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Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren

Sweet smokey and rich, this one stopped me in my tracks at a party and I had to ask the lovely lady what she was wearing. Love at first sniff!

Unfortunately, it smelled much better on her than on me. My chemistry just didn't work out. I won't be buying.

But please! Try it yourself, because if it works, it's wonderful.
08th November, 2017

Gucci Guilty Eau by Gucci

I don't normally do water fragrances, but this was labelled "warm" by Sephora, so I got a sample on a lark. And I'm enjoying this one. Worn almost exclusively this week.

The listed notes don't match the warmth I smell. On my skin, the lychee is very thick and rich. I don't smell the lilac, but the lychee mingles with the strawberry and slowly fades into a smooth, musky... something! with just a hint of fruit. It's not sweet, really.

It last about 6 hours for me, then stays as a skin scent for a couple more.

Very nice!
02nd November, 2017

Gabrielle by Chanel

The top notes had me hoping (I'm a big fan of Mademoiselle), but as top notes do, they fade quickly, leaving me smelling like soap.

Not good.
02nd November, 2017
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Omnia Indian Garnet by Bulgari

The name caught my attention, I guess. I really liked the the opening's mandarin-with-an-exotic-touch effect, but it doesn't last. I've had it on only two hours and all that's left is a hint of amber-y sweetness.
It makes me sad.
02nd November, 2017

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

Light, nondescript, short-lived.

I can't discern any individual notes. After 2 hours, it was gone.

VERY surprised this is a Chanel. I love my others...
05th October, 2016

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

I had chosen this one based on the fruit and spice notes, but all I got was a very synthetic generic floral. I'm not able to pick out individual notes at all.

To me, 5th Avenue falls into the "white noise" category. It's vaguely pretty and very light with little sillage or staying power on my skin.

It seems like a good inoffensive office scent.
04th October, 2016

Cleopatra by Tocca

Tried again, still disappointed. The top notes held promise, but almost immediately shrank to a skin scent on me.

Don't get me wrong, it is pretty and feminine. Just too soft for me and I hoped for more spice.

After two hours, I can only smell it (with effort) on my wrist. Not even on my shirt...

Too bad.
28th September, 2016 (last edited: 05th October, 2016)

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum (previously Miss Dior Chérie) by Christian Dior

Tried this one for three days to be sure. It must not work with my body chemistry. It smells lovely and girly on my shirt, but all I get on my skin is popcorn.

Popcorn! Who'd have thunk?
28th September, 2016

Tea Rose Eau de Toilette by Perfumer's Workshop

It's a great rose scent, if I liked rose fragrances. Total soliflore to my nose. But for what it is, it hit the nail on the head.
21st September, 2016

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

My CM EdP was a gift from my husband. He bought it because it was on my "test" list. I hadn't intended to get any until I tried it, because I was not expecting to like it from the reviews.
I was wrong. While my penchant is for more intense frags, this one is so very different from my usuals. I really enjoy the citrus aspects and the soft, feminine dry down. The sillage is great, it lasts forever, and the overall impression is fresh and optimistic.
Some say it's too popular, but I just plain like it.
21st September, 2016

Yvresse / Champagne by Yves Saint Laurent

Mine is the old "Champagne" found at an estate sale. This is my second or third wearing and I'm concerned it may have turned.
I got the sparkly effervescent top, and maybe there is peach and apricot in there, but I also have a sour almost urine-like odor. Could that be the violet?
I really hope the middle and base are amazing as they sound, but I haven't caught it yet.

I'm riding it out and will update my review...

Updated: I do not like this one. On me, it smells like pee and lasts forever. I could still smell it going to bed.
20th September, 2016 (last edited: 21st September, 2016)

Organza Indécence by Givenchy

Like vanilla, it's nice. Nothing exceptional on me, however. I get a hint of spice, but not for long. And as mentioned already, sillage and logevity are minimal for me.

