) and "Lady Day"...

Pros: green, sparkling, extremely realistic Gardenia
Cons: a bit linear evolution, sweet, musky drydown (imho)

18th June, 2013
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Garofano by Lorenzo Villoresi

I'm wearing it right now: it's incredibly beautiful! Long lasting too, and it's an it.
07th February, 2012

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

First of all: I would give this one thumbs up, because of its construction, it stands apart from anything you've ever smelled, but the overwhelming metallic note pierces your stomach like surgic steel knife, it almost made me sick.

Forget the sex-accords hype, it smells like fish and baby powder.
06th January, 2012

Rose Noir by Byredo

I really liked this fragrance, but must admit that it's too expensive...
Headnotes gave me an overdose of aldehides and a pale rose, with a slight undertone of smoke/incense; there's really nothing more to it; I'd say that this creation is similar to Rumeur by Lanvin, but a bit darker and more masculine. In all it's a quite simple fragrance, if you don't care about the price or the short lasting power, give it a try...
06th January, 2012