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Homme Exceptionnel by Montblanc

Ok, my two cents on - Exceptionnel by Mont Blanc!!

I would start by saying this fragrance is 'exceptionnel/exceptional sophistication personified (non-human)'. This is an extremely sophisticated fragrance and can be worn by anyone who wants a subtle mystic fragrance oozing out of their respective bodies....

Many have complaint about its longevity, however, I have not faced this problem it's been 6+ hrs and still going good on me. You have to understand that perfumes with aromatic characteristics will not be evident to you that much, as they would be to others; I may not be able to smell the fragrance too hard on me but somehow others are able smell on me from a distance; i.e. this frag has a similar aromatic characteristic such as 'D&G The One'. My suggestion would be spay two times on your shirt and you will find a remarkable improvement in the longevity. :)

Now getting back to the the fragrance of this EDT. Let me tell you that you will be able to observe/witness/smell/whiff transition of notes in a prominent way, I think way to prominent. The opening is similar to somewhat 'CK Euphoria Intense and Paco Rabanne 1 Million' but in a more sophisticated/slight boozier manner not too sweet. After 20-30 minutes you can feel the similarly with the dry down of 'Lacoste Red/Style in Play', however slightly sweeter and more elegant. The dry down is way too sophisticated to be termed as Black XS or 1 Million, it is no way similar to these two. The dry-down gives me a slight feel of 'D&G The One' (only in character), but slightly more musky-lavenderish-ginger-coffee and not at all overly sweet but very sophisticated.

For me the transitioning of notes is magical and sophistication of the juice mesmerizes me!! Longevity is no issue you may have to take close whiffs of the fragrance however others can smell it on you. I will definitely recommend it!
19th October, 2011

Lomani by Lomani

Excellent simple Excellent for the price...I would never be able to guess/know how Lomani is able to sell good quality perfumes at this rock bottom price......This surely is more sophisticated than Drakker Noir and much better than Cool Water....Staying power is good with an amazing projection and sillage on my skin....Lomani perfumes can simply be a work horse/everyday use - perfumes for collectors who want to conserve their costly juice for special occasions!! I love El Paso from Lomani too....amazing fragrance!
17th October, 2011

Silver Shadow by Davidoff

Very Unique modern fragrance for a male perfume, I have smelt this fragrance in some high end women's perfume; however, this is very masculine with Benzoin, Cedar, oak-mos and amber.... I find it very sexy to be worn with a suite/tuxedo or sheer office use, its subtle and aromatic (not at all cloying). The only words I can describe it as are - sophistication and young flyer!!

Very versatile!

Projection is good!!

Longevity is good (apply not like a miser)

Sillage is also good!
15th October, 2011
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El Paso by Lomani

This was a surprise, I got this as a present (gift) and god it smelt good in its opening, it seriously smells like a playboy gunslinger of the deep west, it opens as a bit boozy with Juniper, bergamot and lemon, latter it changes to sandalwood, jasmine and musk....the dry down is amazing where you smell Lavender, eucalyptus, amber, musk and CLOVES!! This is a fresh safe fragrance hardly anyone can hate it, as this is such a lovable fragrance with CLOVES, Lavender, Musk, Amber,bergamot and Juniper as the dominating notes . How did Lomani create such a nice fragrance at this price??
08th October, 2011

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

What a great fresh fragrance - starts with fresh green herbs/grass, then transcends to something spicy musk, and then finally settles down to its woody base not loosing its initial charm of notes.

All in all a very safe fragrance, you cannot go wrong with this beauty; sillage is very good, longevity is awesome and projection is excellent! I would suggest this as a buy for all age groups, according to me it's a sophisticated fragrance, displays class!
03rd October, 2011

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue is versatile, long lasting and have good silage. I would suggest everyone to use it conservatively. It's pretty linear fragrance wise not too many changes in notes even at the dry down phase. All in all its a strong fresh fragrance for everyday use. It's sophisticated in it own way and projects really well on my skin! damn fresh and women love for me.....a must try.......8/10.
24th September, 2011

Bulgari pour Homme Extreme by Bulgari

This is an Excellent scent by Bvlgari, it will never bore you. This starts off as a bit citric; however you can easily smell the transition of the notes. This perfume is perfect for - everyday, night, office and high class party purposes.

Some people say it lacks longevity; however they are Wrong as this easily sticks to your body for 9+ hrs, your body needs lil heat to automate the silage process that inturn creates longevity. I would suggest such people that they must have been duped in buying a fake perfume bottle or their bodies do not heat up. I used it moderately once in the evening for a party and received complements; when I got up next day, I was still smelling of its base notes, and the scent was noticeable to people around me ;)
27th August, 2011 (last edited: 30th August, 2011)

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

Simply a classic. A bomb load of spice...simply seductive.....A must have as it does not cost much! Highly recommended.
27th August, 2011

Style In Play by Lacoste

According to me the Best Lacoste perfume followed by Essential. This may get you many complements from the ladies, however, let me give u a heads up this fragrance is fruity and you may end up smelling like an apple-pie garnished with spices. Somehow I kind of love this! Thumbs up.
27th August, 2011

Silver Shadow Altitude by Davidoff

I have tested many Davidoffs till now, this is the BEST. It does not mean that others are bad.. NO, they are pretty good, however this is the BEST and the Fragrance is amazing and longevity is also somewhere 7-9 hrs on my skin. A must have casual perfume for everyone!
27th August, 2011

Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez

This fragrance is simply classy! I must say its longevity on my skin is something like 12+ hrs, I know is this is amazing. Siliage and projection is also too good, no doubt a masterpiece by Adolfo Dominguez. Thumbs up 10/10. :)
27th August, 2011