I actually prefer original Organza. Now that smells happy!
12th June, 2012

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

Lovely! Feminine, soft, and classy. The jasmine is very well done.

A "grown up" floral fragrance. A very comfortable scent and a joy to wear.
03rd March, 2012 (last edited: 21st September, 2016)
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Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Sweet soapy rose with very romantic, "girlie" feel. Not bad, but not my style.

Would be great if lightly applied on a young girl.
03rd March, 2012

Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

Wonderful blend of ginger, honey, lemon & spice. Tobacco notes waft through on a regular basis as well.

VERY nice!
03rd March, 2012

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Warm honey and smokey tobacco, with just the right touch of green.

Very nice for either gender!
03rd March, 2012

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

I have discovered that for me, a scent must have spice to be worth wearing. This one is very light but oh, so nice.

Carnations and incense with lots of powder. Very feminine, youthful and soft.
05th January, 2012

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

I really don't know what made me try this one. Maybe because Poison scared me off and this one was listed as lighter?

VERY SOFT on my skin. I really have to sniff hard! Lovely white flowers with a hint of fruit to start, then shifts to a bit woodier note as the fruit fades. The soapy flowers are dominant the whole way through. Then it just fades away.

Overall, PP pretty llinear on me. No sillage or projection to speak of. My husband asked if I forgot to wear any perfume... I can totally see the dryer sheet comparison. I can't say this isn't pretty. When I asked someone to smell my wrist, they said it was wonderful. However, I prefer a scent that doesn't require that close of contact.

I think this is a perfectly fine office fragrance. It is pretty, feminine and demure. But I wouldn't pay this much for "fine".
01st December, 2011

Halston by Halston

This is for the current, drugstore version. After all the bad press, I was wary of this one, but really liked it on the tester card and had to give it a whirl. I wish the notes were here to give me a jumping off point. I'll have to rely on my own novice smeller...

At the top I mainly got powdery flowers with a strong mossy, woody undertone. The moss kept it from being too "girly" which I liked. Then the spices came out! I got cinnamon, clove and dare I say, curry? A note of sweetness has crept in, smoothing everything to an overall "warm" scent, without real distinctive notes.

Don't anybody throw anything, but it reminds me a little of Coco, which I adore.

Unfortunatelly, there's the sillage issue. I really enjoy a moderate amount of sillage, and this isn't load per se, but I find it "skreetchy". The skin scent is lovely, but the sillage is uncomfortable harsh.

26th October, 2011 (last edited: 27th October, 2011)

Guess by Marciano by Guess

I wore this almost exclusively last winter. It's rich and thick but not overly sweet. The sillage is lovely and I really like the cedar I detect in the drydown that tempers the vanilla a bit. I get lots of compliments when I wear it. Affordable too!

On wearing it again today after many months without smelling, I don't really find Marciano as "gourmand" as I used to. Maybe I'm getting better at picking out other notes? I'll have to try it again...

Overall, I still like it quite well.
05th October, 2011

Organza by Givenchy

The opening is almost sharp, it's so citrus/floral/spice. I find it very fun as well as difficult to describe.

The heart reads as spicy/woodsy floral, I don't pick up the fruitiness at all.

The amber really comes to the front in the drydown, but it is present throughout. The spices are always there, and I think that is what makes me like it so much.

The sillage is great, noticeable but not intrusive. The longevity is good too.

I bought a bottle and am really enjoying this!
03rd October, 2011

No. 19 by Chanel

I thought of this one as very green. Maybe crisp is a better word. I get the florals and tart citrus, then the slightly warmer drydown.

I don't get the sex appeal part at all. This is almost cold to me, distant. I'm just not that kind of gal.

I find the overall result to be interesting, but shortlived.
22nd September, 2011

Bois des Îles Parfum by Chanel

After all the positive reviews, I was excited to try this fragrance in the Les Exclusifs line.

I found it "nice". The standard Chanel aldehydic thing to start then flowers tempered with a bit of spice. The drydown was alright, but kept the floral notes for quite a bit. Maybe Coco's reserved little sister?

