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Reviews by mesaboogie

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Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

Like a ghastly specter from your darkest nightmare, this 80's powerhouse has returned from the grave seeking vengeance. I thought I had banished it to the blackness of the abyss for good, but nay, it was only for an epoch. This potent elixir was concocted by the devil himself using the most exotic and forbidden of ingredients. I am reaching the end of my strength, as the madness contained within this dark artifact threaten to consume me. I cannot merely throw this adamantine tonic in the rubbish heap, lest some unwary passerby become transfixed by its lightless glow. No, I must find the courage to look into the bloodshot eyes of insanity, and the strength to master it. A wizard with the cunning to master this beast gains an ally of unspeakable power: the ultimate machismo powerhouse with the prowess to seduce even the purest hearted maidens. I don't know how much longer l can withstand the burden of carrying this pheromone upon my mortal vessel, but until my dying breath, I will give warning to those who dare to face the dark aura: Beware Lapidus Pour Homme!
25th November, 2015

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb is a pretty good fragrance. It starts off sweet and bubblegum-ish like 1 Million, but not as sugary. It also smells like Tobacco Vanille, Gucci PH II and especially like Eau de Beaux as it dries down. It's not as spicy as the name would lead you to believe. It's more sweet. It projects very strongly for the first 2 hours and then POOF! It turns into a skin scent for the remainder of it's life span. Longevity is decent at 6-8 hours, but I'm really struggling to smell it at 8 hours. The sprayer is phenomenal. It's not quite Dior or Creed status, but it's beastly on it's own merit. It's pretty versatile and I think it would do ok in any season, save for the warmest summer days. I love the bottle even if it is considered to be tacky by some. It fits the personality of the fragrance perfectly.
14th July, 2012

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

The opening kicks things off with a blast of waxy iris that to me, conjures up the image of a woman's lipstick. It doesn't bother me at all, as I find the smell to be pleasant. Within an hour the cocoa comes around and harmonizes with the iris. The cocoa is smooth and decadent. It never turns into a gourmand, it just adds a sweetness to this elegant fragrance. The iris note never really leaves. It rides shotgun while the cocoa takes the wheel. The projection is strong at first but calms down to a moderate level a few hours in. The longevity is somewhere in the realm of 6-8 hours. This is not something I'd wear everyday. This is a special occasion type of scent.
30th March, 2012
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I'm strolling along a green, damp hillside on a rainy afternoon. The smell of wet earth and flowers combine to make a beautiful melody of scent. That's what GIT smells like to me. Forget the Cool Water comparisons b/c GIT is far too natural smelling. Projection is strong at first and longevity is a good 7-8 hours. This cologne has been over-hyped to death, but it's definitely a great smelling fragrance.
10th March, 2012

Ben Sherman by Ben Sherman

Smells just like B*Men to me. I'm not a fan of B*Men, but it at least had a more ergonomically pleasing bottle design than Ben Sherman. Wait a minute...Ben Sherman...B*Men...Ben Sherman...B*Men. OMG!!!
28th February, 2012

A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

This new flanker from the A*Men line is the black sheep (white sheep?) of the family. There's no A*Men DNA in this one. For starters, it's not a gourmand. Whereas A*Men and the rest of the gang smell good enough to eat, Pure Shot smells good enough to wash your clothes with. Maybe it's b/c it starts off with a laundry detergent type smell. Upon first sniff I get a huge spearmint type smell. It's refreshing, but it also smells a little chemically. It reminds me of standing outside next to freshly washed clothes drying on a line in the backyard on a spring day while chewing spearmint flavored gum. The projection is pretty strong for the first hour or two. Unfortunately, longevity is another area where this is remarkably different from the rest of the A*Men. I get 4-5 hours before it is completely undetectable. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed by that, but the smell is actually very nice. It's definitely the most unique of the line. This is more of a casual, daily use cologne. I wouldn't wear this on a date or out to a night club b/c there's no romance in this one. The bottle itself if beautiful with it's shiny, smooth rubber flask. The sprayer sucks so I cut it like I did all the other flankers. It's nice to have in my collection, but not worth $85.
25th February, 2012

