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    Seringa by Floris

    A dry, airy/musky green floral scent. Like Flora Nymphea by Guerlain without the lightly sweetened honey. Or Angelique Lilas without the angelica or heliotrope. Replace the heliotrope musk and I would say it's close though. Stronger on the musk note. Floral, light, good for spring or summer. Notes that are most prominent would be that of dry, green grass, seringa, musk and a bit of lily coming through. Carnation is light. I don't get any sweet, this is a floral scent, for serious green floral lovers...must also like musky notes as well.

    20th February, 2014


    Lasso by Jean Patou

    Lasso, I get mostly floral, which has a bit of candied sweetness on top that fades quickly before the florals come out. Florals may be rose and iris and/or orris root. Carnation is another guess. Then the scent becomes very powdery..I get a lot of oakmoss. The smooth, leather notes come in along with that masculine powder. The sweetness takes a backseat as the florals and powder take over. I would say there is musk in this one and perhaps patchouli. There is a note that makes this a bit's the leather plus maybe another note, that's why I thought patchouli. Very animalic. I am also thinking that animalic is civet. Woody notes as well. There is also something slightly resinous or balmy and I would guess maybe there is some amber in the base. Perhaps vetiver. Very vintage-y powdery/mossy floral. It smells like a masculine, animalic but also vintage-floral talc powder+Bottega Veneta. Lasso is way more animalic than Bottega..I get a lot of civet or musk in Lasso. There is some kind of animal spray in this, lol. Very animalic, oakmoss-y, woody floral. Impressed with the oakmoss.

    28 November, 2012


    Miss Dior Chérie L'Eau by Christian Dior

    This smelled so much like Max Mara to me, especially on the dry down. A wet, swampy, dewy, greenish, creamy gardenia with a dallop of musk.

    31st March, 2012

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