It's pretty and interesting, but not a head turner by any means. Perhaps my nose isn't educated enough to appreciate this one?
22nd September, 2011

Lola by Marc Jacobs

Another fruity floral... the top notes are a bit aggressive and different, but the heart is kind of one dimensional. I don't get a specific flower, just FLORAL (in BIG letters). The drydown is nice if predictable.

Minimal sillage and reasonable longevity. I prefer fragrances that I can smell on myself without actually sniffing my arm or shirt. I have to go looking for this one, so not one I'd reach for normally. It's fading now, after 8 hours.

And I think the bottle is UGLY.

21st September, 2011

Skin Musk / Bonne Bell Skin Musk by Prince Matchabelli

What can I say? I like it. I agree it has something in common with Shalimar. It's a bit sweeter, but definitely not candy.

For the price, I'll take my spicy, vanilla musk fix in Skin Musk, any day.
17th September, 2011

Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

Very "artificial" fruit and flowers. Really smells like sour candy on me. All pineapple and sugar. Thank goodness it faded away in a couple of hours.

This may be great on some, but I really don't even like to eat artificial fruit flavors. Certainly don't want to wear them.
13th September, 2011

Coromandel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

On our trip to Las Vegas I visited about a dozen perfume retailers to sample a long list of researched and recommended scents. I was searching for a new primary fragrance. I thought I wanted a floriental with a bit of spice. What did I know?

My first stop should have been my last. At the Chanel store in the Wynn, Jessica was most helpful and I was able to enjoy all of the frags available. I've no idea why I waited until last to try Coromandel. Everything I sniffed was nice, but not me. Classy, wonderful accords, but lacking what I want from a fragrance. I wanted a rich scent that pushed the limits a little. These Chanels were lovely,. On someone else. My gourmand-y heart wanted more. More a flavor, than a fragrance.

Then came Coromandel. One sniff and my eyes lit up. This, this was the one! I wanted it, but intended to do much more sniffing that day, so declined to actually test. Six hours and ten stores later, I was back. I couldn't get it out of my head.

Rich spices with a patchouli edge, just enough vanilla to lend sweetness. And a creamy whiff of chocolate throughout. All of this and without smelling like a cookie.

Wore it to a show that night and I could catch a hint every time I applauded. The sillage was perfect. My seat mate commented that she noticed it on occasion as well, and thought it was very nice. Who would have guessed that Chanel made a gourmand pleasing lovely like this. I am in love!
12th September, 2011 (last edited: 22nd September, 2011)

Fracas by Robert Piguet

I have to say I am an oriental/gourmand kind of girl and was hesitant about Fracas.

No more! Most florals to me seem watered down, candy childish or hesitant in their composition. Not Fracas. This is a woman with confidence. Not syrupy or old-lady artificial. Just a lovely, unashamed tuberose with citrus for sparkle and a woody warmth.

Now, this is the way to do floral!
12th September, 2011

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I love the top notes on this: crisp, spicy floral and fruit. Once that calms down, the middle is a little overblown, fruity floral. Like a teenager's scent. But I really enjoy the warm, spicy, musky drydown.

I'm glad it's not expensive, as I wouldn't want to pay a lot for it. But I wouldn't mind owning a bottle, at all.

Sillage and longevity were spot on.
07th September, 2011

J'Adore by Christian Dior

Well, now. I've worn J'Adore EDP for a few years now, but I have only recently begun to expand my understanding of fragrance. I really wish the notes were listed for this, because I'm sure my ignorant nose will miss all the good stuff!

I like the opening with fresh, white flowers and bit of soap. The middle came on as quite soapy and I don't like it quite as well. The dry down though... that I love. A little musk with some floral and hint of fresh baked cookie.

The sillage has been perfect, so far. I've only had it on for three hours now. We'll see how the longevity goes.

My new education tells me I still like this, but I wish the middle was less soapy.
07th September, 2011