Ruehl No. 925 by Ruehl No. 925

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: It smells just like Rive Gauche. In fact, the only reason I even know Rive Gauche exists is b/c I wanted a bottle of the discontinued Ruehl No 925 Signature but it was hard to find and it was very expensive. I happened across a thread on here that said Ruehl smelled just like Rive Gauche. On good faith I blind bought a bottle of RG and upon first sniff I was transported back to the Ruehl No 925 store back in Hawaii. I hadn't smelled Ruehl in 2 years or so but I remembered how it smelt. It smells old school and creamy. Definitely has a barbershop vibe to it. It's much more mature than Fierce and SoCal, Abercrombie's other flagship colognes. For an Eau De Cologne this one lasts pretty well. I get 6-8 hours from it. It is virtually identical to RG except that it is a little creamier and smoother. The bottle itself is a thing of beauty. Square in shape with a rustic looking flip top lid that secures itself shut with a magnet, a la 212 Men. I'm very glad to have this in my collection since it is no longer in production.
13th February, 2012

Aspen for Men by Coty

This is what Green Irish Tweed would smell like if GIT were only $15. The top notes of Aspen are not similar to GIT at all. The top notes of Aspen smell like the drydown of GIT. It is of course also similar to Cool Water, but more comparable to GIT. It is not going to be a completely satisfactory replacement for GIT, but for $15, it sure is a good alternative for the money. The longevity is comparable to GIT as well at around 6 hours. Not bad for an EDC.
10th November, 2011

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

This is a very unique aquatic. It doesn't remind me of walking along the north shore of Oahu on a warm day. It doesn't remind me of sailing on a boat while wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt and drinking champagne. It smells like diving into the cool, dark blue waters of the north pacific on a cloudy, rainy day. It's an aquatic that actually smells like the ocean. It doesn't smell like dirty, smelly ocean either. It smells like clean, salty, and heavenly ocean. It's the most unique bottle I've come across, especially since it doesn't stand up like a traditional bottle of cologne but rather lays on it's back. The sprayer is stealthily hidden in the back and it sprays a very good amount of cologne. This makes an excellent daily wear or date night scent for warm summer days/nights. It projects well and lasts between 6-10 hours depending on the day. Absolutely gorgeous and unique scent from Bvlgari.
13th September, 2011

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

I own London, Brit, and the Beat. Of the 3, London is by far my favorite. Burberry is very good at making all their colognes different from each other. London reminds me of the holidays. A lot of people say that it smells like Christmas and I agree. It would be perfect to wear on a cold winter day with a button up shirt underneath a warm jacket, walking through a snow covered park. The projection stays pretty close to the skin and longevity is around 5-6 hours. It smells mature and classy. It almost exudes elegance. This is a good casual wear and date scent best reserved for winter/fall. I couldn't imagine sporting this cologne while walking down the Waikiki stip wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals...that's what Acqua Di Gio is for ;)
13th September, 2011

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

If Daniel Craig's version of James Bond in Casino Royale wore cologne, this would be it. He'd be sporting this cologne in his white tuxedo while driving that Aston Martin through the moonlit streets of Italy with beautiful Vesper Lynd riding shotgun. He'd be on his way to a high stakes poker tournament against the evil Frenchman LeChifre (who is probably wearing Le Male). This cologne is classy, yet overtly masculine. There's no powdery softness, vanilla sweetness, or aquatic watery smell to this cologne...just leathery, boozy, suave sexiness. Juicy Couture made sure to let you know that this is for men. And not sissy men either. I asked two girls at work to tell me what they thought about this cologne. One girl said it smelled like a man whore in a good way and the other said it smelled like Collin Farrel. Both acceptable answers in my book.

The bottle itself looks like a bad ass. It's got a bandanna looking leather necklace type charm with faux chains around the cap. Speaking of the bottle, this is one of the coolest bottles I've ever seen. It's HEAVY and feels substantial. It's also classy looking, with that distinct, charm covered cap, which goes on with a nice metallic clink. The cologne itself is a dark scotch color, further alluding to it's masculinity. The most prominent note to me is the leather. The longevity is around 6-8 hours on me and projects pretty well.

To sum it up, this a manly, long lasting, unique smelling cologne. If you are trying to give the impression that you are a faithful, honest, monogamous man who sees women as God's gift to men and not just disposable pleasures, then I suggest you stay away from this cologne. This is Collin Farrel's cologne.
30th August, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)